This allows the use of the mid-range fingerings (plus the fourth valve) to play low notes. Which may be consistent with pre 1900s. Includes a Benge 12C mouthpiece. I have had all 5 valves replated by Anderson. The inside[against the chest as you hold it] is plain silver. Here is another ¾-size baritone horn, this time with a .531 bore that would be a more traditional diameter. Large bore diameters mean lower resistance, making them much more suitable to advanced players. It would be an excellent starting instrument as the intonation is good, and a student can grow with it, sound wise, never buy the cheap models like Lark from China, or India (selling on eBay) Lark had terrible tuning especially the 3rd valve. Shipments. Bell: Upright, 279.40 mm (11") Baritone was not fully tested for air leaks or other issues.

Continental USA insured Fed-Ex shipping with tracking will be 25.00.

“The Holton TR 160 is one of the best large bore tenor trombone I've played. Top-action. A lacquered yellow brass, this baritone horn has a red brass leadpipe and nickel-silver trimmings. Some items are well over 30 years old and have sat around in someone's attic. The serial number is#372298. Sales tax must be collected for all Texas. NO INTERNATIONAL BIDS OR SHIPPING. com in the same line Please continue to check our Ebay store as well for, weekly listings. We will tell you if an item has been tested, to what degree it has been tested and what functions work or don't work. GREAT SAVINGS FOR A BEGINNER. I find this helpful when switching between the Holton and the smaller bore Martin. Some of these items get listed within a week after I've purchased them. Made of yellow brass, the Besson BE2056 Prestige Series Baritone horn can be purchased with either a lacquer or silver-plate finish. Mouth piece and case. We can work with just about any schedule. A compensating euphonium is a British design that "compensates" for the increasingly sharp pitch encountered in the low register. Tweet on Twitter . C.G.Conn Naked Lady Baritone Bb Euphonium w/Holton double bell euphonium Case, HOLTON BARITONE?

The case has one latch broken. Some items may need some adjustments after you've bought them. I have up for bidding a Holton Collegiate Euphonium model B4070R. On non-compensating instruments, low notes with the fourth valve are usually fingered one half step lower to compensate for the sharper pitch from low Eb down. So.

Before diving into the specifications of the baritone horn, one thing needs to be cleared up: this is not a euphonium. These types of bores cause the sound to be lighter and brighter and are found in such instruments as trumpets, trombones, and baritones. The 11 inch bell gives it a focus that projects well with a full, clear sound. Instrument is constructed of yellow brass and is 32 inches in length. Four-valve baritones are, however, rare to find and because of the complication they add, they are not suggested as suitable instruments for the beginner.

This is a great instrument for bands and orchestras with great responsiveness and projection. fingering charts, tips, warm-ups, scales, sheet music If you enjoyed and valued these resources, we'd appreciate a donation. All new valve springs have been installed, along with new valve and water key bumpers and pads. U.S.A. With performance comparable to a costlier instrument. There is a second set of tubing for each valve that opens only when the fourth valve is engaged. I will pack it well. The range is very easy and even from pedals to the high range (some reviews comment on the high range, but I find it easier than on other horns). This baritone is designed with a quick and easy response for early stages of learning. This style of bell also projects the sound of the instrument further and stands up to the test of time much better if used in an outside setting. This is a 3 valve, the second valve is very stiff/sticky, if pushed all the way in it wont freely pop back out. 4 valve.571=94 bore 11=94 upright bell. Silver-plate requires a lot of polishing to keep its shiny silver appearance. 3c0.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B%3E3c0-148f44d5fcd-0x10c-, Nice-playing vintage baritone/euphonium. All the parts appear to be present, but the item is showing its age: exhibiting patina and some minor dents. With a 11 inch bell. For an additional charge.

No serious dents or damage. I won't kid you. There is also the marching baritone, but I will discuss that at a later point in this article. There are numerous serial numbers lists for Holton instruments on the web today, so the list below I’m not confident on who to attribute this list to. No mouthpiece is included.

Garage sales, swap meets, etc.

Top Pick: King 2266/2268 This is a used item! Thank you. Elkhorn.

Selling this"as-is" no re turns with no reserve. All the slides move with no problem. This instrument is used. Many of my items are second hand used items. Thanks for looking. Easy to maneuver and even easier to carry, this instrument has a beautiful, mellow tone. The engraving on the bell says"Holton"and the main tuning slide is stuck. The item shows use with a lot of dings and dents. If the customer's order included free shipping.

Shop online. The valves move but they are sluggish. Compression is good. Credit: Musician’s Friend Shipping center where they then ship your item to you. Please see item pictures. The rotary valve is the most common, with the Thayer, Hagmann, Greenhoe, Christian Lindberg, and Bach K valve available as well. The horn is in excellent overall condition, with only one or two typical minor dents that I can find, the finish in overall great shape, and the valves looking clean and feeling good to this non-horn player. Finish: Clear baked epoxy lacquer Rose brass leadpipe resists corrosion.

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