With these two caravans offering more features than we can possibly fit on these pages, it would be best to pay a visit to ALM (either online or in person if you’re passing through Te Rapa, Hamilton) and take a closer look at what the Vivaldi 560DM and Puccini 655E have to offer. When will the rest of the industry wake up and realise that there are loads of people who would have a caravan if they weren't all identical white boxes. Might I suggest you head to your local Lotto retailer instead? As for the aerial connections I also have 2 factory fitted aerial sockets but I also have an aerial fitted which is raised using a pole which is located in one of the wardrobes but this is an optional extra.

Read More, " That's when we decided to ask his help on what we could afford. Picked up my brand new Hobby today and when I checked it out prior to towing it home I checked it out everything was cool. "Additionally, we’re pretty straight up about the fact that we wanted products at the top end of the market; we’re not interested in undercutting the competition with cheaply-made caravans. Everything was professional and easy. Eribas

" Holiday despite Corona. Especially when it comes from a tank in which it may have been stored for a long period of time. Written on: 03/02/2008 We wouldn't hesitate in recommending MB caravans and can't wait to get out on our first holiday. It is however, somewhat overpriced. We chose our caravan there and then then and can’t wait for it to be delivered (another service sorted out by this lovely man). would be useful. Brilliant selection of Hobby vans , lots of new and nearly new and Martin and Paddy his son were so patient and helpful and believe me my Mrs made them earn their £, questions upon questions and no stone left unturned. I use mine for camping in all weather with my children… After looking long and hard on the internet and local caravan dealers we decided to make the 270 mile round trip to visit MB Caravans in Dunstable. (1 review written), Love the shape, the colours, the finish. All Rights Reserved. Tabbert Caravan specifications & towing data - Gocaravanning.com.   Pasted as rich text. Thank you Martin Berry. Telephone: 01582 840147 / 0778 887 8887 Read Full Review, Written on: 24/08/2007 BTW, the reason I'd suggest the status on the roof is like many the idea of an all singing all dancing remote sat dish on the roof is ok!

Learn more. many people went to Germany to buy their new Hobby's, usually from Joeressen's . Find your TABBERT caravan. (1 review written). I feel as if I need to leave a review myself looking for those who are looking for a German caravan The selection was outstanding and condition. All the staff at MB Caravans were so pleasant and helpful, we can't thank Martin and Patrick enough for their patience with us. Check the wardrobe / closet - should be there somewhere. We collected our Hobby 650UFF this weekend, we are delighted that our Great Dane can turn around in this fantastic, spacious caravan.

Definitely will be returning to M B Caravans! " My husband couldn't make the 2nd trip down due to work commitment, so I was a little nervous about the Inspection. Fabulous looks, environmentally friendly as so small & light to tow, sleeps 2 easily and 3 if needed, all the facilities we need, a much warmer alternative to a tent, just the right size for us with good storage space, and a brilliant way of making friends as everyone wants to come and look at it. We will always go that extra mile to make you happy! us/img585/699/002mfl.

(1 review written), We just love it! I would like to thank Martin / Patrick at MB Caravans for all their help as we travelled two days looking for a caravan staying in hotels, finally we came across MB caravans website on Google. learn more. In all honesty, we wished we had just gone there in the beginning and not wasted our time looking anywhere else. 3,4k. We are hoping to buy a new caravan for next Spring/Summer and would be happy to hear anybody's recommendations. You won't be left disappointed with our service! It may sound like a small detail, but the detachable and moveable reading lights are genius personified; the clip-on/clip-off lights run on a rail throughout the interior of both models. When we arrived at MB Caravans I have never seen a better selection of Hobby Caravans. j ewing (1 review written), still get a big thrill when I see it parked at my place, absolutely love it , gets more attention at cvan parks than vans worth 4 times as much.Ccouldn't think of a better way of caravaning,on our third night out we were in winds of over 90 kph and van was fine… through either the connection to the tow car or to a battery.

And when you’re talking about premium German caravans, you might as well opt for some premium German tow vehicle tech to transport them; hence our SUVs of choice from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. We were gutted to say the least BUT Martin delivered the caravan EVEN without the funds, trusting us and the finance company to complete. There’s no compromise on storage space, thanks to the bunk beds. ive never noticed any strange noises or clicks before, We would just depress the knob and twist as you would to open and close the locker door, My partner tried the keys as we would like to sell and make sure all the locks work etc, the key isn’t stuck in the lock but the knob and lock will not turn and stays depressed it won’t turn and come out like it should, I'm afraid to pry open the door or force the lock, we are going to try a key cutter to see if a new key might help, I personally think the lock is jammed but I’m so unfamiliar with this problem, we put a screwdriver in the keyhole and hit it with a hammer and now for some reason it works with the key and lock very bizarre, 2015 3. Themen 120 Beiträge 1,1k. Thank you. Dometic fridges, smooth exterior design (including clever front boot accessibility), LED lighting, stylish push-lock handles on all cabinetry, and easily convertible bed designs with clever Tabbert disk-spring load-distributing bases are some highlights from both of our review models.

Awning is simple to put up and holds all the extraneous stuff with ease. I don't reckon beds to be comfy made of several cushions (sink into gaps) and it brought back memories of an earlier 3.75m 'van which drove me mad making up the bed and packing it away in the morning. Started 3 hours ago, By Adel verpflichtet. Some of the extras are a little pricey so it is best to really think what you will actually need before forking out. To prevent this happening to you, I recommend just going to MB Caravans, based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

Unser Coup ist das in jedem TABBERT seit 2020 serienmäßig integrierte BWT BESTCAMP Hochleistungs-Wasserfiltersystem. by Thanks. " From negotiating to taking delivery of the caravan Martin was very helpful and answered all of our questions (and there were lots!)! Heather - another fantastic recommendation. Has the door or frame been distorted by anything. DA VINCI Highlights. We had a look around and everything was matching all reviews. Bought Monday, delivered and sited Wednesday - that's the MB Caravan service. Light-weight and VERY easy to tow.

Valued Customer!! The caravan is amazing and despite the distance, Martin sent his engineer to sort out a couple of minor issues we had caused ourselves. A nice detail in the bedroom is extra storage space behind the headboards of each bed—a handy nook to hide electronics and other valuables if you’re away from the campsite. Bei RENT AND TRAVEL finden Sie ein großes Angebot an TABBERT Miet-Wohnwagen zu erstklassigen Konditionen.

Me & my wife travelled from Leicester to MB Caravans because we had heard so much about them. Any idea where tho? We travelled from near Manchester to visit MB Caravans and spent quite a while having a browse around looking at the fabulous caravans on offer, Martin was so helpful and gave us some really good advice.   You cannot paste images directly. Looks really different, far more exciting than a white brick. When you buy a caravan from MB Caravans you can be sure that we will be with you to answer your questions before you buy, we wil ensure that your caravan is prepared ready for when you buy and importantly we will be with you afterwards too, making sure you can enjoy your caravan now and in the future. We had a wee problem with our hot air blower and one phone call and a left message got Martin of MB Caravans calling us back. BWT BESTCAMP STANDARD EQUIPMENT. This is usually mounted on a mast that sits within the wardrobe, where your electric wiring and fuses are. We eventually choose our new Hobby caravan after the extremely helpful and good advice Martin gave us. My beautiful caravan is 5 years old, so it wasn’t brand new and I am a bit of a perfectionist so I made a list of all the extras I wanted to have and even though Martin didn’t have to do it all, he appointed one of his very professional engineers to take care of me and my wife requirements to detail and he didn’t even charge us an extra penny. After viewing a number of hobby caravans we decided to purchase a new Hobby 650 Prestige. Thank you Martin and team, God will continue to bless you all, I’m sure about that, I will never buy a caravan from anybody else. Is the key stuck in the lock? j ewing (1 review written).

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