Reminds me of Eminem but less cute. This text is hidden because it is only available in German language. What we are dealing with is mostly infantile doggerel declaimed over a repetitive, perhaps even sampled, beat. “Whiteboy” generated all the controversy that you would expect — even blue checks weighed in.

MacDonald writes a lot of songs about an array of subjects. Well, I suppose that’s possible.

The radio somehow winds up on the rap station and I’m pulled from the wreck, lifeless, with that stuff is playing. Just for speakin’ my mind ’cause I had a dream. One of the most embarrassing moments in my life was being caught by others listening to rap. Don’t think for a moment that only blacks use the mask to gain entry to the store and then let the useless, unhealthy mask drop. Bill Mitchell comes to mind. They say that I’m racist They should be polite, but not slavish or cuckish. We think activism’s Instagramming memes and complaining Most of his songs seem to average somewhere around the 2-8 million range. Virgos tend to love with utmost passion because they ride high on emotional quotient. The ones who voted for Trump, got labeled racist but ain’t Every dude who touched a boob or a booty getting MeToo’d “White Trash” ups the ante quite a bit. I use good grammar I’m bad as hell. awaken to a world with no hope Like, you really do.”, ”They say success is the best revenge but honestly, revenge is the best revenge.”, ”So much negativity in the air lately…so I’m going to record the happiest song of all time for y’all.”. At the rate things are going, it might even be likely. He’s able to get away with making that observation because it is a song in defense of blacks. The reason I think that is because there are times (many times) when MacDonald simps for minorities quite a bit harder than would be absolutely necessary if he were an undercover white nationalist who was strategically cucking. While woke culture is definitely a reoccurring theme in his music and his unwoke anti-PC songs tend to be his most viral and what he is most infamous for, it’s not all he does. His first YouTube video was posted in May 2014 and is titled – ”Wannabe (Official Video).”. It’s just another visual of how far Whites have fallen. A lot of people don’t realize how intensely tribal blacks are. If Tom MacDonald were REALLY outside the mainstream, he would lose the tats and piercings and transgressive haircut; dress impeccably but undeniably “whitely”; and would be composing classical music in the ‘heroic’ manner of Wagner or Carl Orff (and he can’t do the latter, as is likely, perhaps he could ‘update’ their best works with electronic additions – beats, some electric guitar riffs – which make them sound more contemporary). I’ve had it and, lo and behold, I am still here, and better off for it: it’s a cleanout, a useful infection, not some kind of curse. The most popular video on the channel is called – ”Everybody Hates Me.” The video was published on November 9, 2018, and it has more than 9.7 million views. Masking is extremely efficacious in reducing respiratory epidemics – but only when very widely practiced (otherwise, using a high grade particulate-filtering mask is useful, but only to the wearer). At this point, you may be wondering if Tom MacDonald might secretly be /ourguy/. Beggars can’t be choosers when you are facing white genocide. Name a thing that you can’t do? I’ve heard it said that you have to live somewhere for a while to know the place, but you have to go there fresh to really see it. You’d attack when I say it, I’m proud He concedes that racism and rape culture are real issues. Then, as happens, a eulogist, desperate for material but who didn’t ever know me, grabbing one of the few facts he did learn, proclaims: “At least he died doing what he loved: driving around with his windows down listening to rap music.”. He has numerous hit singles to enjoy. Something. You know, I really hated “If I Was Black” the first time I heard it, but upon further review, it’s really not that bad. Or help to build the prisons that we trapped in? .) For havin’ the balls to go say what Nothing to do with “libertardianism”.

And God willing one day, I’ll have a kid of my own Pass me the brush and I’ll paint my face till the shade’s right, What a contradiction, being human is so tragic But for a newcomer or a tourist, those things really jump out at you. but don’t mistake my placid demeanor Join Identity Europa. We became so lazy and complacent, afraid of our generation Googling quotes that are socially conscious Feminists hate me You don’t like to like my skin color then you can (. There are some decent trolls in here: It’s crazy y’all get so shocked and bothered

I thought: either you stand for something and unambiguously reject it–even if means you can’t do what everyone is doing that day–or you compromise the integrity of your mission. Just trust me on this. A glance at e.g. He occasionally gets the big picture wrong, but shows an impressive eye for the little things — sometimes, he notices certain things about the dynamics of American racial politics that go over the heads of a lot of Americans. .

I only cry when my team is losin’ Hangover Gang. Many interpreted “Dear Rappers” as an attack on black rappers and black culture. To close this off, let’s look at MacDonald’s latest track, which went to #1 on iTunes: MacDonald’s latest #1 hit is an all-out assault on SJW culture and the easily-triggered. I mean, I am a hateful racist, but you know what I mean. They’re so in love and vote for Trump ’cause f*ck politicians

They should totally eschew tattoos or worse, body piercings. Now, I could quibble about his use of the term “white trash,” but his intentions here seem good. Illuminati puppets, the industry hail Satan, Labels are hiding the proof, look, Imma give you a clue ANYTHING.”, “I refuse to feel ashamed cause of my pretty blue eyes.”, ”At the beginning, you don’t know how to start it, in the middle it feels like it’s never gonna end and when it’s over you wish you had it back.”, ”Everyone always says this, but, it’s the truth – be yourself. Certainly, TV and movies like to present blacks as colorblind humanists who only want to be accepted into society, but are constantly thwarted by ethnocentric tribal whites. In the first place, those masks don’t prevent anything. In July, San Francisco announced that they would be ending the practice of releasing mugshots in order to combat racial, ahem, “stereotypes.” So if anything, it’s only due to monumental effort on the part of our overlords (including media and government) that society is not a lot more racist than it is. There’s a lot to like about Tom MacDonald. I guess you buy the story that you could die, DIE I say, from a flu virus. But on August 28, Cardi B’s love letter to her vagina was briefly knocked off the #1 spot on the iTunes Hip Hop charts by a song called “People So Stupid” by one Tom MacDonald, an independent underground internet phenomenon whose entire act is entirely based around trolling SJWs, criticizing woke culture, and pushing back against smothering anti-whiteness. We would be pleased if you would write one. He writes, performs, and produces his music, his girlfriend (YouTube rapper Nova Rockafeller) films his videos, and another friend does the mixing.

Seems like a school shooting happens almost daily That last line is absolutely absurd. you have colonized my hopes and fears, taking them from me like no needle ever could, for your mother this is hard; a tiny alien stealing bites from her meals In 2020, I thought we had reached a point where if a liberal wanted to be shocking, it was like “pedophilia or gtfo,” but no. Again, we’re grading on the curve. No! He sees (correctly) that the music industry is fundamentally and irredeemably evil — as well as a big scam. In a morbid kind of way, I’m actually sort of impressed.

When the goverment and 100% of the mainstram media are pushing the same story 24/7, doesn’t it get get you suspicious? Things started to accelerate for MacDonald in 2017 with the song “Dear Rappers,” which would prove to his first brush with controversy. My criticisms of Tom MacDonald are mostly aesthetic. I cringe whenever I see Whites acting and rappin’ like Blacks. For example, if you live in a big city for a while, you learn to tune out the homeless junkies and you become numb to the bright lights, glamor, and crass commercialism. Anyway, if you’ve never heard the song, believe me when I say that you don’t want to. Maybe he would go further if he could, but any further and then he’s risking the wrath of the social media ban hammer, so he’s intentionally going up to that line, dancing on it, but never crossing over. If I were Tom, I would start making backup plans in the event that the worst-case scenario comes to pass. Anti-whiteness is an attack on his loved ones.

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