I asked some help by email to Wilson Combat and a guy replied to me promptly. Some shotguns may require more fitting than others. These sights cost $27.99. The average tritium night sight costs anywhere from $40 to $100. There are many variants of sights which are suitable for home defense, competitions are fun shooting. Another type of optical sight is the reflector (or "reflex") sight, a generally non-magnifying optical device that allows the user to look through a glass element and see a reflection of an illuminated aiming point or some other image superimposed on the field of view. For firearms, advances in electronics and optics have helped shooters move beyond standard iron sight systems into magnifying riflescopes, and further into electronic sighting systems. This advice is only for Remington 870 shotguns with factory rifle sights. Also very nice to have is the hole for the one point tactical sling which is installed and removed very fast (with just a click). TRUGLO Fiber Optic sights Important to note that regardless of the way the light is generated, these sights do not use lasers to actually project on to the target. Any experienced gun owner should know how to install them, but if you are a novice then your local gun shop should offer a ghost ring installation service. This set is very sturdy and well made. Williams Universal Slugger Sight can be attached directly to vented rib: Light Gathering Rifle Sights Vent Rib Shotgun. Remington 870 Scattergun Technologies Front Sight, Remington 870 Scattergun Technologies Rear Sight. The HiViz CompSight is used by Benelli M2 and Benelli Supernova shooters without any problems. It currently only comes in a black color, but that should be fine because most Remington barrels are also black and they will blend together perfectly. There are a lot of sights you can choose for the vented rib barrel. I love testing new outdoor gear, learning new things and passing on the knowledge I have gained. So, for example, if an intruder were to break into your home and cut the power in the house, you’d still be able to aim your weapon with the night sight on it. Also called iron rifle sights, the is the classic sight setup that has been around since the rifle was invented. I have mixed the Loctite Fixmaster (1 part of hardener and 4 parts of resin) and then I put all parts togheter and crosspinned the front sight. Learn how your comment data is processed. You can get EasyHit Fiber Optic Sights of different lengths and diameters. If you buy a front sight of a larger diameter, it would be difficult to aim at targets on distances further than 50 meters (55 yards).

The Remington Pedestal version can fit onto the barrels of any Remington shotgun that have a front sight pedestal. Obviously, there is more to shooting than lining up on a target. It is held in place with just one screw which is not enough. For the purposes of this post, we’re going to focus on sights and scopes for rifles. One of the advantages is that you can shoot with both eyes open. The installation is very simple if the sight isn’t depressed. There are pipes of different diameters, so you can choose the one that you like. Light Gathering Rifle Sights for Shotguns.

The dot shines brightly making it easier to find it and aim on target.

This dot is created from a fiber optic rod which attaches right onto the shotgun’s barrel. Also, Ameriglo sights glow in the dark thanks to the tritium elements (which will be glowing for 12 years). If you’re not sure about the distances you’ll be hunting, it’s better to go with a lower powered scope.

TruGlo Brite-Site with both Tritium and Fiber Optic, Remington 870 Extension, Sight and Magazine Clamp with Sling Swivel.

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