Home » Phrase and Idiom Dictionary » What Does Went Off Without a Hitch Mean? Wonderful work of the editor. " An alternative expression that also uses hitch is, “What’s the hitch?”. His whole campaign hasn’t had any problems.

The word hitch has existed since around the 1400s. within spitting distance (of someone or something), within striking distance (of someone or something).

The truck he'd bought was without a hitch

It is clear that the expression came to us from those who areFor a long time he was engaged in a tree. Definition: Without any problems; with perfect execution. Igor: I’m sure the campaign will continue to go off without a hitch. And of course, the usual verb in an unusual sense refers us to the expression in question. And such a master, looking at a perfectly processed tree, says: "Yes, beauty - without a hitch." Why do Armenians have big noses? But the "project" is something insubstantial, but even to it it is possible to apply without a twinge of conscience "without a hitch and hitch". I was nervous, but the whole plan went off without a hitch. Origin of Went Off Without a Hitch Meaning . Gagarin's wife. Now very few people remember the originexpression, but the speakers understand well the Russian language. Went Off Without a Hitch Meaning. –. Examples of use, "The mosquito's nose does not undermine": the meaning of phraseology, its origin. In the dialogue below, two men are discussing the political campaign of the candidate they hope becomes governor.

Today we will analyze the meaning, history, synonyms and examples of the use of phraseology. Used especially after "go off. And the cleverness and beauty in the first place perish in the furnace of emotions.

Similar hypotheses are associated with the weavers. This excerpt is about how someone threw up while on the red carpet at an award ceremony. Armenian nose.

Sometimes, of course, the editor spoils it, but we will not consider such sad cases. To sweep traces: the meaning of phraseology. The origin of the expression is different.

Purely done. This phraseology is universal. There is a theory that it went from watchmaking masters. Rebecca: Yeah, I was, but it turned out I had no reason to be worried. Imagine also that some boss was lucky, and he observes such a miracle. He was praised by the teacher, and now he flies home like wings.

The expression without a hitch began rising in popularity in the mid-1800s. If the master worked on conscience, then all parts of the mechanism were so fitted to each other that even a mosquito could not put his nose into it. I thought the date went off without a hitch, but he never called me back. Cassie: How was that giant surprise party that you were throwing for your mom’s 50th birthday? Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, The Czech Republic welcomes the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management mobile education team, Iowa NAMA hosts sixth annual field to food run. Imagine a student who wrote a composition well.

", Complicated as it was, it was carried through, Summary: New Delhi [India], July 20 (ANI): Bollywood actor and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Paresh Rawal on Friday took a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi, saying if the latter could address the parliament, Plus, don't miss Paul Delplanque's Remember When page on a Tuesday and his blog dedicated entirely to nostalgic memories of Teesside at www.gazettelive.co.uk/rememberwhen A HOSPITAL BREAKOUT: An ingenious breakout plan at St Luke's Hospital in Middlesbrough passed off, The Football Association has praised the South African police after England's practice match in Rustenburg passed, "I would like to see substantive discussions held without delay before 1 January to ensure Bulgaria and Romania's accession passes, Attended by Pissdrunx, Warner Mobbers and Hollywood luminaries alike, the ceremony went off, While 99% of all contests, banquets, meetings, and related efforts will go off, "We've been dreaming of this for 35 years, and it went off, The multiple redundancy systems built into the Internet allowed data communications traffic to continue, Through the efforts of these individuals, the class went off, Still, the set's transition from funky, progressive house to revved-up trance comes off. Now it is very fashionable to use the word "project". Definition: Without any problems; with perfect execution. Wherever there is a confrontation between people, you can "cut" something better than your opponent. Other than a brief delay at the airport, our trip has been without a hitch! Wellbeing or Well-Being – Which is Correct?

without a hitch phrase. There he meets a stern father and asks: - Well, dvoechnik, as an essay?- Dad, it's all right, the mosquito does not undermine the nose!- And more specifically?- The score is "5". Commentators often say funny things, but notbecause, as the unenlightened spectator thinks, they are not so clever, but because the intensity of the sports competition is such that you forget even the famous words. People use this expression to describe an endeavor that was successful and had no issues. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Valentina Ivanovna Gagarina: biography and photos, The series "Hotel Eleon": actors and roles. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see without,‎ hitch. But the roughness is not only on the tree, theyeverywhere. Antonio: It’s lucky. Today they often use the verb "sawed out." But only the editor knows what a rough text is-commas are not placed there, spelling mistakes.

Rather, how much you search, you will not find. "Brew porridge": the meaning of phraseology and examples of use, "You can not pour water on water": the meaning of phraseology and examples of its use, The meaning of phraseology "in all the shoulder blades", its origin, The meaning of phraseology "bring to the surface" and examples of use. Definition of without a hitch in the Idioms Dictionary. "Though the ball rolls": the meaning of phraseology and the history of its appearance, Psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky: biography, family, books. There are different people and different styles. Today we will analyze the meaning, history, synonyms and examples of the use of phraseology. Most people have a target age in their head for when they want to be married — but what’s the best age to tie the knot if you want your marriage to go off without a hitch? The phrase without a hitch is an expression that means without any delays or difficulties. "Without a hitch" - this is a work done on the conscience, in which it is difficult to find flaws. Without a hitch definition: smoothly, easily , and successfully | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

In this example, two friends are discussing a big party that one of them recently threw. Antonio: I’m glad there have been no controversies surrounding our candidate so far.

Our progenitors worked in the warm season and did nothing in the cold, so the two features formed a Russian character - fantastic laziness and unimaginable diligence. –, While Sunday night’s Emmys ceremony went off without a hitch, it didn’t go off without a hurl. The Russian national character is such that people haveWe are all doing at the last minute - the legacy of our ancestors. Who can be called a black sheep? I expected at least some accusations of impropriety or some horrible story from his past to surface, but so far, nothing! The meaning of phraseology "from a fly to make an elephant". By the way, there are three variations of the expression that occur: Returning to the commentators. But we can find simpler expressions to replace the stable phrase "without a hitch without a hitch". A natural expression that suggests: "Without a hitch and a hitch!"

"White Crow": the meaning of phraseology.

After all, each board before, before getting into the hands of the master, was a tree, so the task of the craftsman is to create a work of art that would conceal its origin. The editor does so that the text says: "Without a hitch and hitch! The meaning of phraseology is revealed above, we will not return to this question. But their text is still smooth, although they are not similar to each other. Everything went off without a hitch. But now let us imagine that in the Russian characterpenetrated German meticulousness and all projects are now surrendered on time and in perfect condition. The thing is so well tailored that even a mosquito will not find a flaw there. We hoped the job would go off without a hitch. For example, Tolstoy and Bulgakov write differently.

Igor: Yeah. Examples of a hitch could include a delay, difficulty, or disruption.

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