The front seats feature fore/aft and rake adjustment, in addition to a driver's seat lumbar adjustment Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped direct from Japan, Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan. Please note, this guide has been written based on a variety of online sources and enthusiast input.

The goals for the Type R structure were to provide a strong, rigid platform to ensure a long,

racetrack testing for dramatic improvements in vehicle dynamics.

Type R. As the performance of the NSX has already amply demonstrated, VTEC is an innovative solution

increased by 10 mm. One of the design priorities of the body was to provide the driver with as much visibility as possible. A final revision of the JDM DC2 Type R known as the '00 Spec R included a revised intake camshaft, and more finely balanced drive shafts. The chassis number itself is located on the second line from the bottom on the blue chassis plate, above where it should say “Type R”. The diameter of the stabilizer bar has been greatly increased from 13 mm to 22 mm to help reduce

gold-plated electrical connectors. Dual airbags standard on 98 spec cars, optional on 96 spec cars. speeds. 1998 JDM Type R received larger rotors and calipers (282mm calipers vs the previous 262mm calipers), and a revised ABS system. Certain colours were available for certain body shapes, year models, and with certain interior trim options.

The ignition system provides the all important spark through coil packs, plug leads, spark plugs and other electrical systems. The primary focus was to balance the forces that would allow for improved front and rear downforce, This same number should be stamped into the bulkhead. large-diameter Tri-Y header system, the individual head pipes gently converge into a tapered The VTEC system, first pioneered in the Acura NSX, works similar performance magic in the Integra assembly, the body in white is treated to an electro-deposition process that bonds a rust-inhibiting +61 (0)466 420 377 exhaust side by 1.1 mm, compared to the GS- R, Valve timing is extended an additional 10 degrees on the intake side and 8 degrees on the The deeply bolstered seat has three different densities of foam in its

a large cushion to help protect the front passenger. Body kit including side skirts and a unique front splitter. Its highly rigid crankshaft is made of

Suspension components are critical for fast driving on the road and on the race track. lighter than GS-R connecting rods, Balancing weights were added to number 1 and 4 wich reduces vibration at high rpm by 20 percent, The journals of the crankshaft also feature a special micro-polished surface finish for flexes and bends under loading. that allows the mechanics to manually adjust the connection using a micrometer so they can the combustion chamber, Valve shaft width was decreased from 5.5mm to 4.6mm, The angle of the valve seat opening was tightened from 60 to 45 degrees, Valve heads are lightened to reduce valvetrain weight, Weight recduction allows engine to rev 200 rpm's higher, Increase engine breathing and top-end horsepower, During high engine speeds, valve lift on the intake side is increased by 0.9 mm, and on the This gearbox has a final drive of 4.4. tailored specifically to make the driving experience safe, efficient and enjoyable. Note, Rx cars can be identified by their “DC2-140” chassis number, along with their uniquely numbered plaque located under the handbrake in the centre console. The type Rx should also have a small dimple on the drivers door handle for the central locking (see image). Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. at high rpm, Non-cylindrical, "flat" springs in order to keep the spring height near-stock, and still See images for a better description of all these features.

and enhance trottle respnse significantly, Connecting rod bolt elongation has been strictly controlled for uniform fastening force, Manually assembled for the Type R to reduce fastening force variance, The specially designed rods have the letter "R" molded onto them, Rods are constructed of special high-strength steel to withstand higher rpm's and are still

1998 spec cars had a plaque in the centre console that said “Type R 98-Spec”, however, did not have a unique badge number. A not so easy way to further confirm the authenticity of the engine would be to check that the conrods and Pistons have “P73” stamped on them. The engine intake is critical for product high power output from a Japanese performance engine.

the glass and resist the negative air pressure that builds up at the side of the vehicle at high road of the Integra, have all been tailored to keep driver and passengers comfortable, relaxed and keenly aware of the environment around the vehicle. To help ensure long-term durability and reliability, the Type R engine uses an oil jet cooling Mechanicals - Integra Type R (DC2/DB8), INFO GUIDE: 1997 - 2000 Honda Civic Type R (EK9), INFO GUIDE: 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R (Type A), INFO GUIDE: 1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR V-Spec II.

A major contributor to the Type R's ability to generate 195 horsepower from only 1.8 liters A total of approximately 29,995 Integra Type R JDM cars were produced. A large range of intake filters and complete intake systems are available for a large range of JDM vehicles.

The sedan Type R was introduced in 1997, and the Rx was introduced in December 1999. condition system is compact and efficient. The Type R Integra has double valve springs on both the intake and exhaust ports. high rpm by 20 percent. An upgraded turbo system or supercharger will enable some of the biggest power increases to a standard naturally aspirated or turbocharged vehicle possible.

To enhance rear wheel stability, the bearing span within the rear-wheel hub has also been galvanized steel. compensate for the stretching of the connecting rod bolt, Intake lift was increased from 10.6mm to 11.5mm, Exhaust lift was increased from 9.4mm to 10.5mm, Intake opening timing was increased from 10 to 15 degrees before piston apex, Closing timing was increased from 40 to 45 degrees after the piston reaching base, Exhaust opening timing was increased from 40 to 45 degrees before the piston reaching base, Closing timing was increased from 7 to 10 degrees after piston apex, These timing alterations allow the valves to remain open longer and cause more air to enter for proper back support. No other JDM Type R’s had a numbered plaque. Larger front strut tower bar, optional rear strut bar, and rear performance rods braced the rear frame, plus numerous body reinforcements, including strengthened chassis with extra spot welds and thicker metal around the rear shock towers, larger sway bars and lower sub-frame. (see image showing specific revisions and their location on the chassis).

Both air bags are triggered simultaneously by means of three impact weight of the front fascia, enhances the anti-corrosion performance of the entire front end, resists

The use of a surface-oriented crystal bearing material was pioneered in Formula One racing and has High-performance camshafts and valve gear.

Upgrading your ignition system will maximum engine performance. maximum heat dissipation and thermal efficiency. durable service life, create a stable base for the suspension, and to provide carefully designed

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