We took all of our experiences and innovated within our industry to create a business and a career that we are incredibly proud of. FOX BLACK AND WHITEThe only B&W you need.

ABOUT THESE PRESETS VIDEO. Hope to bump into you while you’re photographing epic elopements out on the trails .

We're gabi and brandon. FOX HARSH: EQUALIZES STARK HIGHLIGHTS AND SHADOWSDesigned to balance images with blown out backgrounds and subjects in shade or really harsh daylight.

job. Sometimes because they like the look of the photo from that photographer and …

It’s growing like a giant sequoia and we can’t wait to share our secrets to success with you because this really is the best. Just a heads up that all of our education has moved to our new hub -> From the Foxes. The Fox Pack comes with a black and white, 3 color variations, and two brushes. Request The Foxpack Presets - The Foxes Photography. But getting the email that says, “let’s do this!” is like Ace-Ventura-dancing-in-a-pink-tutu exciting. because who doesn’t love a free business boost?! [TRADE] Looking for The Foxes - Foxpack Presets. Also included are questionnaires, a contact form, and pro tips on how to make the most of them. You are only allowed 2 downloads, so make sure you have a good internet connection before downloading.

True story – we made videos for climbing brands, athletes, artists, non-profits, our airstream reno, and even this furniture company Gotta get started somehow, amiright?

Aka The Foxes. Fox Harsh and Fox Matte are variations of our main preset that are designed for tricky lighting scenarios, but keep a consistent look with our film-like colors. I have edited with theses presets for indoor weddings, the coasts of Washington, the jungle of Thailand, and for everyday lifestyle photos. FOX HARSH: EQUALIZES STARK HIGHLIGHTS AND SHADOWS. Hey there! See you on the trail! BRUSH: SKY BOOSTERA brush to bring back contrast, color, and definition in blown out, hazy, or bright skies. make your photos stand out against the rest. We still pinch ourselves every time we step into the “office.” Think this is something you’d like to do too? The presets edit your photos by adjusting multiple settings such as color, contrast, white balance, temperature, tone, saturation, vibrancy, sharpening, lens corrections, luminance, and others. This is a seriously valuable toolkit for taking your business to the next level. in. Did you know that we got our start making videos? This preset was designed to make couples pop in the landscapes that surround them. The end image is consistent and has helped my images have an overall cohesive feel.

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