If you want to know more about this mysterious and enigmatic character then we have more articles on Scorpio man on our homepage here www.astrology-india.com. Listen to this short video by relationship expert Felicity Keith as she tells you about The Language of Desire. He always knows the answer before he asks the question, he just wants to see how you’ll respond. I knew a man (Mars/Sun conjunction; manly and charismatic) with a Venus/Neptune conjunction in his Scorpio 11H. Like “hey, I think I’d like to be manipulated today!”. & that’s a hell of a lot of Scorpio! In addition, a woman who is able to reciprocate the sexual favors or role play in the bedroom is a huge turn-on for him. Lady Gaga’s song, Bad Romance, lyrics…”I want your horror I want your design, your psycho…”. Capricorn Compatibility The Best and Worst Match, Gemini Compatibility – The Best and Worst Match. you may also like to read our article for tips to get a Scorpio man to chase you here.

If he’s got you in his laser beams, and you’d prefer to get to know him the old fashioned way, it’s easy to do. I will agree VIS takes a long time to shake away but for me it took a mars in Taurus man to surround me in the perimeter. His second biggest turn-on is loyalty and commitment. I also recommend reading our article on zodiac sign compatibility here. I’m sure I played a role but I also felt like he needed the sour ending. Lol. But most certainly, there will be a testing period. Im a man with venus in scorpio, capricorn sun and capricorn desc/cancer rising. Relationships (love, and friendship) where I can’t be all in… for me that’s “acquaintances”. His sexuality can excite the coldest, stillest waters of any pond, and yet sex is not the mission with the ones with whom he shares his charm. Its important for them to know if they can deal with you sexually before they can proceed to any deeper emotions with you. This man had a stellium in Libra. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio for a reason. Though he can come across as secretive at times, he needs his partner to be an open book with him. Other than having mysterious relationships, Scorpio males have inquisitive minds which makes them interested in other mysteries in the world.

I think it’s erroneous to think that Venus in Scorpio’s “detriment” is “worse” than Venus in Aries’ “detriment”. They may like to partake in sex with many different people regardless of being in a relationship. they will give you lots of space. The Scorpio man is already an intense individual, but when you combine that passion with the love of Venus, you approach a man worthy of a romance novel. Don’t be afraid to really show him your depths; he’s going to find out anyway. A little mystery goes a long way with this guy, so disclosing everything about your life on the first date might deafen his interest in you. When you learn how to tap into this hidden desire of a Scorpio man, you will release a passion that will make you feel cherished, protected, and truly in love. To truly win his heart, and have him be completely content with you, and you alone, listen to relationship guru James Bauer in this video explaining His Secret Obsession here. I have a Gemini Moon but it squares my Sun and Pluto, so I prefer depth to shallow. He wants a woman who has sex appeal and sexual chemistry. May be obsessed with sex or could have the tendencies to be a sex addict. Venus in Scorpio men never expose a lot about themselves and it is this mysterious nature that is a big part of their allure that makes them so appealing. In other words, if you want to win the heart of this Scorpio guy, it is important that you make him experience a deep emotional bonding. Try Different Quizzes People Are Talking About! Being able to turn him on by bringing out his hidden desires will make him want to be with you, and only you. Venus in Scorpio men prefers to keep their personal projects secret and away from the public eye. Passion is probably the most-used word in a Venus in Scorpio man’s vocabulary. May be very obsessive in relationships. Venus in Aries can want one thing NOW and then another thing NOW a few minutes later. VENUS IN TAURUS (Domicile) The Sensible Sensualist. It was 7 years for me. Everything he feels, says, and does is surrounded by an aura of intensity. Yeah. If you want to discover more about his sexual desires and fantasies, you may also want to read our article about Venus in Scorpio’s top turn on’s here.

Pluto and Saturn in 8th house as well. They are intense; they put their blood, sweat, tears (and maybe their vomit) into every relationship with the people they love. Therefore, if you want to keep him interested in you, it is important that you avoid disclosing too much information about yourself. This Venus sign finds it hard to simply trust the universe, to go with the flow the way a Pisces would. Still waters run deep. This kind of man is easily angered and does not forgive easily, which leads to long grudges and sometimes irreparable relationships. It inadvertently became a very healing opportunity for me, so fortunately thanks to my own hard-earned maturity I was able to let go and appreciate it for what it was & even as he disappeared im still grateful for his energy.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a sexual experience with a Venus in Scorpio man understands how magnetic his sexual energy is. You may be missing out on a lifetime of happiness if you didn’t at least listen to what expert Felicity Keith explains in her video The Language of Desire here. One of his main appeals, other than his innate sexuality, is the sense of mystery that surrounds this man.

Additionally, Luvze.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. My Neptune Scorpio is further along and sitting on my Midheaven, too.

His intuition tends to control his feelings giving him the ability to pick up non-verbal cues and put them together. Cancer Compatibility – The Best and Worst Match, Virgo Compatibility – The Best and Worst Match, Pisces Compatibility – Finding Your Perfect Partner, Sagittarius Compatibility – The Best and Worst Match, Leo Compatibility – The Best and Worst Match, Scorpio Compatibility – The Best And Worst Match, Aries Compatibility – The Best and Worst Match. I know this program if used correctly, could have fantastic results in building a solid relationship.

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