a1) Is pH 8.2 alkaline or acidic?

You might think that purified water would work best for washing the biodiesel, but experience has found that purified water is much more apt to create an emulsion that will not separate into water and biodiesel.

Which has the higher density, biodiesel or water?

So read the Cotton fibers are mostly chains of cellulose. a6) What is the charge of the red regions and what element is responsible for that charge?

Do two washings with purified water, and transfer those washings to the 50 mL beaker that you just emptied.

Place a small amount of the biodiesel in a test tube (left test tube). "Covalent" because the electrons Ionic bonding is a type of chemical bond that involves the electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions, and is the primary interaction occurring in ionic compounds.

The progress of our cleaning will be indicated by the pH.

What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Let's first begin with ionic bonds. In contrast the metals in groups 1 & 2 are the metals

When did organ music become associated with baseball? When the biodiesel gets down to the paper towel, there isn't much weight to push it through. except the colors are indicating regions of positive and negative charges.

If you are 13 years old when were you born?

a2) The water sinks to the bottom. The clean up of raw biodiesel is a good application for learning about ionic and covalent compounds. the atoms. electrons.

Covalent bond A covalent bond, also called a molecular bond, is a chemical bond that involves the sharing of electron pairs between atoms. They are standard colors used for models. The carbon atoms attached to oxygen atoms are around +.14 to +0.19 charge. The large gray ball is carbon.

Use the same disposable pipette that you used to get some wash water into the watch glass to transfer all of the wash water to the 100 mL plastic beaker. After

The gray is neutral. The height of the blocks represents how strong that element pulls on electrons (its electronegativity).


The spacefilled model does, however, more accurately show the shape of the whole molecule. You can see that the non-metals, which are up in the upper right corner of the Periodic Table have the highest electronegativity.

hydrogen (white), carbon (gray), and oxygen(red) atoms. Those will have charges that will attract water.

That means the pH has gone down close to the pH of 8.2. Here is a closeup of the two test tubes where you added the purified water. region. Like before, after the water separates, transfer the wash water to the 100 mL plastic beaker. Remember, you can shake the water and biodiesel fairly vigorously at this point.

The glycerin will dissolve, and the biodiesel will not; however, the water in the small sample of biodiesel will pull out some of the sodium hydroxide present in the biodiesel.

Visualizing Molecules (Electrostatic map of charges):

What is the bond type formed by cations and anions? Unfortunately, tap water has a lot of salts in it. If we get rid of sodium hydroxide, then the pH will drop down closer to the neutral pH of 7. 1 Answer. there's a + and - charge separation (like the ends of a pole).

8 outer electron configuration (octet). The oily biodiesel acts like an insulator, which prevented any electrical current from passing through it.

They use a clay because it absorbs water and becomes moldable. because oxygen has a strong pull on electrons around it.

That's OK, you can use the pipette to move that upper layer (the biodiesel) back into the large test tube.

Relevance. So some of that volume was only methanol which is now dissolved in the water. What this means is that when metals combine with non-metals, there is a very uneven pull on the shared electrons. On the third wash, shake the test tube rather than just rocking it back and forth.

Syringe as a filter:  Locate the syringe in your kit and pull out the plunger. That's because it's easy to get some of the biodiesel layer in the pipette with the glycerin.

These carbon atoms sit between two oxygen atoms that are pulling their electrons away from them.

Ionic Bonding: Who bonds with whom?

Before you try to classify compounds as ionic, polar, or nonpolar covalent, look at the image on the left. So that didn't work.

One end of the biodiesel molecule is slightly charged (red and blue regions), so water tends to adhere to that end as shown in the below image. The good news is that each of them have negative and positive regions.

What we learn from the above table is the following: Ionic compounds have higher melting points.

In the last lab you used copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate (penta=5).

The end of the biodiesel that has the two oxygen atoms

All Rights Reserved. To show us that there is sodium hydroxide in both the biodiesel layer and the glycerin layer, we will place a drop of phenolphthalein in each of the two test tubes (left and middle ones). majority of the biodiesel molecule is neutral (gray).

If water were present, it would use hydrogen bonding to bind to the OH groups in the cellulose.

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