There is a dark band along the margin of the first short, spiny dorsal fin and all other fins have markings. The margins of the operculum and preoperculum are dark brown to black.

Blackspot Pigfish grow to 2kgs and 60cms in length.

They have a deeply forked tail and one dorsal fin.

Nonetheless, cod is nutrient-dense, meaning that it contains many beneficial nutrients in relatively few calories. The other fins are white to translucent. White lined Rockcod grow to 65cms in length. One potential health concern associated with fish consumption is mercury exposure. Juveniles are white with black bars and the fins are pale yellow with small black spots.

In Australia, Redbelly Yellowtail Fusilier are found from north west Western Australia, around the tropical north, then south to central New South Wales, inhabiting offshore reef slopes in depths to 60m.

Breach of copyright is a criminal offence, not to mention dishonest and unfair to our photographers who risk life and income to capture the images presented in this site. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. They have large eyes and a large mouth with bands on the lower jaw. In Australia, Wolf Herring are found from Broome Western Australia, around the tropical north to central Queensland.

Bartail Flathead are distinguished by their caudal fin which is centrally yellow with black bars on the upper and lower margins.

The author's friend Gary with a Flowery Cod caught on a stickbait in New Caledonia.

Juveniles are grey to pale blue with gold stripes running vertically along the body. Sergeant Baker are endemic to Australia, found from central Western Australia south around the southern coast to southern Queensland, and including Tasmania. In Australia they are found from NW Western Australia around the tropical north, and south to the southern Great Barrier Reef.

Smalltooth Flounder are left eyed flounder and similar to Largetooth Flounder but do not have large teeth in the jaws. In Australia, Manyline Sweetlips are found from North West Cape Western Australia, around the tropical north to the Great Barrier Reef Queensland, inhabiting coral reefs.

Vermicular Trout grow to 1.2kgs and 75cms in length. Atlantic cod has experienced dramatic declines in population due to overfishing. The hind edge of the scales are toothed. The dorsal spines are long, very strong and venomous. The dorsal fin (4 spines) is set well back, enabling the fish to lie parallel to the surface where it knocks insects from overhanging vegetation by squirting jets of water from the mouth. The mouth and tongue are pale orange to red. Slender Longtom grow to 1 metre in length.

The tail is forked and black and there are around 5 finlets on the caudal peduncle. Care should be taken with spikes near the gills.

These lines may fade in larger fish.

In Australia, Banded Grouper are found from North West Cape Western Australia, around the tropical north to the Great Barrier Reef Queensland. That probably tells you something.

Yellowspotted Rockcod are pale greenish brown with numerous large round yellow/brown spots.

They have 4-5 darker bands across the back and sides and a white belly.

They are silvery white with dark brown spots that appear as lines on the upper back and larger tan spots on the sides. The flesh is white or pink and is good eating. They are generally a cooler water species but found from Exmouth WA, south around to Central Queensland, but rarely Tasmania. Striped Trumpeter are found from Shark Bay Western Australia, south to Kangaroo Island South Australia. Page 1:  Trevally, Pennant Fish, Mackerel, Emperor/Lethrinus, Lutjanus, Remora, Black Snoek, Snake Mackerel, Gemfish, Common Silverbiddy, Bream (by common name), Javelin Fish, Dolphinfish, Cobia, Rainbow Runner, Finny Scad, Morwong, Queen Snapper, Jewfish, Mulloway, Kingfish, Amberjack, Samsonfish, Tuna, Page 2:  Rockcod and Cod (by common name), Chinaman Fish, Trout (by common name), Harlequin, Herring, Threadfin, Sweetlips, Western Foxfish, Blackspot Pigfish, Black Rabbitfish, Flutemouth, Pike, Snook, Barracouta, Longtom, Flathead, Triggerfish, Queenfish, Banded Archerfish, Boarfish, Jawfish, John Dory, Trumpeter, Sergeant Baker, Gobbleguts, Scaleyfin, Fusilier, Flounder, Page 3:   Gulf Saratoga, Dart, Sand Bass, Perch (by common name), Sooty Grunter, Jobfish, Snapper (by common name), Nannygai, Swallowtail, Wrasse, Parrotfish, Tuskfish, Baldchin Groper, Barracuda, Wahoo, Bonito, Leatherjacket, Western Rock Blackfish, Hapuku, Groper, Blue-eyed Trevalla, Barramundi Cod, Breaksea Cod, Tailor, Western Butterfish, Silverspot, Boxfish, Barred Soapfish, Orange Roughy, Tripletail, Rock Ling, Giant Sea Catfish, Cobbler, Sweep, Yellow tail Scad, Whiting, Page 4:  Weeping Toadfish/Blowfish, Norwest Blowie, Gurnard, Western Fortescue, Western Red Scorpionfish, Red Lionfish, Bluespine Unicornfish, Western Blue Devilfish, Barramundi, Western Frogfish, Wirrah, Rainbow Cale, Zebrafish, Murray Cod, Dhufish, Northern Pearl Perch, White Sturgeon, Slinger Seabream, Grinner, Bonefish, Tarpon, Mullet, Batfish, Convict Surgeonfish, Western Striped Cardinalfish, Shaw's Cowfish, Stripey, Moonlighter, Slender Seamoth, Knifejaw, Scissortail Sergeant, Southern Sea Garfish, Longtom, Frostfish, Goatfish, Marlin, Shortbill Spearfish, Sailfish, Bullseye, Silver Moony, Salmon.

The dorsal and caudal fins are yellowish and the other fins are whitish or translucent. They are considered very good eating with white, sweet flesh, although soft. Coronation Trout are vivid red or red-orange and are flecked with small purple to pink spots on the head, body and fins. Cod have big mouths and big appetites, even at a young age. Juvenile Spotted Sweetlips are brown with large dark-edged white spots and swim with a strange movement.

A strikingly-colored cod caught in Australia. Cod can be prepared in numerous ways, and its mild flesh easily absorbs spices. Tassel-Snouted Flathead can vary in colour from pale brown to purple with a number of variable dark saddles and markings, their colours generally camouflaging with the  surroundings. They have between five and eight small grey oval marks along the lateral line, the first 4 to 5 making contact with the lateral line.

Payment of a fee to use an image allows you to use that image only as specifically stated on the agreement and invoice and does not acquire for you any ownership, title or rights to the image or its copyright. Their tail fin is lunate.

Cod Fillets with Bread Crust and Cabbage .

They have a large mouth. Banded Archerfish are found from Derby Western Australia, round the tropical north to Innisfail northern Queensland, in brackish mangrove estuaries. big large huge massive giant eye bulge lips jaw mouth fat look peer peek oggle pattern reef freindly hover float spots spotted blotched blotches camouflage school together ledge bands banded Grouper and Cod big bigger huge large massive giant gigantic oversize size groper camouflage camoflage camouflaged camoflaged hidden hiding hide cryptic spots spotted dot dots dotted spot speckled specks line lines lined stripe stripes striped patterns pattern band bands banded |Flowery Cod (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus), Flowery Cod (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) Serranidae (Sea basses: groupers and fairy basslets), subfamily: Epinephelinae.

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