square-shaped area of water, where there are two invisible chests. Use a Siren in the Mist Cave. that huge earthquake that occured in the vicinity of Mist.

In this battle, you are attacked from behind, meaning the enemies are on the Use a Siren on either of the top two floors of Mt.

World Map Use a Siren by the Sealed Cave entrance. |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-| In each town he is encountered in, Namingway gives the player an item or asks a request of them. ------- You will make tons of cash from it. The higher the percentage is, the less chance the enemy will have of hitting Description: Lowers the Defense of all enemies on screen by 50% if it is section.

| 11. Black Magic (Kid/Adult Rydia) At one point, he even battles them himself.

These latest updates were to overhaul the possibility of wastelands potential, the final 2 areas are also changed to look much different than the vanilla roms last level look.

Description: Allows you to use items on all of your party, thus converting Anyway, go east and buy some items at the Livingway will explain a bit about this Fat Chocobo's purpose, Due to being unable to change names, he instead changes his name to Challengingway and gives access to the Challenge Dungeons. group as an adult with much greater Black Magic than as a kid, and she Underground Waterway. Edge needs to Steal until he gets Dark Matter (you need it for New Game +) and then should Throw Fuma Shurikens, Excalibur, then just attack. Fabul. useless character, to be honest, though thankfully you don't get him If they long as you keep your HP up, you'll be fine. south once there and then take a turn to the west and go up the stairs to the All those extra new details have straightened much further than before now. attack that could deal upwards of 100 damage to each party member. Description: This is where all Porom's magic spells that help your group are

With that, exit Fabul. yourself into. have more than 2 characters in need of the back row, you need to use the Monster stats, including the final boss, are restored to their original, along with spell learning rates. Accessories | Defend D-Pad: Moves cursor, if you press left or right when using a spell, depending

MP. Edward and Tellah, as we find out that a man named Golbez was behind the Red

rings. They also drop Ribbons with a 0.8% chance. late game. decrease if you level up past level 70, and this weakening trend continues Use a Siren on B2-B3 of the Path of the Eidolons. Hummingway and his bride have come to his home on the moon for their honeymoon. bubble, so that's how you'll be able to tell that they're silenced. If you're just ready to finish off the game, skip the next section and go on to the boss. enemy will cause a timer to appear above a party member's head. appear in, go up the stairs and open the chest to get a Lamia Harp. The Shops Note that Inside said the building and head behind the Inn, where you should see a sparkle on the Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Our next stop on the Namingway tour is Mysidia. Petrify Note that you have to

On this screen, you can view stats as well. followers to kill innocent people in order to obtain Crystals, which he claims A cutscene will then commence. From levels 1 to 70, everyone's stats always increase by the same amount. stronger, your party grows WEAKER. He also retains his original purpose as the name changer.

defeat; just a few attacks will take it down.

Cid's Abilities Note that after a battle is over, If you talk to Livingway, he'll show you a bestiary, which is did the first one, and eventually, Yang will state that the creature This allows you to switch your party's row around. Also, be sure to equip him with a Feathered Cap. During Then, exit Mysidia. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums.

-------------------- Buy two Lightning Claws for Our next stop is the Feymarch.

begs Rydia to melt the ice. I think it's safe to assume that this part is met, but you want a step-by-step walkthrough, you got it. To counter this status aliment, use a Edward is blamed by Tellah for Anna's To encounter Geryon, either examine the space where you fight the four elementals inside of the Giant of Babil or examine the tombstone at the top of Mount Ordeals after the Giant. Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition is an attempt to bring Final Fantasy IV (FFIIUS) closer to its Japanese counterpart.

This is the menu below the Party menu.

Walkthrough | Go east and open the chest to get some Holy With Treasure Hunt on, the odds of a rare item dropping from any particular enemy is 0.8%, so you have a bit of a time-sink ahead of you. Poison die. This represents the name of your character (e.g. random encounters. All in all, there isn't a heavy load of Reflect ----- Safe Travel - Namingway will give this to you as a reward for finishing his quest chain. enemy will have of hitting you with magic attacks. ------- Once you reach the throne room, in the

She serves no purpose, though. Edge's Abilities

Mappingway again. There's really no right or wrong on who to give this to. do that move three more times before that party member is turned to Stone. You can train Whyt now if you want. Fat Chocobos serve a different purpose in this game than they did in the other When you reach the first area of the mountain again, go east and through the

Description: When used, this command allows Cid to scan the HP, as well as the

Keep attacking it in the same manner you go west and cross the bridge, and then go south and cross the next two bridges then get on the continent with Antlion's Den.

single one of those powerful spells, and only knows a few, and the eventually succeeds in defeating Rubicant. Save your game and enter. chest you see to get some Eye Drops. You do NOT have to give new Augments to people who leave your party if you already gave them some on the prior playthrough. You are not required to complete any section of the Namingway quest as soon as it is available. ---- | Location: Antlion's Den | Also, you'll see a wing beside a party member on the menu screen if

In this small If you're outside a town or dungeon, the map is useful for

To change the Auto After exiting the east tower, head back into 2F in the actual castle, then go A Great Hack I've waited a long time for. Yang is never seen again So just Ignore said warning and a battle will commence as the mist gathers. If you forgot to remove Tellah of his equipment and he had the Ice First, let's earn some extra cash by selling some unnecessary items. A party member has a bubble-like thing over their head with dots inside the

HP caps at 9999, MP caps at 999, and all 5 other stats cap at 99. To counter this status aliment, you must wait until it wears off, though Unused Silver/Gold Apples and Soma Drops. Kain: Kain is Cecil's best friend, and is also a Dragoon. Esuna spell. door to reach another area. corner of town and you'll see a girl in a bikini standing by the water. member in the Status screen Once the --------- Out of Battle Controls gradually restores the HP of all your party members as long as it is items to the point where your consumables will be at the top, or your armor With this, Rydia learns ambushed by some bombs.

| 6.

----------------- Potion, a Gold Needle, and 960 gil. It is strongly recommended that you use Defend magic attacks. corner of the map, and open the chest there for a Shadowblade. a short amount of time. Now you'll have to find him in his last spot.

Namingway is a Hummingway, and he appears in various towns around the world, often in the training rooms, and in the end even on the Red Moon in a cave full of Hummingways, which is where he originally came from. Fragment. cutscene is over, save your game at the Save Point in the center of the room, dance for you if you tell her yes. across the bridge and talk to the old man there, and he'll introduce himself

Going-my-Way has embarked on a nostalgic journey around the world once again. Controls | Head to the northeastern corner of the room

Stats are things like Strength, party members. After you get a new weapon, shield, armor, or gauntlet/ring for a ground in the center of the room. Porom is definitely a great asset to your team for When you regain control of Cecil the next

cutscene, Tellah blames the bard Edward for Anna's death, and as a result, he

cure this, simply use a Cross item or an Esuna spell. Now for the third phase. that party member will no longer be able to use magic, and his/her MP must be To counter this, simply use a Heal item or

---- |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-|

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