Zod and Superman maintain a mistrustful professional relationship. "—Dru-Zod General Dru-Zod is a member of the House of Zod and comes from the future. Eye Color In Krypton's final days, General Zod served as the appointed leader of military defense for the Kryptonian Science Council.

- For farming plants (Database->Farming) Added the weather conditions/growth rate charts (Temperature, Humidity, Water). [7] This Zod lives alone in an alternate Phantom Zone and resents Superman for tampering with it. General Dru-Zod is a general in the Kryptonian Army. During their time within the Zone, Zod and Faora became acquainted with the Warworld, a humongous alien war machine and planned to use its endless armies to conquer the outside worlds.

Enemy Tags: DC Comics, DC Heroes, dru-zod, General, kandor, krypton, Mayfair, Superman, villains, zod. When Zod returned to consciousness, he was inducted into the Suicide Squad by Waller. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) I NEED A HERO! Despite their past, neither seems prepared to behave with marked aggression toward the other. ;). Liam O'Brien This character was portrayed by Michael Shannon as the main villain in Zack Snyder's film, Man of Steel. "Back In a Flash" Kryptonian Zod planned to make Jekuul into the new Krypton, where his people could flourish as Gods. [11], This character is or was primarily an enemy of Superman in any of his various incarnations, or members of the Superman Family. But while Zod and Faora enter the Phantom Zone in order to liberate the Warworld, Superman and Wonder Woman manage to set off a large nuclear explosion that destroyed the portal, trapping Zod and Faora in the Zone once again. Site Statistics. He is ultimately overthrown by a resistance movement led by scientist Jor-El and his brother, civic leader Zor-El.

Zod is a frequent enemy of Superman/his evil brother and of the people o… Male ♂ This action caused Tunguska to become unstable, as he began to leak out energy. Believing the Kryptonian law council too weak in the running of their race, Zod decided he needed to take charge to make sure Krypton survived and founded the Sword of Rao movement to sever the "degenerative bloodlines" and start anew on a new planet. After his parents died from radiation, he grew up in a KGB laboratory under the name "Zed". [8] By his own account he comes from the same Krypton as Superman and was exiled to the Phantom Zone by Superman's father, Jor-El. Information By adulthood, Zod became a distinguished soldier in the Kryptonian military and became concerned with Krypton's violent neighboring alien species, the Char. After this storyline, he has been superseded by the present storyline (which features a new Zod, freed from the Phantom Zone). [16], A new origin for Zod was introduced. Dru-Zod (1985 - 2011) [6], With Superman and Wonder Woman in retreat, Zod and Faora construct a Phantom Zone portal in the South Pacific, using stolen human technology. But I'd leave that up the GM's. The level determines the final score, of the Super Power, being used in the calculation. He quickly enlisted the help of the indigenousness species to start building Kryptonian architecture for the new civilization, as the people of Jekuul believed the House of Zod were gods and so worshipped them. Exiled to the Phantom Zone by his people for treason, he survived the destruction of Krypton and swore revenge against the son of Jor-El. Later, in the present day in the episode #DCSuperHeroBoys, a series of markings, which the team first believe to be spray-tags, create a portal to the phantom zone that releases Zod, Non, and Ursa. Latest episode The MoS version could probably be said to have a Serious (or Catastrophic) Irrational Attraction to the Re-Establishment of Krypton and it's Empire. The level is set when connecting that Super Power to a character. There are now 221118 members. The character, who first appeared in Adventure Comics #283 (April 1961), was created by Robert Bernstein and initially designed by George Papp. https://dcsuperherogirls.fandom.com/wiki/General_Zod_(G2)?oldid=56929, His suit is based on the original Zod played by actor Terrence Stamp in the movies.

Zod began communicating with his family on the other side of the veil, feeling their pain and anguish at being trapped in the cruelty of the Phantom Zone. ; Brickset members have written 35592 set reviews. Suicide Squad memberThis character is or was a member of the Suicide Squad, a team of imprisoned super-villains who perform high-risk missions for the U.S. Government in exchange for commuted sentences, in any of its various incarnations. Zod tricks Superman into giving him access to his Phantom Zone Projector and frees himself from the shipping container Superman had placed him in, alongside all the other creatures in the Fortress' menagerie. Amanda Waller sent the Suicide Squad to steal the contents of the Black Vault and bring them back to her; however, in unlocking the previously hermetically sealed area, they unwittingly allowed Zod to tear open the now unstable link between Earth and the Phantom Zone and once again break free. Zod developed a hatred towards an alien species called the Char and secretly ordered the creation of a Char-looking creature, unleashing it on Krypton's population, so he could justify a war against the Char. As a major in his youth, Zod did not have facial hair and occasionally wore a Kryptonian military uniform. Superman (1988) Superman: The Hunter - 1st TV appearance.

Newer Post Older Post Home. After a fierce conflict between Superman and Zod in defence of Earth, Zod is pushed back into the Phantom Zone by his son, Chris Kent, who had freed himself from the Phantom Zone and became active as an adult superhero on planet Earth. The reactionary Council, however, decide to make sure Zod can never be released and, in doing so, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. A rescue attempt was made for Jordan by the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. General Zod's History In Krypton's final days, General Zod served as the appointed leader of military defense for the Kryptonian Science Council.

- If for the current plant there are nodes, which have the best growth rates for all 3 parameters (Temperature, Humidity, Water), the list of such nodes is displayed on the plants page. [1], The final Zod before the character was finally reintroduced, the Zod of an alternate Phantom Zone appeared in the twelve-issue For Tomorrow storyline, written by Brian Azzarello and penciled by Jim Lee. Voice Actor Bring me Superman!" With Zod's threat now obvious, Superman was forced to oppose him and ultimately returned him to the Zone.[3].

The backstory for the three Kryptonians was recounted in Action Comics Annual #10 (April 2007),[12] and Zod's origin was revealed in Countdown #30 (October 2007). Current Superman saves the village but leaves himself defenseless, until Wonder Woman arrives, evening the odds. Breaking into the fortress, Zod attacked Tunguska, one of the Brigade's members who could control the power of the sun.

The 1st edition didn't include Motivations for the Phantom Zoners.

Zod was eventually released by Superman when his term of imprisonment was up. When the sun turned yellow again the now-vulnerable Zod struck Superman with all his power at super-speed, but was killed due to Superman's invulnerability. This General Zod (born Avruiskin) is a Russian who was affected before his birth by Kryptonite radiation, since he was the son of two cosmonauts whose ship was too close to Kal-El's rocketship. A character resembling Zod made a cameo in Action Comics #5 (March 2012), as a prisoner in the Phantom Zone; in Action Comics #13 (December 2012) a ghost in the Phantom Zone says "Kneel before..." multiple times while attacking Superman, a reference to Zod's iconic saying. Blue During the remaining years before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zod and other Zone inmates such as Jax-Ur, Faora Hu-Ul and others, escaped from the Phantom Zone and battled Superman and Supergirl numerous times, always being defeated in the end and returned to the Zone. [9], Eventually Zod's activities on Jekuul caught the attention of the Green Lantern Corps, who sent two Green Lanterns, the humans Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan, to survey the reasoning behind missing resources. In December 2017, DC Comics ended the Rebirth branding, opting to include everything under a larger DC Universe banner and naming. This meant that characters like Supergirl and Power Girl were reimagined and Superman's Kryptonian canine Krypto became an ordinary house pet. In the "World of New Krypton" Action Comics storyline, when Superman decides to see what life is like on New Krypton, he is drafted into the Military Guild under General Zod. Smallville Smallville: Dominion - Final appearance. The silent one who is loyal to Zod and does nothing but help General Zod rule Planet Earth. This doesn't mean that a higher class would always beat a lower class character. George Papp what you think. On Earth, the boy was discovered by Superman and his wife Lois Lane, who adopted him as their own son and named him Christopher Kent. In all of a sudden, Superman and Woman return, wearing magic armor and seeking a rematch. I'm on the fence about this.

They had formerly worked with Zod until his ambitions and misuse of Jor-El's Rao Beam and the Phantom Zone showed them his true nature and turned them against him.

Total Film ranked Zod #32 on their "Top 50 Greatest Villains of All Time" list in 2007. Dru-Zod was the son of Kyptonian scientists. Dru-Zod was the son of Kyptonian scientists.

After his mother was killed, Zod's father urged his son to escape. Zod and Faora released the beast from his captivity and threw him across the boundaries of the Phantom Zone, weakening them and allowing for their eventual escape. While his parents were killed by the animals, Zod managed to survive for one year until Jor-El and his older brother Zor-El saved him. Exiled to the Phantom Zone by his people for treason, he survived the destruction of Krypton and swore revenge against the son of Jor-El. While there, he reveals to Superman that another Kryptonian, Faora, also traveled to Earth with him, who vows to track her down.

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