Alcantara covers the side airbags but the removal of further interior trim saves weight. To observe the detailed work that has gone into every aerodynamic element of the McLaren Senna is mesmerising. The active aerodynamics are pioneering, and the unprecedented visibility achieved through the unique glazed doors gives the driver total confidence. The McLaren F1-inspired dihedral doors create an intimate connection between the driver and the environment with unique glazed door panels made from lightweight, toughened Gorilla Glass. It is also the lightest vehicle we have built since the iconic F1, with our most powerful road car engine to date. Offering truly uncompromising performance, this innovative new hydraulic suspension features a Race mode, which significantly reduces the ride height, lowering the centre of gravity and increasing the power of the aerodynamics. When Ayrton Senna arrived at McLaren in 1988 he was an outstanding young driver, but he wasn’t yet the complete champion he would become during his time with the team. Discover the savage performance of the McLaren Senna. Senna also opted for a more road-going specification than Brack, choosing air conditioning, a Bowers and Wilkins audio system and a rear-view camera. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high." She’s the proud owner of four McLarens, Contact a retailer or register your interest to be kept up to date with the latest McLaren Automotive news. That is what has driven us to build a track car that is unashamedly without compromise. As soon as you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further.

“You can see on screen what each paint colour looks like in isolation, choose your wheel design and finish and then contrast the exterior look with any of the interior specifications that appeal, before adding optional features and equipment.”, McLaren says yes to electric cars in 2025, but no to SUVs. To find out what cookies we use, the purposes for which we use them and how to remove or delete them view our cookie policy. Next-generation carbon ceramic brakes that utilise racing technology. The Swedish driver also plumped for the MSO (McLaren Special Operations) Clubsport Pro options pack, which includes a six-point racing harness, lightweight carbon-fibre seats and a carbon fibre roof. Brack went for a track-focused specification, leaving out unnecessary no-cost options such as air conditioning and satellite navigation, while adding carbon-fibre exterior upgrade packs.

In pursuit of absolute performance, the McLaren Senna is purposely fragmented in its appearance. It is the most track-focused road car we have ever built, and it will set the fastest lap times of any McLaren to date. By accepting this notice and continuing to browse our website you confirm you accept our cookie policy. Descubrir P1™ GTR. Downforce and aerodynamic balance are the guiding principles and McLaren’s designers have gone to extremes, cutting open the shrink-wrapped body to reduce weight. McLaren is immensely proud to support the IAS, and to honour Ayrton Senna’s legacy at the highest level of motorsport with our most track-focused road car ever. Inspired by one of McLaren’s greatest racing drivers, the McLaren Senna is utterly dedicated to allowing the driver to be the best they can possibly be. Stopping short of removing the second seat altogether, the interior of the McLaren Senna is unashamedly ‘anti-social’ and utterly focused upon the driver.

To celebrate the arrival of the MARC (McLaren Automotive Real-time Configurator), McLaren let chief test driver Kenny Brack and brand ambassador Bruno Senna loose… On the racetrack he was one of the greatest drivers of all time, but his off-track achievements are arguably even greater. The, McLaren's 3D real-time configurator is stunning,, Tesla Model 3 owner uses car's app to trick and outsmart criminals, Formula 1 set for 23-race calendar in 2021, Watch Borat crash mail truck into Tesla Model X door for laughs.

The immensely strong, stiff and lightweight carbon fibre MonoCage III features an innovative double-walled carbon fibre rear upper structure. Envisioned by Ayrton Senna before his untimely death, the charitable work of the Instituto Ayrton Senna (IAS) is a remarkable legacy for one of McLaren’s greatest racing drivers. 800PS and 800Nm from a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8, the most powerful internal combustion engine McLaren has ever built. Proportionally it is recognisably a McLaren, but you cannot follow a single line from the front to the rear without it passing through a functional intake or vent. The lightest McLaren since the iconic F1 with dry weight of under 1200kg. The McLAREN Senna is the personification of McLAREN ’s DNA at its most extreme, creating the purest connection between car and driver. To meet them – and to exceed them – the design and engineering team has pushed the McLaren Senna to an entirely different level from the McLaren 675LT – and even the McLaren P1™.

The extremely aggressive appearance of the McLaren Senna epitomises McLaren’s ‘form-follows-function’ design philosophy. The resulting area of low pressure draws hot air out from the high-temperature radiators and engine bay, with the succession of stepped louvres progressively linking airflow to the trailing edge of the vehicle and the towering carbon fibre rear wing.

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