As with DX7 PRO, the rubber feet are placed in 4 individual carved spaces on the aluminum case itself so you can be sure those feet will not move an inch if you are repositioning your DAC quite often as I do.

In terms of richness it is at a very neutral level.

It has a perfect blend of musicality and technicality without skewing the frequency response at all. For wireless tests I used a smartphone that is Bluetooth 5.0 enabled, that supports LDAC and AptX-HD so I could actually test the best D90 can offer in terms of wireless tech. This is a ‘solid knock’ on the housing as opposed to some disheartening echo. Topping D90 Review. I know they are incredibly popular but I guess our paths have never actively crossed until now.

I am not a bass head by any means, but if it’s there, I want to hear it and those two units offered the best sub and mid-bass performance.

It presents everything with the same spot on accuracy from bass to treble.

D90 as a whole has a really extended frequency response, I didn’t hear a drop or a rise somewhere, just a full-bodied, textured and detailed presentation, exactly how a digital audio source should sound.

Topping worked a lot in making D90 sounding faster, slamming harder and having a wider frequency response. *disclaimer: This sample was provided for the purpose of writing a review, no incentive was given to write a favourable review. I received mine yesterday, and have been enjoying them for over eight straight hours. Firstly I would like to thank Topping for sending me this sample to review.

– Headfonia Lieven. D90 is somehow very detailed even past 16kHz and yet very life-life and very unoffensive. The Broadway measures at 212 mm L x 156 mm L x 48 mm H and the D90 is maybe a few mm wider at best.

It’s a first for Topping and it’s a first for DACs under $1000, my curiosity level skyrocketed as usual and the moment I received it, I just unboxed it and started listening to music right away. D90 offers more of it, a better control and a much-needed improvement in terms of pace, rhythm and timing.

There are a few buttons doing exactly nothing on the remote. Disclaimer: Apos Audio sent the D90 MQA for review as a loaner. Ronin is unusual since it never ever has a chorus, from start to end there is no order in their music and somehow it sounds so familiar and so strange in the same time.

D90 feels like a race car by comparison and can behave as one, D70 on the other hand can’t keep up with a faster pace. From the first notes a thought never left my mind and I re-checked the recording, it sounds very 3D, completely outside my head, very much so that I thought that Tidal Hi-Fi desktop app was updated with 360 Audio files that its mobile app has for few months now. D90 is sounding easily in the top 3 DACs I tested at my place at any price point. Launched in late 2019, TOPPING's extraordinary D90 made waves among the audiophile community, and now finally the D90's MQA ready counterpart is available. The Qutest does go a longer way to achieve the goal, but the difference between them is not a huge night and day one. The D90 neutral low-end and softer treble adds a bit more ‘midrange emphasis’ to the presentation. The D90 gives you a close up look at your music. – Headfonia Store aka Michael Ting!

When I’m going to a groovy concert, I hear a lot of treble and yet all that is pleasing to me and not bothersome at all, D90 is very much like that and it’s very close to the real thing.

Top subscription boxes – right to your door. Almost centered you will see the volume setting in dB. This page works best with JavaScript. With 1.4kg it isn’t exactly heavy, but it also didn’t get pulled down from either the XLR or RCA cables I attached to it. It won’t put much body into your music, but will give you the utmost details of it. Disclaimer: The Topping D90 sent to us for this review is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion.

Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2020.

As always, the XLR output doubles the output Voltage from two to four Volts. D90 can be also a preamp and has a powerful Bluetooth receiver, its smaller and way cheaper too.

And they did indeed surprise me.

Based on my own experience, I agree with this review. Probably using the same IR codes, so these buttons do the same on every product of theirs.

The iDAC-6 however does what the D90 misses out on. Your email address will not be published. If the D90 wants to take a piece of the cake, it has to survive in the ring against the mightiest.

Compared to the new SMSL M300 MKII (AKM 4497) which haves it all & more compared to the D90 for small performance penalty of 2/8 dB in single/multi tone test and cost’s significantly less (240$) it is not.

The D90 uses an XMOS XU208 USB stage for decoding but for SPDIF it reverts to an AKM AK4118 chipset which decodes at a maximum of PCM 24-Bit/192kHz which is the norm for coaxial. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. I've read and watched some reviews on the Internet about them but it seems like a toss-up in a lot of cases, was hoping to get some more opinions (I've previously owned a pair of QC35 gen 1's and quite liked them, but never tried the Sony's).

Here the D90 can sound a bit cold and analytical.

I wonder if Stereophile will stoop so low as to measure and review it? Only sometimes I felt that maybe Element X offered a tiny bit more resolution especially in the highest registers but only when listening to high-end material and top-notch recordings.

It is priced at $699 and $799 for the MQA Edition.

I like that it resonates a bit like R2R ladder DACs, it might sound weird to you me saying this but D90 doesn’t sound like a typical delta-sigma DAC but more like a really well-made ladder DAC. Topping states, that they are using the CPLD to better control the signal processing by the Accuslicon clocks, which should provide better digital signal processing and improve signal quality. I will however compare it with my reference Matrix Audio Element X and I feel that this will be a bloody battle. D90 is putting everything in front of me on a plate, like: here’s everything and listen to any sound you want from this plate. It is a rare sight nowadays to see manufacturers posting actual measurements and real technical specifications without a single buzz-word or audiophile snake oil like Jitter-Killer™, Noise-Eliminator 9000™, Dynamic-Range Infinite Multiplier version 7.0™ or many other funny names. You can add coloring or distortion controlled or less so elsewhere. Absolutely all AKM designs, be it from Topping, Aune Audio, SMSL, xDuoo, FiiO and so on have a slight mellow approach to music reproduction.

Apart from that, it is very much the same in terms of connectivity with their D70 and DX7 PRO balanced DACs.

I still think DX7 PRO is an extraordinary DAC and headphone amp combo but as a DAC only unit, D90 pulls ahead on every key aspect. Compare it with Rme adi-2 dac in your full review.. Sound: Listen to this . I’m also curious when is the actual full review and comparison going to be published of how this actually performs compared to the other dac listed and mentioned in the article I think it was a great break down and I just would love to read it and see how this unit sounds because for my experience it’s absolutely fantastic and should be rated really high. Sound wise the D90 delivers a true to source sound that is detailed, open and neutral, but without a cold or clinical tonality.

If you want to feel every vibration of every note and if you are wondering if bass is one-noted or has multiple layers of it, then D90 is the right tool for you. What is there to love in a simple black box you might ask? Both the D90 and Qutest are quite similar in their overall tuning. I would have liked to have seen 3 deployed instead of 2 so I must presume that the 100mHz sample rate for hi-res audio from 352.8kHz to 768kHz as well as DSD512 is being omitted.

Their portfolio stretches from portable dac/amps to desktop sized electronics.

The same also for Cayin’s iDAP-6 streamer so technically these two units are quite compatible.

BLOG: The Fav Album Of….

The iDAC-6 has recently been refreshed with a new generation by Cayin. I personally don’t like V-shaped type of sound, to me midrange is the most important part of the frequency. They never properly shown me a clear sub-bass note that can be sustained for a second or two.

Welcome to Sound Perfection Reviews, a blog dedicated to audio equipment reviews.

For optical input, the D90 will decode to the max rate allowable which is 24BIT/192kHz. The D90 is a supremely linear DAC that provides a reference guided signature, that is only flawed by its cold vocals, and missing emotions and blood to me. This one really nailed it down when it comes to measurements and it’s absolutely in a top tier (SINAD of over 120 dB at LRX). You use a DAC to convert digital to analog then feed it to a headphone amp. To let the DAC chip, breathe and work at its maximum potential two femtosecond crystal clocks from Accusilicon were used controlled by the Altera FPGA for the best results.

Could you recommend a couple of daps under about $1500. Just like it should be. I’d be lying if I didn’t say the D90’s performance speaks books. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

We’ll check out together how the D90 fares up against the almighty Chord Qutest, which I recently re-acquired, as well as the first gen. iDAC-6 by Cayin. At $699 and using one of AKM’s new flagship chipsets, Topping are hitting what I might regard as a sweet spot in terms of affordability and feature sets for the D90. It doesn’t have any sharp edges anywhere.

The D90 is a DAC and it can also be used as a pre-amp, you can change between fixed and variable output easily.

It gives instruments and notes more weight and body. The Topping isn’t exactly warm sounding, if that’s something you’re after.

For example, the built-in 6 digital filter feature can only be operated via the remote control, as also the OLED screen brightness as well as some of the I/O options.

This is a review and detailed measurements of the Topping D90 Balanced USB DAC But there's no review, just measurements! From the control panel on the D90, you can cycle through the input selector to pick the source input and the arrow buttons will give you a measure of digital volume control on the pre-out. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Great quality (sound & hardware), but no panacea, Reviewed in the United States on September 17, 2020.

In today’s review, we will check out how their latest D90 DAC and preamp performs. If you want to squeeze the best out of D90, you will need to use USB or the I2S input. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Qutest isn’t miles ahead, but it just does a better job and rendering and resolution.

In typical Topping fashion, its user manual contains actual audio measurements made by an Audio Precision AP555x, you can find everything there from RMS levels, THD plus noise ratio, FFT Spectrum, measured difference between all digital filters, IMD ratio and others, if you are into that, Topping got you covered. The buttons Line Out, M, Auto and “headphone” don’t do anything. If you plan on using just a single output on the back, I strongly recommend changing its output on that particular one without engaging both of them.

Their products have won over many customers in the past.

I evaluated the D90 performance in a headphone and in a speaker-based system. Where are the headphone inputs? The fact D90 plays well with DSD 512 through HQPlayer is a huge plus.

Alright, so here is where things start getting interesting. Besides that, I still feel that D90 has a better depth and holography, I can see deeper into the mix, I can walk by easier around my favorite musicians.

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