>>> Trek road bikes: which model is right for you? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The 160mm travel enduro racing Trek Slash range is all 29in wheels and carbon only for 2018. I will check out the other bikes you have listed. We think it’s best to split the whole range into three categories and then go from there: hardtail, full suspension and electric. I heard old Remedy's ran small, but ABP stands for Active Braking Pivot. It looks like everything is boosted nowadays though. You may have heard a little ballyhoo about this when the Fuel EX Plus was launched about a. You may spot some Trek mountain bikes with ‘Race Shop Limited’ (or ‘RSL’) in their model name. Im thinking that the Remedy has gone out in travel but only in 27.5 now, it Bikes - All Mountain, What is the word on sizing, true to size? Surely Trek/Bontrager could apply the same graduated bar sizing to bikes as they get bigger as they do with wheels for their women’s bikes, for example? This damping design claims to ‘know’ which forces are coming from the pedals/rider and which forces are coming from the trail, and it reacts accordingly. Sick moody photo: Margus Riga. The components are of a higher quality than the Marlins. Bikes - Trail, But it was. They claim (fairly) to have a well-educated opinion on this, since they’re no strangers to fat bikes and rubber. That also means it gets Knock Block. The new Fuel EX felt at home in the steeps of Squamish. The frame is Trek’s ‘Silver Alpha’ aluminium. 2,900 for the Fuel and 3500 for the Remedy.

You want to go up stuff and down stuff? It’s a bold move by Trek but one that makes the Slash arguably the most defined model in their range. It should be good, and light, and fast. Like the Remedy, the Fuel EX gets the Straight Shot down tube for lightest and stiffest structure. That fuel ex 29, ummm nice! The Trek Powerfly hardtails start at £2,300 and go up to £3,300. All but the entry level £3,500 Powerfly 5 FS come with Plus tyres. However, the Fuel EX was a bona fide eye opener for me. wheel spacing.

Begins with the aluminium Top Fuel 8 for £2,400 and goes up to the £7,800 carbon Top Fuel 9.9 RSL. I ride a Trance which I think compares best to a Remedy and feels between just right and too much bike on most everything in southern WI. The Remedy is longer (447 to 458mm for the 19.5″ frame) and lower as well (341 to 336mm). Here’s the 2017 Trek Remedy 9.8 Women’s edition. Thee are four models in total (the Marlin 4, 5, 6 and 7). The Remedy and Fuel EX both felt stiff as hell.

The Trek Top Fuel bikes are full suspension XC race machines. They call it Knock Block and it’s a system that uses a keyed stem and headset top cover, custom headset spacers, and a stop chip in the top tube. I also want to be able to take that bike and ride some downhill when I head up to Wisconsin, maybe once or twice a month. Complete build Sessions are all 27.5in wheel and deliver 210mm of rear travel. 2017. Some of their high end hardtails have the ‘IsoSpeed Decoupler’ configuration where the seat tube is designed to flex for compliance. A Remedy seems like a happy medium and the one that I have demoed was a lot of fun. As long as I am out in the woods and its a nice day I am happy, even happier if I am on a Remedy though haha. Manufacturer-supplied graphs like this…well take it with a grain of salt, however, I have no reason to believe it isn’t accurate.

Spec. You still have to squint and shimmy to get it aligned. There are five hardtail models in Trek’s range: Marlin, X-Caliber, Roscoe, Procaliber and Stache. Rider height is the only thing you should really be factoring in when choosing a bike. just so I understand, will this bike have a proprietary shock mount? Price: £1,300 to £3,500. For 2016, the Remedy was available at 140mm in either a 27.5 or a 29″ version. In advance, let me apologize to pocketbooks everywhere. Thanks for the help and now I am even more torn because I was really leaning on the Fuel EX lol. I am looking for a bike (650b) that I can ride on my local trails, which I will be doing a majority of the time. Geometry. Manufacturer-supplied graphs like this…well take it with a grain of salt, however, I have no reason to believe it isn’t accurate. It’s stiffer everywhere than the current Slash. Shown here also is one of the Control Freak internal cable management ports.

Now everybody else will start using them. The DNA of these two bikes is similar, even if they’re destined for different homes. We both have Hardtails right now and just looking to get something a little more advanced. Simplification I applaud.

I am leaning towards the Fuel EX 9 but just want to hear what everyone else has to say. The Remedy and Fuel EX both felt stiff as hell. I'm also really confused as the "Metric Shock Sizing" press release didn't When pedaling and climbing, the Fuel EX was predictably fast, smooth, and responsive. Trek Powerfly Launch in Verbier, Switzerland. Remedy Enduro builds are available with a 160mm fork and SE4 tires in 2.4 width, and a more aggressive 66/65.5 degree head tube angle (High/Low) due to the longer travel fork (frame is identical). They can be run with either wheel size but are initially purchased with one or the other. It has done duty as a Trail bike, an Enduro race platform, Aggressive XC and others, depending on how enamored you are with labels and sub-categories. We didn’t have long pedals from our home base at Quest University to the trails, but 10 teeth on the back allowed 40 km/h+ if you wanted to push your speed on the way back home. Here’s the chart: 2017 Trek Remedy stiffness vs old Remedy and Slash. Remedy is the best bike for that on your list! there, the only limits are on the diameter of the shock.

We took a bike trip last year and my friends rented some GT full suspension bikes and absolutely loved them. Thanks again. There are five Trek full susser types: Fuel EX, Remedy, Top Fuel, Slash and Session. Fuel EX, Remedy and Top Fuel bikes also have RE:aktiv rear shock damping. I've ridden mine extensively on the trails at the You Yangs here in Australia on some of their downhill trails and its been faultless. Enjoy the luxury of home delivery and never miss an issue <<, >>> Trek Fuel EX Plus 9.8 27.5 (2017) review. Nothing groundbreaking or surprising there. The Remedy seems great since it has the 140mm instead of the Fuel 120mm but I am also looking at keep this bike for awhile and want to be 100% happy. It wasn’t. Enduro Models. If I had a lasting impression from the Remedy, it was that I was instantly comfortable on it, RE:aktiv worked as promised, and it was one of those days where the bike and trails were a perfect match. The 2016 Remedy 8 27.5 comes with a pike up front. And no, it doesn’t make stem alignment foolproof. Expanded the RE:aktiv shock program to include Rock Shox, meaning more shock options and availability. Press J to jump to the feed. Maybe around Like the Remedy, the Fuel EX also gains 10mm in travel, going from 120 to 130mm in the rear and up front (you get a 140mm fork if you buy a 27.5+ equipped Fuel EX). Posted in: I would say I would be at the AM type riding this year at least by the end of this year so would be nice to grow into a nice bike. A note on tires: Trek feels that a 2.8 is the tire width limit for 27.5+, any fatter and you’re moving into fat bike territory. differences between them! You won't regret it. Love playing the game, "name that trail.". 100mm of travel at either end. The head tube came down .5 degrees from 68/67.5 (High/Low) to 66.5/66 for 2017. A tad warmer, though, and the sun did come out.

Even as stalwarts of the whole Women’s Specific Design thang, Trek (along with most other bike brands) are now seemingly moving away from design theories that assume that women’s body proportions are different to men’s. tinklering away with the online Project One dream bike builder. This was from Day 2. These are essentially super high spec models. According to Trek, this is part of a push to simplify the buying experience for the consumer. Their carbon stuff is called OCLV. I do mostly light downhill, AM type riding and it's gorgeous once the suspension is dialled in and the reviews are correct, it climbs very well. Before getting to Squamish, the bike I was more interested in, predictably, was the new Remedy. I was on a 19.5″ bike, and it has the same 750mm bar that appears on much smaller bikes. We’re not going to go into any debates or theorising (hardtail vs full suspension, 27.5 vs 29, Plus vs Fat etc etc). they lengthened the reach on the 2017s, "The head tube came down .5 degrees from 68/67.5 (High/Low) to 66.5/66 for Weight. Cam recently reviewed a Shremedy – a Remedy with a handpicked Shore-worthy spec – and it managed to stick a 29″ wedge in his opinion about the suitability of big wheels on our home trails. Hi Pete. Mate great write up. It’s hard not to compare them to each other – harder still because the Fuel EX was shod in very meaty 2.4″ Bontrager XR4 Team Issue tires.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Yes, it will work with non-Bontrager stems so No, you don’t need to get the pitchforks out. They use the "new" metric trunnion mounts, which Trek has been using on these All Trek full sus bikes use a version of the ‘ABP’ suspension design. If I were writing a TL;DR version, here you go: the 2017 Trek Remedy and Fuel EX both represent solid incremental steps forward for their respective platforms. Over the years, the Trek Remedy has filled several different prescriptions. The Trek Powerfly LT Plus models have more travel (150mm) and fatter tyres (2.8in Plus tyres). The word is out on Squamish.

The 2017 Trek Remedy is also available in women’s models. >>> All our recent Trek mountain bike reviews. The idea is to prevent the suspension from locking up … The Knock Block stop chip in the top tube works with the rest of the system to prevent the handlebar’s controls and fork crown from contacting and damaging the top and down tubes. It's not just about up versus down -- I think people often overlook the downsides to having too big a bike on XC trails. Those are the changes from 2016.

>> Get Christmas sorted with an MBR subscription and you get a £5 M&S gift card. This meant that it didn’t feel as snappy when climbing (not a surprise) but obviously was more confident on the way down. They roll on some seriously large rubber! Thanks for the feedback and yeah that Pike seems pretty legit from what I've read. Huh.

I am not a huge fan of climbing and I know the Remedy is suppose to be great for climbing and going through some technical sections but I am all about the DH thrill. I liked them both, but the Fuel EX was better than I imagined.

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