People could be coming in with the understanding that those things are normal where they came from, and therefore don’t discount from their professionalism. I used to have this exact view when I had long hair with shaved sides and a few piercings…….until I realized I couldn’t get the type of job I wanted because of it. I have a small, but thicker, hoop on the side of my nose that doesn’t come out without pliers and pain.

Up your jewelry game with gorgeous nose rings and studs from Claire's stand-out collection. “. I agree with the above comment as a hiring manager. He typically covers them for interviews (because he’s wearing a long-sleeved shirt), but doesn’t for work.

9ct Gold Single Rose Charm. i certainly read this line as “but you can’t get a job lookin’ like a dummy”. Because you will almost always be wrong.

I’m sure someone thought I was a perpetual child with poor judgment because of it, but fortunately it didn’t hinder my search. That’s why I wanted to ask the question — I know some people view it as “unprofessional,” but in my opinion, that mindset is a little old-fashioned. Steve, I hope you won’t stop reading over this, but I certainly understand if you choose to. Our collection of wedding rings is worth a mention, too.

I think it’s going to be fun to see how my generation turns out as old people — the dapper folks in particular, I think, are going to be AWESOME. A club?

* This assumes you’re not wearing it for religious reasons; if you were, the above wouldn’t apply, and you’d also have some legal protections. Asking is always a good idea. And this, I think, is a fair statement.

The Band-Aid is like a great big flag calling attention to the piercing. This is a rather big leap of “logic.” He presumably has lots of people to choose from, so it’s no sweat of his back, but latching onto a single data point is not an ideal way to make complex/important decisions. however, I cannot immediately think of another person I know, faculty or phd candidate, in my department or any alums that has facial jewelry.

Yup – you’ve got the power and can be as capricious as you like.

We also offer high-quality nose rings made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, .925 sterling silver, 14kt and 18kt gold, platinum, and hypoallergenic …

If you're looking for a new nose ring, we can assure you that your search can end right here.

I’m not referring to the opinions, but the reasons being used to support those opinions. I was eighteen years old, and had an internship interview, and my mother (who did not like my piercing) freaked out that I wouldn’t get the internship because of my cartilage piercing. Nose piercings in particular are pretty standard, I’ve seen them on engineers, dean’s admins, and city hall employees of both genders.

Tattoos will definitely show unless you’re wearing opaque tights.

Again – it’s not because you don’t like piercings.

This will vary depending on the workplace, but in some places this will be a cause for discussion even if tptb don’t care – because it’s not seen much. There will be 10 to 25 large format Target stores and 50 Target Country stores which will close over the next twelve months. But then I realized I’m a little grossed out by the piercings that are just a stud into your skin, without the back piece. Hmm…I’m in academia and it never occurred to me that my small nose stud would be a problem (I’ve had it for about 10 years and worked in non academia previously). Joey, we did not feel that having a tattoo was poor judgement.

We recommend: Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Not everything on this planet has to be made for me.

Hmm…I have a nose piercing and wear a small stud all the time. Anyone’s look will either work for or against them, depending on the image of the company. I still do stand by taking the piercing out for the interview, as I see it as a sign of heightened professionalism (like wearing a suit that I certainly wouldn’t plan on wearing every day). If I were in charge, I’d say not on my watch.

A septum ring though I don’t think would go over well in most places.

I definitely had a Carolyn Hax style “Wow” reaction to this comment.

Manufactured to the highest standards, this ammunition is built for optimum performance.

Now, that message has turned into “it is OK to be overweight.” Well, somewhere along the line we forgot that being overweight is a health risk, not only a fashion statement.

Clean on the outside, dirty on the inside. JUST ANSWER 5 EASY QUESTIONS…. Referring to women as “girls” in the workplace and deciding norms for women should be dictated by your personal preferences kinda screams overgrown teenager louder, imo. Yeah, could we up the civility level on this post? Maybe now that I’ve gotten allergy shots I could try again….

Not that I don’t think it’s probable that in certain industries and regions, a person could see a dramatic change in prospects from a simple change in appearance — but, overall, a person could see a dramatic change in prospects from a change in maturity that in one set of circumstances prompts one change and in another place prompts a very different one.

Unfairly there are cases where people had a bad experience with people who wear nose rings and therefore think all people who where nose rings are (insert negative thing here). But I would never have a facial piercing myself. You don’t want a disconnect between the person they see and their idea of who should be in executive management meetings, for example. Last sentence spoken as someone living in Brooklyn amongst the hipsters, so I am not just making that up:-). That said, I wouldn’t display any body art to an interview unless it was to a creative-based industry job, and even then, it’s touch-and-go.

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