The backpack attached to a Grunt's back contains a methane tank.

What sets these Unggoy apart—morphologically speaking—is that they are sourced from specific breeding zones. [16] During the First Battle of Harvest, Jiralhanae forces had Unggoy secure Harvest's orbital Tiara station. [6] Unggoy universally agree that their species is embodied by three pillars: ruggedness, agility, and lethality. Grunt Ultras most likely command a great degree of respect from the Grunts under their supervision, as their combat prowess must be exemplary...or they are just extremely lucky. Heavies opt to wear a rebreather that covers the face, and Ultras use helmets.

During their service with the Covenant, Unggoy enjoyed trading human communication files, such as soap operas and sitcoms, through their own black market. Special Operations Unggoy use this variant also but opt to use full face protection. A screenshot I took of an grunt specimen without its breathing mask, if you ever wondered what it would look like. [47], Their native language is composed of dog-like barks, squeaks, and grunts. This armor can withstand limited amounts of fire, especially from energy weapons.

Despite both species holding similar standings, the Kig-Yar were granted more independence and often favored over the Unggoy by other individuals in the Covenant. [39] Unggoy were also known to take recreational narcotics called infusions by adding them to their portable methane tanks. During this rebellion, the Unggoy homeworld was nearly glassed.

Special Operations Grunts, who wear black armor, are far more tenacious than the lower tiered ones, and have even been known to carry Fuel Rod Guns, which makes them extremely dangerous foes. The average life expectancy for non-combatant Unggoy has doubled. [5] More accurately, the species should be considered xeno-arthropodal vertebrates which possess substantial—albeit hypothetical—genetic influences from primate-like amphibians that once dwelt in Balaho's aphotic zones. A comparison among Unggoy in the Halo Trilogy and Halo: Reach. The Grunt home world of Balaho is a temperate, swampy planet with a methane atmosphere and naturally occurring pillars of fire. Eventually, the conflict quelled, thanks in part to an unknown Arbiter, who was called upon during that period for that purpose. Unggoy also have thick, bioluminescent,[31] light-blue blood,[32] possibly a result of methane-based proteins in the blood to facilitate methane-based respiration. Like SpecOps Grunts, they are rarely caught sleeping on duty. This is facilitated through the olfactory membranes installed in their masks. [9], Unggoy Storm harness: In a effort to increase field of view, the Unggoy Storm helmet includes a nose-placed rebreather somewhat resembling the diving apparatuses used on the Unggoy homeworld of Balaho. This indicates either prolonged genetic drift in refugia populations or induced selection. On the battlefield, Unggoy are generally not very creative, although they are quite capable of handling weaponry and operating vehicles and machinery such as Ghosts and Shades.

The rank is a rare achievement for an Unggoy, due to the fact that the species has a high death rate. Within the Swords of Sanghelios, they were treated as equals and two of them, Bibjam and Stolt, were known to have even had command over Sangheili. [9], The harness is issued in orange, blue, violet, green, yellow, and red. Said when a Grunt kills you. Because of this, there is no hierarchy or ranking system, and Heretic Grunts are inferior only to Heretic Elites. More by the author: About: I enjoy making things. [6], Slim-stock tank: The Heavies of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant wear a helmet with full-face protective rebreathers, enhanced optical sensors with optics articulators, and ultra-dense battle harnesses that has a slim-stock tank with analog eye sockets of Unggoy predators. The harness has a pressurized methane tank, with a filter actuator to help keep the tank working.

The only position open to the Grunts in the Ministry of Tranquility. Close. Concept art for an unused Unggoy cyborg for Halo Wars 2. "I get the Helmet!" [44] While they were essentially a slave race, the Unggoy have managed to largely retain their cultural identities, and have rebelled in the past more than once. While carrying armaments, they are forced to walk upright so that they may support their weapons with their hands, but while trying to flee, or while patrolling without a weapon drawn, they use their oversized arms as forelegs to add speed or stability to their gait. It provides basic protection from hostile fire, the elements and is also equipped with a breathing apparatus for the Unggoy. They are very intelligent, making as few tactical errors as a Sangheili Major. Plasma-ignited methane tank harness: This harness is specially made for Suicide Unggoy. [2], The Unggoy were one of many species indexed by the Librarian for preservation on Installation 00 from the firing of the Halo Array. They often will lead groups of Unggoy Storms into battle, and are sometimes accompanied by Unggoy Heavies. An example is on the The Arbiter (Level), when one grunt says, "where'd my gun go?

During their tenure in the hegemony, Unggoy were always the lowest-ranking species in general terms, and were frequently mistreated by members of almost every other race, especially the Kig-Yar, Jiralhanae, and Sangheili. In 2142, the Unggoy became the fourth species to be assimilated into the Covenant. A melee attack can kill a Grunt instantly, so when you face no more than 5 of them, don't waste your ammo and just punch them. Both of these problems were solved when the Unggoy were discovered by the Covenant. However, their bodies are armored with a hard exoskeleton as with crabs and insects. The high-pitched voices are commonly regarded as humorous by most other races, since they tend to sound like frightened children trying to sound intimidating.

The visual appearance of the Unggoy Combat Harness has changed considerably every time it has appeared in fiction; this has led to confusion as to whether or not these are separate variants or if the differences are simply aesthetic in nature. Jockeys operate Unggoy-manufactured Goblin battlesuits or other vehicles,[10] such as Type-32 Ghosts or Type-54 Ghosts. Although they can easily walk upright on two legs, they are often seen using their arms to move in a quadrupedal fashion. [1] Unggoy are one of the most gregarious and sociable of the Covenant races and possess a very strong pack mentality, often associating with each other in groups. — Final Grunt. Their combat armor/harness has an integrated methane re-breather system, as Grunts appear to be unable to survive long without methane due to asphyxiation much like humans without oxygen, yet in Halo 3, knocking the methane tank off of them by forcefully assassinating will still cause them to linger around for a long period of time. Heretic Grunts are also superior to their Covenant counterparts by their equipment and usage thereof. Unggoy do value their ties to their offspring, but are usually separated from their families at an early age by the requirements of military service to the Covenant. These specimens have much stouter legs and have longer and thinner fingernails than the rest of the species, and they possess claws meant for climbing and digging[35] on their feet instead of the more common hoof-like digits. Any Unggoy-wieldable weapon given in Campaign. These Unggoy serve as field commanders to their comrades, and wear distinctive white-lilac armor (reminiscent of the. [2] When the tank gets low, a resupply of methane must be found quickly or the Grunt will suffocate. 43. Halo 4 : King of the Hill Fueled by Mountain Dew, Halo: Evolutions - Essential Tales of the Halo Universe,, ...that Covenant starships are powered with, ...that someone bought the web address "" hoping to get hits from, There appears to be no visible way for the methane to reach the Grunt's mouth, since the mask and the air tank are completely unconnected. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It has been theorized that the methane is transported to the mask through. The suit also displays the color of the Unggoy's rank. In Halo Wars, the Unggoy serves as the main infantry unit, serving as the Covenant equivalent to the Marine. Concept art of an Unggoy's face for Halo 4. Attached to every Unggoy's wrist is a readout (measured in Covenant units) of the amount of methane left in the Unggoy's pack. Since their natural environment has a methane atmosphere, Grunts need to carry methane tanks and breathing apparatus with them whenever they travel into areas without high levels of methane in the air. To protect themselves from the voracious predators of Balaho, the Unggoy have a rigid exoskeleton that is lined with sharp barbs that covers large portions of their backs, arms, and legs.

Armor variants for the Unggoy in Halo: Combat Evolved. [1] A number of Unggoy joined—or were drafted into—the various splinter groups that upheld the Covenant's religious beliefs after the war, most notably Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. The suit also displays the color of the Grunt's rank. They further bolster and strengthen the abilities of the Grunt squads. They were subsequently returned to their homeworld Balaho, where they began re-building their culture. The planet is orbited by two natural satellites: Buwan and Padpad. The breaking point came when the Minister of Fortitude discovered evidence that the Kig-yar were planning to poison recreational narcotics the Unggoy enjoyed, which would have left them sterile, but the High Council refused to investigate the matter.

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