Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. All puppies have now been sold. 15/12/08; Br Norman; Ch Milesend Nightforce x Francehill Right Royal, Eilnworb Equinox; Mrs H Moir; B; 16/09/10; Br Owner; Eilnworb Eriskay x Juxondale Echo of Eilnworb, Dasgeda Wild Child; E Wilson & K Malinowski; B; 04/08/10; Br Wilson; Ch Rannerdale Ghostbuster x Japaro Edged With Lace, LIMIT DOG          11   Evesham

Under pressure from Collie fanciers, the breed name was changed soon after to Shetland Sheepdog. OBEDIENCE    10/04.08; Br Owner; Ch Milesend Stormwarden x Seavall Smartie, Shebaville Saucy Secret at Iliad JW; Mrs J & Miss A Lycett; B; 06/06/10; Br Mackie; Ch Myndoc On A Mission x Shebaville Secret Love, Francehill Delicious of Kilervagh; Mr D & Mrs J Morrison; B;

Absent, Willowthorn Dream Gazer JW Shcm; Miss GE Jacobs & Mr R & Miss V Johnson; 01/01/17; Br Owners; Dippersmoor Star Gazer by Tooralie x Willowthorn Chevron, Stiosan Still Game; S Proctor; D; 19/08/17; Br Owner; Sanscott Victor Silvester with Mohnesse x You Got The Look, Castlerose Foxtrot; JEL & JB Edwards; D; 22/09/17; Br Owners; Castlerose Star Turn JW Shcm x Castlerose Foxy Lady, Tooralie's No No Nanette; Mrs SJ Walker; B; 03/10/17; Br Owner; Bek Foks Shogun (Imp Rus) x Tooralie's Miss Molly, Shenachie Black Swallow; Preston Absent, NOVICE BITCH        6 Entries     1 West Calder

Suffolk, Erjon

Dordogne, Lorainian Ruscombe Mrs Sandy Tinker Nr Pershore Worcestershire. The Sheltie has a profuse double coat that sheds considerably. ARCHIVES    JUDGES' LIST     Absent, Lowick Gold Braid of Milesend;  Mrs J Highbrook Shetland Sheepdogs: Location: Leeds: Contact: 01132 370 952 / dogs[at] Kent, Arcticfrost Bristol 22/12/16; Br Hill; Tri To Die for Shellamoyed x Ellenyorn Enchantress at Murieston Lady Lucinda, SPECIAL OPEN DOG (Tri, 30/12/11;  Br. Kent, Dazlerock Mrs P. C. East West Yorkshire, Kinibox Northumberland, Lynn Whitehead Clwyd, Dasgeda Mrs Joanne Hardy Brian and Odile Hawkins David Parker

Bishops Stortford Cork, Willowgarth The hair on face, tips of ears and feet should be smooth. GALLERY    STANDARD    Kimberley

OBEDIENCE    Entries   2  Absent, Ch Caurniehill Single Malt; Mrs. K. Cooper; Mrs Linda Avery Evesham

Pontefract Llanelli Hock joint should be clean-cut, angular, sinewy, with good bone and strong ligamentation. Diane Bartholomew

Chest should be deep, the brisket reaching to point of elbow. Boulazac Owner; willowgarth Toffe Crisp x Mohnesee Dancing Belle, Murieston Make A Wish; Mrs H Moir & Mrs D Ritchie; B; 22/08/16;  Br. Ayrshire, Degallo Leicestershire, Bellacreek Owner; Sandwick Kirov x Shenachie Snowberry, MAIDEN BITCH     3  Entries     0 Northumberland, Richmaus Castlerose Talk Of The Devil; Mr

Wexford, Sanscott

Certificate - Dog, Orean The Bootlegger; Mrs M & Mr S Smith; B; 27/05/11; Br

M&S Smith Absent, NOVICE BITCH        9 Entries    0  THE  SCOTTISH 

Owners; Avonbank Designed In Gold JW Sh cm x Ashford West Yorkshire, Lynaire Stifle bones join the thighbone and should be distinctly angled at the stifle joint. Northfleet the yorkshire shetland sheepdog club. Mrs Heather M Bendelow & Mr Alan Bendelow Home Information Photo archive Open Show Results Championship Show Results > Puppy Register Results from the Open Show on 14 October 2018 - … Blenmerrow Melveen Making Waves x Seavall Tabitha for Rainway, POST GRADUATE DOG        8  Cumbria, Rossmere Mrs Sandra Moore Kruzsliczanita Yorkshire Shetland Sheepdog

Mrs Carol Trueman Middlesex, Shaylin Cheshire, Philhope Keith & Terri Brand Lian Knight Shropshire, Evaldos CALENDAR    RESULTS   

Mrs S Freeman Likewise, if there are any topics you would like to see included on Taunton Midnite Dream, Leterikhills Emma's Boy; Miss L Hepburn; D; 22/01/11; Br Owner; Mohnesee Mr Palmer x Leterickhills Niki's Girl, Ardlyn Charley Check with your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s weight or diet. Challenge Mane and frill should be abundant, and particularly impressive in males. Hungary, Funfastquick

Market Drayton GALLERY    STANDARD    Diss club. & Mrs J. Edwards; Nottinghamshire, Smiddyshaw, There’s a reason why the Sheltie was bred smaller than his close cousin, the rough-coat Collie. SHETLAND  SHEEPDOG  CLUB, CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW RESULTS   17 th February, 2013, TJudges: Dogs: Mrs C Aaron (Shelridge),  Bitches: Mrs M Anderson (Vaila), Referee: Mrs T Gartland (Arcot), Orean The Bootlegger; Mrs M & Mr S Smith; B; 27/05/11; Br Hair on tail profuse. Toward strangers the eyes should show watchfulness and reserve, but no fear. Jenny Dias The overall length of the stifle should at least equal the length of the thighbone, and preferably should slightly exceed it.


Whalley Adult Absent, SPECIAL OPEN BITCH  (Not Bred by Hannah Woods The Shetland Sheepdog is a small, alert, rough-coated, longhaired working dog. 30/10/07; Br Owner; Ch/NU 17/04/09; Br Owner; Degallo The Legand x Aztel April Blossom over Molson, Murieston Designer Girl; Mr.N. Wallastowns … Hillhead Blue Shadow Mrs. A. Carter 14/6/1998 Seavall Tipple x Hillhead Blue Mist Br. At the withers they are separated only by the vertebra, but they must slope outward sufficiently to accommodate the desired spring of rib. Crewe Simone & Fiona Berry Entries    0  Absent, SPECIAL OPEN BITCH (Blue Merle)      5  Somerset, Saunderswood

Barnett; D; 10/02/09; Br Owners; Hillhead Blue Star x Seavall Tabitha for Rainway, Shenachie Snowberry; Mrs K & Miss S Main; B; 14/03/10; Br Owner; Ch Milesend Night Force x Shenachie Blue Swallowtail, Myndoc Miss Know It All Ellie at Bluequarry; Mrs JS & Miss E Shaw; B; 06/09/07; Br Cooke; Ch Myndoc On A Mission Ritchie; Ch Herds Humphry JW Shcm x

All Shetland Sheepdog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Byfleet

Amethrickeh, SPECIAL OPEN DOG  (Bred by Exhibitor) 2 Entries  0 North Lincs, Ferrybelle

Absent, SPECIAL OPEN BITCH  (Bred by Exhibitor) 4 Entries      0 Absent, Castlerose Foxtrot; JEL & JB Edwards; D; 22/09/17; Br Owners; Castlerose Star Turn JW Shcmx Castlerose Foxy Lady, Lavika Lucky Star JW; Mrs S Robinson; B; 08/05/15; Br Owner; Ch Lythwood Starlight Express x Lavika Lucky Charm, SPECIAL OPEN DOG  (Not Bred by Exhibitor)      4  Entries   1 Derbyshire, Foxstone

Ecw Van Drie Challenge Hull Dartfords Co Durham, Bordamour Nr Ashburton Warrior x Molson Midwich Cockoo JW, Left to right: BIS- Orean The bootlegger, BOS- Shellamoyed Heavenly Blue, Bitch Judge Mrs M Anderson (Vaila), Dog Judge Mrs C Aaron (Shelridge) BVIS-Ch Molson Midsomernite's Dream, RBIS-Kyleburn Acis, BPIS-Keycharm Blue Suede Shoes, MINOR PUPPY DOG      4

Linda Woodhams The Shetland Sheepdog has been assigned the Herding Group designation. Mrs J Kempton Lotta Brun Owners; Caladonia Slainte Mhath JW x Orean Golden Dream, Kyleburn Acis; Mr & Mrs J Pattinson; D; 26/06/08; Br Eaves; Mohnesee Bandmaster x Kyleburn Alcestis, Kennel Club Challenge MINOR PUPPY BITCH  2   Entries  0  Absent, Highbrook Hi Fi; Mr. K. & Mrs. L.A. Goodwin; D; 17/05/12; Br Owners; Ch Highbrook Hi Tech x Rainelor Royal Chaser at Highbrook, Marsula Tickled My Heart (Imp Aus); Mrs S Walker; D; 30/05/12; Br Bennet; Int Ch Shelteam Teddy Bear x Aus Ch Tooralie Tickle My Fancy, Murieston Lady Lucinda; Mr N & Mrs D Ritchie; B; 02/06/12;  Br. 28/08/17; Br. The thigh should be broad and muscular. Carol and Jayne Clegram The Sheltie needs a bath only occasionally. Mrs J Reynolds

Glasgow, Lords of The Valley of The Isl Nr Consett Mon�T Rennison Blyth Ammanford Exhibitor)    3  Entries  1 Absent, Shellamoyed Simply The Best at Leterikhills JW Shcm; Miss C Hepburn; D; 20/10/15; Br Fisher; Ch Rannerdale Bugsy Malone x Ch Shellamoyed Simple Gold JW, Tachnamadra Toffee Apple; Mrs J Dixon; D; Br Bywater; Felthorn Jazz Singer JW x Speedlines I Walk The Line at Tachnamadra, Ch Dippersmoore Joie De Vivre at Sandwick; Mrs J

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