In the bitterest loss of all, Jimmy McElroy, who had publicly boasted about murdering his own best friend, Billy Walker, was found not guilty. Featherstone concluded that he had been framed by the gang and betrayed by his lawyers.

FROM THE POINT OF view of law enforcement agencies, everything changed the moment Mickey Featherstone decided to talk. As recently as last May, a Westie member, Kevin Kelly, was sent to kill a carpenters union official who had heavily damaged a restaurant frequented by Gambino associates. Armed with a concealed tape recorder, Sissy Featherstone drew Bokun and others into conversations, sometimes when they came with regular payments for the family - the traditional organized-crime inducement to loyalty. Jimmy Coonan was sentenced to 75 years in prison on racketeering charges, including seven murders and other crimes.

His wife Edna was given 15 years. One-two-three-four-five. Kevin Kelly however was charged and found guilty for the 1984 murder of a Gambino Family associate, Vincent Leone, who tried to cheat the Westies and the Gambinos out of $30,000 in sports betting proceeds. He pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge and received a suspended sentence of five years probation from Judge Robert W. Sweet due to his co-operation with the authorities. Mickey Featherstone destroyed the Westies and its boss, Jimmy Coonan, right. He learned that John Bokun's brother Billy had confessed the crime to the attorney, Aronson, who represented both Bokun and Featherstone. Mickey Featherstone and Family UPDATE.

Still, after the Second World War things started changing. The gang, says Michael Cherkasky, was now ''not just a bunch of thugs killing each other, but an organized group that was self-perpetuating, that had much more impact than we thought; and it was a group that we could break up.'' The Westies served as a hit squad for the Gambino family. Each generation's leader was the bravest or craftiest member of the gang; a member was simply a young man from the neighborhood who chose to pursue a life of crime. The Westies – T.J. English They never actually said where they had been while on the run, they were both tanned so you can rule them out of hiding in Ireland, the only thing they would say, through their lawyer was “Its tough being on the run” & “They wanted to see their families”. (Thomas O'Donnell, head of the local, says there is no systematic involvement by the gang in 817's affairs, adding that, to his knowledge, only two Westies are members.)

Colangelo had just come from a crowded press conference at which Rudolph W. Giuliani, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Robert M. Morgenthau, the Manhattan District Attorney, had announced the indictment of 10 members of the Westies, a gang long known to law enforcement officials, if not to the public, as one of the most savage organizations in the long history of New York gangs. So Featherstone fully expected to get off. For four decades the grisly slaying has gathered dust as a cold case file.

The next issue of The Toronto Sun Headline News will soon be in your inbox. But the United States Attorney succeeded where the District Attorney's office had failed. “The brutal murder of the Deal family sent shockwaves throughout New Jersey and across the country, with numerous local and federal law enforcement agencies assisting with the case,” cops said in a statement. The core of the gang rarely numbered more than a dozen men. But if the Westies seem like ghosts, they are harrowingly real. ''The Italians had rules because they wanted to set up a major business,'' explains Ronald Goldstock, director of the Organized Crime Task Force. CRIME HUNTER: A lullaby for the Irish mob. Featherstone is one of the few success stories in Witness Protection. Between the Federal and state charges, law enforcement officials hope to make the Westies the latest casualty of their war on organized crime. Once prosecutors conceded that Featherstone might be telling the truth about his innocence, his wife, Sissy, in cooperation with the District Attorney's office, devised a plan to exonerate him. Like a few that went to war in Vietnam, Mickey wanted go kill someone there, but the US military disappointed him when he never saw any combat. From his South Boston HQ, he governed over the underworld like a colossus. This time, he was innocent. Several weeks later, his torso floated to the surface of Jamaica Bay. A bookmaker, loan shark and murderer, Spillane was one of the last of the old-fashioned gangsters, handing out turkeys at Thanksgiving and paying visits to the elderly. They were extortionists and bookies, but they were not, in general, hired killers. When the police arrived at Erie several hours later, they found the car, its engine still warm. Investigators discovered bullets embedded in the apartment's walls and found dried blood that had seeped between the floor boards. This is serious. He is still in the witness protection program, there has been talk for a long time of a movie based on his life with the title of The Emerald City. Intrepid, an aircraft carrier converted into a museum and moored at West 46th Street. She said the Government explained the scope and value of his cooperation, along with the severity of his offense. The District Attorney's Rackets Bureau, whose performance in recent years had been disappointing, had just been reorganized under a new chief. Read more about cookies here. ''The Irish never got to that level of organization or sophistication.'' In March 1986, Featherstone was found guilty, and faced a sentence of 25 years to life. He served as a store clerk and did not see much combat. I witnessed a murder 37 years ago, Mickey's son, Mark, who was 14. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. But what sealed Featherstone’s and The Westie’s fate was that the gang had planned to pin a murder on him, to try get him out of the way. All newcomers cut corners and when they make it, they stop. #7 Convicted ''One of your trademarks was the murder and dismemberment of your victims in order to terrorize and avoid detection,'' the judge said, adding that Mr. Featherstone had been ''hospitalized for alcoholic addiction and psychiatric problems.''. One of the girls had seen ''Mickey'' tattooed on Featherstone's arm, and the fake money was traced to him. Mickey Featherstone destroyed the Westies and its boss, Jimmy Coonan, right. ''Without these poor, tough boys from the gutter, with that anger and desire, you don't have these kinds of violent people.''. He began spending time in saloons like Club 596 and Sunbrite that were hangouts for the Westies. Re: (Video) Mickey Featherstone - 60 Minutes Interview - 05/27/12 01:38 AM Both videos were great. It was yet another Westie revenge killing. Now, cops say they’ve resubmitted DNA and forensics for new tests that will take advantage of advances in tech. Unusually for a hit, they made sure there was witnesses.

One of the girls had seen ''Mickey'' tattooed on Featherstone's arm, and … Francis T. "Mickey" Featherstone (born September 2, 1948) is a former Irish American mobster and member of the Westies, an organized crime syndicate from Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan in New York City, led by James Coonan.Featherstone committed several mob killings before he was convicted in 1986 of a murder he had not committed. Francis (Mickey) Featherstone, an admitted killer who turned informer, has won his freedom, largely in return for testifying against his former associates in a violent gang called the Westies. ''But you'd hear the most horrible stories.''. Mr. Featherstone and his family are now in the Government's witness protection program, which provides for relocating them under a new name. Mickey Featherstone and his wife Sissy had decided they wanted out and turned states witness, testifying against his former friends. Both videos were great. The old life was over. by Owen Forsyth | Mar 17, 2019 | Gambino, Mafia, New York, Notorious, Westies. This Featherstone is littlebit like leonetti - talks clearly, calmy, but what a psycho! Visit our Community Guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings.

The story of the Irish gangster in popular lore — think Albert Finney machine-gunning his enemies as he calmly smokes a cigar with Danny Boy playing in the background in Miller’s Crossing — is the story of immigration. 'Westies - R.I.P.' On Oct. 30, 1978, little Jason was found alongside the bodies of his parents Gary and Joan Deal, both 26, in Folsom, NJ. The beginning of the end came courtesy of Mickey Featherstone. Please try again. He was also charged with the attempted murder of John O’Connor, O’Connor was shot in the buttocks outside a West Side union headquarters on May 7, 1986, as a favor to reputed Gambino Boss John Gotti, after O’Connor and his friends destroyed a restaurant that wouldnt pay union fee’s. West Side crime regrouped during Prohibition when, it was said, there were more speakeasies than children on many blocks of the neighborhood. Prosperity was the ticking time bomb of Irish criminality.

The driver of a dry-cleaning van described the sequence of events, and identified Featherstone as the killer. Rather than serving his sentence he instead told prosecutors that Bokun had committed the murder, and he became an informant. Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. ''This is the most violent gang we've seen,'' says Michael Cherkasky, the head of the Rackets Bureau of the Manhattan District Attorney's office. What's more, he knew the guilty party: the night before the murder, he was told by Kevin Kelly, a gang member, that Holly was going to be killed. Back in the car.

In return, the Westies would enjoy Castellano's protection and some sharing in West Side mob activity. The police suspected him of a series of mob contract killings. He could have been sentenced to a maximum of 20 years for racketeering. This week, the last of that breed of Irish criminal died in a West Virginia prison. “Although numerous suspects were developed, no one was ever charged.”. The Westies became, as Schlanger puts it, the Gambino family's ''Coonan crew.''.

The Irish gangs never had the formal structure or initiation rites of the Mafia. Sissy had been secretly recording conversations with Kevin Kelly, Kenny Shannon and Billy Bokun when they came around to the Featherstones house to give Sissy money to support herself. Working with information provided by Featherstone, another gang member, Anton Lucich, and others, the task force began to gather the physical evidence needed to make solid charges against members of the gang. He was wearing his pyjamas. The two stepped outside the Leprechaun Bar on 10th Avenue. Where can I find these interviews of Featherstone.

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