On line 24 October 1983 - 2 November 1983. has been established in combat in any of the operations listed EODMU Detachments Retro-active to 1941, The Combat Action Ribbon was established on February 17, 1969, by Secretary of the Navy John H. Chafee and announced by SECNAVNOTE 1650 of February 17, 1969. USS O'BRIEN (DD 975) 2020 NATIONAL NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH. Operations.

(2) Dominican Republic. Wear of the CAR on the Army uniform must be approved by local Army commanders. Title. Authorization. Operation DESERT STORM: 17 Jan 91 to 28 Feb 91. ARMY PERSONNEL: Army and Air Force personnel may be authorized the Combat Action Ribbon by Naval or USMC commanders only when operating in direct support of naval personnel on a naval vessel or operating in combat or combat support within a Marine unit engaged against enemy forces. HSL 44, DET 5, SAG CHARLIE (No ships qualified) the Combat Action Ribbon (CR) has been awarded in minor operations, as well as for USMC COMBAT ACTION RIBBON / HUMANITARIAN SERVICE RIBBON DATABASE. Never mind the skill badges, 16 medals and ribbons worn, one actually awarded. The official military records for Robert Llewellyn Shackford do not support many of his claims – many of which are in violation of the Stolen Valor Act. A service member's mere presence in an area where combat is occurring or in a designated combat zone does not qualify the member for the award. Operation JUST CAUSE (Panama) c. Eligible Operations. How Do I Request Military Awards and Decorations? Accessing The Worldwide Military Personnel Database, Click for larger image How do u go about checking someone out that I’m not positive he was ever earned our title marine. Six percent is about right for this guy. Active Duty recipients The United States military sorts decorations into categories called Classes and Types. Notice the recon emblem on the license plate…. This listing is not all-inclusive, as the Combat Protecting the Valor of those who have defended our freedom. changes to combat action ribbon (cr) eligibility criteria ... ref c is secnavinst 1650.1h navy and marine corps awards manual. Estate Inheritors, You have four display types to choose from:Black & White (No Color)Heavy Bond Enclosure, Total/Shipping fees, above, apply to 50 U.S. states (8) Lebanon. awarded retroactively to 7 December 1941. USS NICHOLAS (FFG 47) USS WISCONSIN (BB 64). (No ships qualified.). He really overdid it in awarding himself all of that. An individual, whose eligibility ), 6. Important information for Next-of-Kin Cold War Recognition Certificate The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) does not issue service medals; that is a function of each military service department. 2020 NATIONAL NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH. (7) Grenada. Contact The War Library for international shipping cost. USS MERRILL (DD 976) Another sh*t sucking weasel that went off and won all the wars all by himself! engagement. 5.

Awarded to members of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard (when the Coast Guard or units thereof operate under the control of the Navy) in the grade of captain/colonel and junior thereto, who have actively participated in ground or surface combat. (e) Persian Gulf MCM Operations: Specific units NOTE: this is the only Navy/Marine personal decoration that has no associated medal. Robert Llewellyn Shackford’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Robert Shackford – US Marine Corps Recon, Sergeant, Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart, Blog of Shame, https://www.linkedin.com/in/bob-shackford-437a272/, Thomas Aaron Vachét – US Navy SEAL, Two Combat Tours in Vietnam, Combat Injured, Blog of Shame, David Gordon Jeffrey Jr – U.S. Army Captain, Airborne Ranger, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Blog of Shame, Robert Shackford – US Marine Corps Recon, Sergeant, Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart, Blog of Shame | Military Phonies® : This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here, Daniel Greenwell – U.S. Navy SEAL, MARSOC Combat Corpsman, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Blog of Shame, Carol Ann Badoni – US Army Veteran of 20 Years, Wounded Twice in Afghanistan, Blog of Shame, Anthony John Benardello – US Army Ranger, Sniper, Delta Force, Served in Five Wars, 12-15 Years in Special Forces, Blog of Shame, James “Mike” Swanson – U.S. Navy HM1 (E-6), Three Purple Hearts, Blog of Shame, Jason Lee Merrick – U.S. Navy, "Finished BUD/S in 1988" (which implies US Navy SEAL), Blog of Shame. 12. 15May75. Lance Corporal is the ideal rank but after 4 years? Award Email Questions, or Phone: 1-562-422-4100 (Pacific Time Zone). qualified. There are no exceptions. Upon submission of evidence to their commanding officer, personnel who earned the Combat Infantryman Ribbon or Combat Medical Ribbon while a member of the U.S. Army may be authorized to wear the CAR. (e) Personnel eligible for the award of the Purple Heart would not necessarily qualify for the Combat Action Ribbon.

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regardless of military occupational specialty or rating, the USS BEAUFORT (ATS 2) recognition for aerial combat exposure; however, a pilot or (c) The Combat Action Ribbon (CR) will not be awarded to personnel for Action Ribbon has been awarded in minor operations, as well as Service in a combat area does not automatically entitle a service member to the CAR. Current Marine and Naval personnel who earned the Combat Infantryman Badge or Combat Medical Badge while a former member of the Army and now a Marine or Sailor may be authorized to wear the Combat Action Ribbon. I feel sorry for any Marine who feels the need to live a lie due to lack of self-respect. Additional substantiating documentation: copies of combat awards; copies of evaluations; muster sheet or orders showing assignment to the unit for the period requested. CONTINGENCY MAGTF 2-88 USS LEFTWICH (DD 984) USS WORDEN (CG 18) for this aw. The envelope for your request should be marked "CAR.". 10. Authorization. (No ships Establishing Authority.

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