Other platforms are still being considered but may not become available until after the initial release.

He's spent his life in pursuit of adventure (and treasure). Initially scheduled for 2019,[1] Spelunky 2 has been released on PlayStation 4 on September 15, 2020,[2] and released on Steam September 29.

- Steam News - last accessed on 2020-09-29 "...right now we're estimating that it will take a … If you happen to see one, make sure to grab it and just toss it before heading into a new area as a safety measure - although we recommend you sticking to it for as long as you can, You can pick up chests, but you won’t be able to take them with you to other rooms, If you purchase a gift from the merchant, destroy it with your whip to reveal the item inside, If you throw a second rope on the same angle as the first, they will attach and become a single, longer rope, Contrary to what you might think at first, ropes don’t need a roof to work, you can throw them wherever you want and they will attack to the walls regardless, The time window is short, but if you throw a bomb right in front of you and don’t have room to dodge, use your whip to push it a few steps away from you, You can throw items upwards, which can be great if you’re using something as a decoy for a trap, When you have a lighted torch, get close to other torches to light them up as well, Ropes can be set on fire if they become in contact with lava, torches, or fireballs - if they do, they will slowly consume themselves, so there's a very tiny window for you to use in case it happens and you're close enough to it, Shields can be really useful to prevent you from getting injured, but they have the downside of pushing everything in front of you while you’re wielding them - if you are about to pick up any important item, it’s best to either leave the shield on the floor beforehand or just jump on top of them - otherwise the item will be pushed down, or worse, destroyed if it hits a wall, Arrows that hit walls will stay there for a few seconds, before they fall down, You can actually use your pickaxe on the ground below by looking up while pressing the attack button, If you want to use a rope to head down but you always end up throwing it someplace else, just get close enough to the edge of the platform where you’re standing, crouch, and throw it - it will appear right next to you, Witnessing the death of a turkey can be tough, but as a (cruel) silver lining, they will drop a health item that will give you 1 heart, Beware of Bear Traps: they don’t only attack on your character’s height, but also above, just in case you try to climb them. Club, William Hughes praised how the game embraced the success of the original game and seamlessly incorporated new features such as the turkey mounting system. He partnered with BlitWorks, the developer of the PlayStation ports of the first game, for the game's programming. A monk with bright golden skin. The creator of the world-famous Von Diamonds fashion and lifestyle brand. The story, which focuses on the themes of family and kinship, is mostly delivered through journal articles in the game's world and the Base Camp where Ana can interact with the characters she has encountered during her adventure. He has a lot of deep thoughts, but not a lot that he wants to say out loud. Spelunky 2 is one of the most highly-acclaimed games of Fall 2020, and it’s also one of the most brutally difficult.

https://spelunky.fandom.com/wiki/Spelunky_2_Characters?oldid=19795. [11], The game received critical acclaim when it was released, according to review aggregator Metacritic, with an average score of 91. This character is found by opening a coffin in any, This character is unlocked by beating the game's normal ending, This character is unlocked by beating the game via. They do not, however, have one on the top, If there’s a chest or an item blocking an, In the Jungle watch out for the tiles that have a thin silver line on them, since that means they will fall after you pass through them, Even if you think it’s harmless or you’re not even pointing at them, don’t use your whip against structures or items that are close to other friendly characters, since they will go aggro either way, The falling platforms in the Volcana level can damage other enemies if they drop on them, You can climb the chain of a spike ball trap once it has fallen down, Throwing bombs at lava will trigger the explosion automatically, so beware of either pools of lava or even the cauldrons being carried by the Imps, Hermit Crabs won't always be visible at first, as they instead camouflage themselves as chests or moving blocks - if it's the former, they will carry loot as a normal chest. After 1000 years she'll return to her creators with the data she's collected. We have been gathering all possible advice for you, which should help you both during the first few runs and towards the later half of the levels as well. Both serve as vampire hunters in their respective appearances. Like its predecessor, Spelunky 2 is a 2D platform game. A robot designed to explore and enjoy herself.

[9] Initially set to be released in 2019, Yu announced that the game would be delayed to 2020 in August 2019 as development required more time.

Vampire. Just don’t drop your eggplant. It’s a hard feat, but one easy way to fight back, if they’re selling a shield, is to steal the shield first. He's decided to finally try his hand at spelunking after many years of building shortcuts. A master ninja always looking to hone his skills. Van Horsing returns as an NPC in Spelunky 2, previously being a Spelunker in Spelunky HD. Some store links may include affiliate tags. So long as Kali isn't too unhappy with you, you can earn favor by leaving stunned or dead bodies as offerings upon the altar. However, destroying an altar (or even simply allowing an altar to be destroyed) will anger Kali, reducing your favor standing with her. [12] Writing for The A.V. Just hit them with your whip to an area below, or throw after grabbing them, Arrows, bombs, these items will bounce at walls and back at you if you’re not helpful, damaging you as well, Destroying a campfire will give you a torchlight as loot, Stones can be extremely useful, they have a long range, can kill or stun enemies, and also be used as decoy for traps. If there’s something you wanted to know about Spelunky 2 — or even something you had no idea you even wanted to check out, browse the links below for all our accumulated Spelunky knowledge. Her dialogue hints that she is the same character from the first game, seeming to recognize Guy and Yang. Head over to the links in our Spelunky 2 wiki guide to know all the information you need to survive and do well in this game. Each stage also features several layers which can be explored by the player. A young man no longer, he's re-evaluating what's most important to him. Online multiplayer is a planned upcoming feature. [6] Yu strived to create a game world that feels like a "living, breathing place" in order to keep new players engaged. Demi Von Diamonds character model is a reference to the Damsel from Spelunky Classic and HD. An avid fan of music and video games. They are also commonly found incrates. That’s something some of us might never accomplish. [7][8], Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the game at Paris Games Week in October 2017. [2] New areas, such as the lava-themed Volcana, are introduced. They start each game with four Bombs, and can find more in certainshops. Kevin Thielenhaus / This page was last edited on 1 October 2020, at 21:50. She's trying to find creative inspiration through travel.

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