I’m currently considering another UK first, the Foxbat Supersport seaplane. Final assembly riveting is not required by the builder as apprentice served aircraft fitters complete all structural riveting at the factory. Peter Harlow: +61 (0) 413 900 892. BLUE with YELLOW wings and Tail. – G-EOID, Our Foxbat is 7 years and 570 hours old and still in fine fettle. Tundra Tires, Side Luggage Door, 30 Gallons fuel, Landing Light. I have spent some 40 yrs in Aviation, 12 of them flying 6 types of helicopter, everything from a Bell47 to the Chinook, and 28 of them flying fixed wing, Chipmunk & Christen Eagle to Boeing 747, ending with a Command on the Boeing 777. The doors are glazed to the floor, the windscreen is massive. Reviews and tests of the A22 Foxbat: Flying a Foxbat A22LS Amphibian All in all, I think you could safely state I am one of the marques biggest fans!”, Never once regretted buying a Foxbat, it’s a go-anywhere, in comfort, economical aircraft. 30 gallons fuel, Pre-Rigged for Whole Frame Parachute System. In two words, safety & durability. The centre stick makes entry and exit as simple as getting into & out of bed!

For more information on all the aircraft we offer take a look at our “Aircraft” tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page. $117,000. If you’re just sightseeing, you can see straight down without banking for unimpeded views and camera shots. Or jamming your legs to get under the control yokes? Delivery to our UK office usually takes 8 to 12 weeks prior to handover or direct delivery to a UK customer address can be arranged as preferred. “Although I did not build G-CHHB, a Foxbat 600LS, having flown only 20hrs or so in her, I felt I just had to ‘pen to paper!’. This means that whether you’re learning, or flying with a friend, you’re not jammed shoulder to shoulder, the controls are easier to use, and room to move makes for greater safety all round. None at the present time. It is now 11 years since her first flight and she is as good as ever. Most of the rivets are aviation “buck” rivets, with very few pop rivets. So? So what? The kit was excellent – there was nothing that did not fit perfectly-, the assembly manual comprehensive, and Ray has provided friendly assistance on the rare occasions when it has been required.

Locate Axis boat dealers in NY and find your boat at Boat Trader! After it was destroyed, another Foxbat happened to be with Dragon for repair when the owner decided to quit flying. Find null A22 boats for sale in New York, including boat prices, photos, and more. Follow us on Facebook at Aeroprakt North America or Aeroprakt USA. Please contact our friendly customer support team who will be more than happy to help you. I am also very grateful for your continued interest and assistance with maintenance. Last but not least, it’s easy to get into and out of!

The A22 Foxbat is for sale starting at $65,000 USD and is available as microlight aircraft or as a 1300lbs MTOW light sport aircraft. Telephone. The Amazing A22LS Foxbat (SuperSport 600) If you’re looking for a high performance 600kg aircraft that’s easy to handle at low level with amazing short field performance, yet is capable of cruising at 90+ knots, while carrying a good load – you’ve come to the right place!

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