Since it would require a build out there was nothing to do to fix it. Also, to those of you that have telus and the WWE network, does Telus provide the whole vod network, as Shaw does not. The second thing was the learning curve of using the new hardware and relearning all the channels. This happened on about a monthly basis in three different houses with different modems from Shaw and different routers, switches and computers behind their equipment. You can do so much better if you call when they have promotional offers going on. But the first time you fo it Shaw doesn't do anything. Telus also uses wireless boxes that do not require a cable outlet at each box (very handy). The key differences are: -Telus shows the HD channels first, and makes it difficult to select a SD channel unless you are looking for it. On the Telus website, the deal for both Internet and TV is already better. When Telus was installed, they brought me 3 wireless 4 K boxes. Find the best companies in Telecommunications category: Shaw Cable and Telus Communications, Shaw Cable vs Bell Canada, Telus Communications vs Rogers Communications

OnePlus 8T Review: Is the perfect phone too late? Telus has the restart function on some of their channels where you can start a show from the beginning part way through the show without having to remember to record it. They offer cable packages which are actually managed by Shaw. Additionally, Telus alleges that the ‘+’ in Fibre+ is misleading since it implies the offerings are superior to Telus’ fibre optic services. Can you please tell me your findings on what's better and or worse when comparing Picture quality and ease of use, the overall experience. While it’s worth noting that DOCSIS infrastructure uses nodes that can be connected to the internet using fibre optic cable, Telus says that is a “last mile” connection and not representative of a true fibre optic service. Apple’s updated Accessory Design Guidelines include rules for Ma... Apple will replace AirPods Pro with static, crackling sound for free. I switched because I had slow internet. The best way to run the WWE Network is to sign up on the American site is g a VPN. Compare Telus Communications and Shaw Cable pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. 5 features we loved about the original Motorola Razr that are on the n... Another look at Huawei’s AppGallery in Canada. CRTC mandates that Telus has to charge so Telus isn't going to do anything. After all it is fibre optic vs copper, just can't win with copper. By Masked Bandit in forum Society / Law / Current Events / Politics, By chungstachung in forum Events and Meets, By /////AMG in forum Society / Law / Current Events / Politics, By saiyajin in forum Miscellaneous Buy/Sell/Trade, Computers, Consoles, and other Electronics, Meet either tonight(july 5th or july 6th?

I could tell it was slower than my Shaw 5 connection but since Shaw wouldn't fix my connrction it was faster than my poor speed connection.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Use an American address. Have you had any experiences with ISPs such as Primus or Teksavvy? 10-23-2019, 03:13 PM #2. roopi. Edmonton's Local Subreddit! Thought I was going to miss Shaw Go Wi-Fi but my brother is on Shaw and he said that he can have up to 10 email addresses and he said that he will make 4 for us so we can still access it on his account.

Speed tests were giving me 0.5 mbps.

I can't compare the two services because I only have experience with the one. However, Shaw can't compete with TELUS PureFibre for sure (if you live in fibre enabled area). Qualcomm’s annual Tech Summit will take place digitally starting... SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites ahead of upcoming public b... Apple sues Canadian recycling partner for stealing and reselling devices, Pixel 5 turns on reverse wireless charging automatically when plugged in, Next Samsung Galaxy S-series flagship could launch January 14, 2021. if Telus PureFibre isn’t available, but Shaw isn’t giving a good deal, and you care about the best possible price in compromise for lower download speeds: Go with Telus. Shaw always sends techs out now. My internet speeds never fluctuate. Effective 5G deployment key to Canada’s climate change commitment: r... Cogeco announces $4.5 million investment to bring high-speed internet ... Bell to bring 5G to 28 additional markets in 2020, U.K. may phase out Huawei technology from 5G networks this year. I wonder if Shaw’s upload speed is the same as their download speed like it is with Telus Internet.

Slowly getting into android boxes, haven't bought one yet, but I'm using the kodi app on my phone as a trial run. Ping times will generally be much better with TELUS and especially so if you're on a fiber connection. Used to work for Telus internet Help Desk. Shaw shows every channel available so half of the time when I go to watch something, I do not have subscription. Here are the games hitting PlayStation Now in November 2020. Some Roomba Clean Base docks could malfunction if a robot picks up liquid, Nest thermostats can now monitor your HVAC system in Canada, Google’s new Nest Thermostat is now available in Canada. I have friends who have TekSavvy and while they're cheap, dealing with then seems to be a nightmare and I can't recommend them. But, I will call them to see if I can bundle my home phone and get a better deal. Whereas Telus does not show channels that you are not subscribed too. After a decade+ with Shaw I switched to Telus and haven't looked back. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I kept hanging on with Shaw for years, waiting for them to substitute more HD versions of SD channels. Then use a tablet or an app to watch the VODs.

I just cancelled Shaw, we were on the 600 package (600mbps down, 20mbps up) and switched to the Telus gigabit plan. Telus seems to have a MUCH better UI on their PVRs - it's more responsive, easier to use, and basically better all around. TELUS connections, be they DSL or fiber, don't usually experience this anywhere. Shaw hasn't been perfect for me the entire time either.

if Telus PureFibre is available, and Telus is giving a competitive price: Telus no doubt. Check if Telus has fiber in your area and if they do compare them and switching might be worth it but if they dont have fiber dont even bother.

What’s new on Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, Android in first half ... PlayStation Store now offering two promotions with discounts up to 80 ... Ontario government investing $680 million to expand broadband access, Ontario government launches enhanced COVID-19 data hub. Shaw is still offering 50mbps? I went back to Shaw and have been with them for 10+ years. Windows 10 is restarting some PCs to install Office apps without permi... iPad Air (2020) pre-orders are now available in Canada, Google adding more accessibility features to Chrome OS, Lenovo announces new AMD-powered ThinkPad Chromebook for business, Global PC shipments reach 10-year record in Q3 2020: report.

Haven’t had to call their tech support but we did call in to try and get another promo after our last one expired and they were pretty good to deal with. This feature lets you determine how good a deal you are getting on toilet paper purchases. If you have Telus Fibre,go with that. Shaw did give me a deal recently for even faster internet, free basic cable for a year all for the same price I … They have differences, but it's mostly just the minor annoyance of reconfiguring home equipment each time I switch. Facebook introduces new Messenger ‘Lite’ app for Android a... Science News & Discoveries keeps you up-to-date on the world of s... Windows Mixed Reality Review: A foot in the virtual door. Telus: Lower speeds but much more reliable. 3: The real Avengers: Infinity War was the frien... SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter, AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable - 6 Feet, Spotify adding standalone streaming support to Apple Watch app, Google says Pixel 5 screen gaps are ‘normal part of the design’, Soccer match’s AI camera operator repeatedly mistakes bald head for ball, Government releases second report tracking 25 percent wireless plan reduction commitment, Bell MTS bringing fibre internet to Morden, Manitoba, Apple seeks damages from Epic over harm to its reputation, Apple claims Epic lawsuit is a stunt to reinvigorate interest in Fortnite.

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