The glide system on the VertDesk v3 is made with highly durable acetal plastic from Dupont. Our Certified Professional Ergonomist and expert office furniture designers created UPLIFT Desk by listening to you! If you have any questions at all about which desk is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact us. It's supposedly ideal for individuals up to 6 feet 6 inches tall -- with the adjustable frame going from 25.5 inches to 50.5 inches tall. White & Industrial Style ship separately 11/18/20. Keeping with the time it's inspired by, the desk's operated manually by a cast iron crank. It's capable of lifting up to 110 pounds. (You can also get a commercial version of the V2 frame that lowers the desk by two inches, making the height range from 23.5 inches to 50.9 inches.) Ergo Desktop Kangaroo vs Humanscale QuickStand: What is best in 2019? Two-stage legs are made from two tubes that slide into each other, while three-stage legs are composed of three telescoping tubes that slide into each other.

The keypad lock feature blocks the function of the keypad so that other people can't access it - this is a safety benefit in home offices where children are present. Today, they are considered a leading Chinese manufacturer of standing desks. Manufacturing products with the best locally -and globally- We provide easy-to-follow assembly videos and instructions to keep it simple for you.

It's best if you already have a work desk that you love. Your email address will not be published. Regardless of which laminate desktop you choose, you can rest assured that it meets GREENGUARD GOLD standards; the world's highest standards for low chemical emissions. The adjustable frame is available in a couple more colors: Black, silver, white, and alloy. All models are 30 inches deep but range in length from 42 inches to 80 inches. Pheasantwood, Natural Ash, and African Mahogany. But unless you're totally convinced that either the Varidesk or Uplift desk is the perfect option for your needs, could it pay to look elsewhere? Because of this, the telescoping leg stages overlap each other less than they do on the V2 desk legs. Achieve a clean, organized look and give your desk a lot more capability for adding useful accessories with these rock-solid attachment points.

draw while the desk is stationary. Both frames include dual crossbar rails integrated just beneath the desktop for additional, hidden support. *, sw-african-mahog > African Mahogany - Solid Wood (+$670.00) *African Mahogany 42x30 is in stock. Which desk is best for you will depend on a host of different things. The only retailer who offers these desks, The VertDesk v3 frame is also heavy, with thick steel tubing used for the uprights. According to Shenzhen’s website, they have been producing micro motor systems for close to 20 years. say, Uplifting Solutions & Services for Offices of All Sizes, Empower Your Team—Learn About the Benefits of Using Standing Desks, Upgrade Your Current Workspace with UPLIFT Accessories that Work with Most Other Desks, We Offer Free Space Planning Services if you're designing an office with four or more desks, Design Your Own Space with Our 3D Product Files, Calculate your ideal ergonomic measurements with this handy tool, Stand Up for Your Health—Learn About the Benefits of Using Standing Desks, Do you need four or more desks? A nearly identical two-board system is used for the Commercial v2, with the most significant change being linked to the software.

Standing, even for just a few minutes per hour, is so much better for you than sitting all day long. An exceptionally tight tolerance between the telescoping tubes of our three-stage frame legs improves desk stability, allowing you to work at the highest heights without wobble.

It is recommended to have a second person to help assemble and flip the desk over when completed. In 2011, they realized an opportunity for adding their linear actuator technology into frames to create electric standing desks. We found that laminate options from both brands are close in price, depending on the current offers available. Our Modesty Panel with Wire Management makes an ideal place to stow your cables and wires within its large mesh pocket. UPLIFT Desk is widely-known for our V2 and V2-Commercial Standing Desks. Specification Guide, Space Division + Privacy Panels + People's tolerance for stability issues varies. See more UPLIFT Desk reviews. Power. With many more frame attachments available, like CPU holders, desk extensions, and power strips, you can continue adding accessories to your desk to create a custom-built workstation that will take your work to the next level.

Choose from black, white, whiteboard, ash gray, maple, walnut, and cherry. With a "modern" look and eco-friendly desktops, this desk can be a popular choice among standing desk shoppers who are concerned with aesthetics.

Black 60" is in stock.

If you've got a desk chair and work primarily on a laptop, this might be a perfect fit for you, especially with $20 off its usual price of $150. (Or gifts for your wishlist, if that's you! The desktop itself comes in 21 styles and even the electric keypad that controls the height is available in three different options.

Because a two-board system is used, JieCang connects the board with poorly connected plastic clips. Between 31-40, some users may begin to notice the amount of motion in this range. The pain point for the Uplift base is connecting the feet; the allen wrench included in the box isn’t long enough for good leverage. As they're naturally produced, they come with asymmetrical lines, random grain patterns, variations in color, knots, tiny hairline cracks, and other irregularities. We've done the work to make sure all accessories work perfectly and The change made created a cleaner look on the outside of the column; hiding holes typically used to click the glides into place. This new mounting method is so sturdy, you can even hang a hammock underneath! 42x30 & 80x30 is currently unavailable. If you like what Uplift and Fully both have to offer, but prefer a standing desk that costs a couple hundred less, the SHW is the alternative to consider. Eco Curve Our Eco Curve tops are made of 100% recycled MDF wood core with a UV-cured powder coat finish. 42x30 is currently unavailable. Through testing, we found that both of these motors are powerful, having no issues lifting more than each desks max capacity. What desktop sizes can I use with the UPLIFT V2 Frame? Dates are approximate. Regardless, there's no denying the fact that buying a desk is a major commitment.

The V2-Commercial desk has a height range that starts at about 3" lower than the V2 and conforms to the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 height standard.

Both desks have options to add Bluetooth to each control box. The desk is 46.1 inches tall and has two tiers -- the main higher tier is for desktop monitors or laptop, while the lower tier for your keyboard and mouse. Is another manufacturer a better option? give yourself the ability to stand. We stand firmly behind the quality of our products.

Bamboo Bamboo is 40% harder than oak, making our 1" thick Moso bamboo a solid choice.

These customization offers are available through the Uplift website, but there are dozens of different models already available to buy on Amazon.

Disclosure: ZDNet may earn an affiliate commission from some of the products featured on this page. In Wirecutter's 2019-2020 review, they chose the UPLIFT V2 desk as the "best standing desk" and in their 2020-2021 review the UPLIFT V2-Commercial desk was given that same honor. Cookie Settings | This is a well-rated electric adjustable height computer desk from SHW.

Then watch your desk evolve on our award winning desk builder. With most brands going with desk designs that don’t include traditional cross supports, it was refreshing to see Uplift wanting to create something more stable. Looking at the motor, they do appear to be well built. | Topic: Hardware. Overall Wobble (Side to Side) Deflection Scores inspire you. You've memorized desk measurements, thought about your budget, and reflected on aesthetics. These desks are gorgeous, stable, and powerful, but they're also expensive.

Planning Services. body moving.

Dark Gray ships 12/16/20*, KIT021-40x22M-DKG-WHT > 40x22 Acoustic Privacy Panel - Dark gray - White hardware (+$119.00) *40x22 Acoustic Privacy Panel in Light Gray, Lagoon Blue, Brown, & Green are in stock. Sustainability meets beauty in our environmentally-conscious Rubberwood Solid Wood Desktops, available in both a natural finish or a dark brown stain. Thank you. Uplift Desk v2 Commercial vs. VertDesk v3: Which is better? But one of the best features about the Uplift is you can tailor it to your specific needs. Covering all components of the frame, including electronics, for a period of seven years. This is important for offices that wish to comply with the BIFMA standard, and for shorter users. The company sold 3.3 million devices with an average selling price of $104, up 8% from a year ago.

our standing desks are the best.

While this does a good job creating a finished look, the Uplift Desks’ latest design is a cleaner overall look. Dates Approximate*, STR004-WHT > Hanging Storage Cubby - White (+$79.00), WMK009-42M-BLK > 42" Modesty Panel with Wire Management - Black (+$60.00), WMK009-42M-WHT > 42" Modesty Panel with Wire Management - White (+$60.00), WMK009-48M-BLK > 48" Modesty Panel with Wire Management - Black (+$75.00), WMK009-48M-WHT > 48" Modesty Panel with Wire Management - White (+$75.00), WMK009-60M-BLK > 60" Modesty Panel with Wire Management - Black (+$85.00), WMK009-60M-WHT > 60" Modesty Panel with Wire Management - White (+$85.00), WMK009-72M-BLK > 72" Modesty Panel with Wire Management - Black (+$95.00), WMK009-72M-WHT > 72" Modesty Panel with Wire Management - White (+$95.00), WMK009-80M-BLK > 80" Modesty Panel with Wire Management - Black (+$105.00), WMK009-80M-WHT > 80" Modesty Panel with Wire Management - White (+$105.00), WMK009-29-BLK > Modesty panel with Wire Management - Black - One side (+$59.00), WMK009-29-WHT > Modesty panel with Wire Management - White - One side (+$59.00), KIT009-2929-BLK > Modesty panel with Wire Management - Black - Both sides (+$99.00), KIT009-2929-WHT > Modesty panel with Wire Management - White - Both sides (+$99.00), KIT021-40x22M-DKG-BLK > 40x22 Acoustic Privacy Panel - Dark gray - Black hardware (+$119.00) *40x22 Acoustic Privacy Panel in Light Gray, Lagoon Blue, Brown, & Green are in stock.

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