One $4 million top prize and two $100,000 prizes remain to be won. Android, ‘Lucky’ feeling led Guilford County woman to $4 million lottery prize August 5, 2020 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:39 PM. Each roll has a unique mix of winning and non-winning tickets and there is no guarantee you will find a big win on a roll.

Clemmons. Robert Carlton of Greensboro scored the $4,000,000 top prize when he tried his luck on a 100X The Cash scratch-off ticket. Greensboro is on fire. Authorized By: S.L. All materials on this Website are owned by or licensed to the NCEL. Buy & Scan with the NC Lottery Official Mobile App – Now with Ticket Checker! It's all a matter of random luck. 18B-805(c)(2), 15% to Guilford County general fund and municipalities without liquor stores (distributed according to population).

The North Carolina Education Lottery. Mailing Address: 115 North Cedar Street, Greensboro, NC 27401. Web Site: We want wins here to. Does the random distribution mean all the big prizes could be distributed to one section of the state?NC LotteryTicket distribution is a secure process and no one knows where or when winning tickets will be bought until the lucky winner finds it.

1175 Highway 66, South Kernersville, NC … Once you complete this process, it shouldn't be necessary for any subsequent wins.

This is the third big ticket WIN in Greensboro in a week, so I guess you all will say that more people in Greensboro are buying scratch offs. 4411 West Wendover Ave., Greensboro , NC 2740... Law enforcement - follows G.S.

Congratulations to and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robert Carlton of Greensboro scored the $4,000,000 top prize when he tried his luck on a 100X The Cash scratch-off ticket. So if someone purchased the winning ticket and overlooked the winning number then put it in the trash no one would ever get that ticket. Emergency Notifications Register of Deeds GIS & Addressing Contact Us. View Full Info . “I just randomly have days where I feel lucky!” said Thompson.

We're sorry to hear that your experiencing claiming has been frustrating.

That's because you have to look at the bigger picture.   Phone: 336-274-6304. If tickets are randomly distributed but seems to be many winners in certain counties, wouldn't you guys question it? We have these extra safeguards in place to ensure that when we pay a prize out to someone, it is going to the correct person and account. The dashboard can also be used to explore results from previous elections. Tweet. I have played whole rolls and can't even break even.NC LotterySorry to hear you haven't had more luck lately, Angela. Not sure what that proves but just want to put it out there. But we wanted to let you know that we don't recommend playing the lottery by buying entire rolls of tickets. He claimed his prize Friday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. While I hear you say "random distribution" I think the distribution of big winners seems to repeatedly occur in certain areas and cities. I'm scratching off mostly losers.NC LotteryWe're sorry to hear that, John. It takes our team a little extra time to validate the information you upload. Contact Us 400 East Tryon Road Raleigh NC 27610 Phone: (919) 779-0700 Fax: (919) 662-3583 I can attest that I have bought tickets from one particular gas station and have won $500 on three separate occasions. Every once in a while, Ivory Thompson of Greensboro gets a ‘lucky’ feeling, and on Saturday that feeling won her a $4 million top prize and the opportunity for a new career. All rights reserved. 2450 Market Center Drive Clemmons, NC 27012. Again congrats. 115 North Cedar Street, Greensboro, NC 27401. He chose the lump sum and took home $1,698,006 after required federal and state tax withholdings. Want to be more informed? 3716-A Battleground Plaza, Greensboro, NC 274... 3923 Gate City Blvd., Greensboro, NC 27407. If you have more questions about the status of your documents or prize, you can reach out to our online support team at Date of First Retail Sales: August 30, 1951.

You can walk into a store and get your $200 with no problem. ABC Board Directory. Additional ABC Election information is available by linking to our listing of Alcoholic Beverage Legal Sales Areas for counties, cities, and towns in North Carolina. It just means in that set of data, one thing happened more than another. Congratulations. That doesn't mean that the odds of it landing on heads are 8 in 10 - that'll always be 50/50. Winning tickets are distributed at random throughout the entire printing run of the game - not just within rolls.

THERE ARE NO LOTTERIES BEING HELD AT THIS TIME. News & Updates. Carlton purchased his lucky $20 ticket from Sandy Ridge Mart on Sandy Ridge Road in Colfax.

I buy often from other stores and hardly break even. Congratulations to you and I wish you many more happy wins. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Email: Economic Development Organizations; Libraries; Juvenile Crime Prevention Council; Guilford County Reentry; Cooperative Extension. Carlton had the option of taking the $4 million as an annuity of $200,000 a year for 20 years or a lump sum of $2.4 million. The occurrence does not look random to me.I am starting to lose trust in the randomness of the prize distribution. Keep on winning. ABC Board of Elections. Copyright © 2006-2018. The News & Observer wrote an article detailing the process our lottery tickets take before they get to the store, you can read it here: Play Smart™ term is a service mark of the Illinois Lottery licensed to the NCEL.

Available on the County: Guilford.

They want your bank info, our S.S. number, a picture I.D. Available for Every effort has been made to ensure that the winning numbers posted on this website are accurate; however, no valid claim may be based on information contained herein. Guilford ABC unites to support our scholars and their families as we fight to end racism and social injustice that has been brought to light with the recent civil unrest throughout our country. Congratulations, I cant wait for the thrill of winning Lord when my online play pays off honey I'm going to dance all day long!!! But, if you were to flip the coin 1,000 times, you'd likely see that it lands on heads and tails more or less evenly. Guilford County, NC Home Menu. View Full Info. View Full Info.

The 100X The Cash game launched in March 2019 with four top prizes of $4 million and six prizes of $100,000. Carlton purchased his lucky $20 ticket from Sandy Ridge Mart on Sandy Ridge Road in Colfax. 301 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27401, Website Design by Granicus - Connecting People and Government. 3000 High Point Road Winston-Salem, NC 27107.

App Store Congrats Robert. Upcoming Events; Contact Us; Transportation.

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