The purposes of the course are (1) to discuss types of microeconometric models likely to be useful in dissertation (and subsequent) research, and (2) to provide some supervised experience in applied econometric research. Course Homepage: Incentives and welfare. Stay on top of the information you need to navigate the admissions process amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Course evaluation is by assignments and a final. It explores total positivity, including log-supermodularity.

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It covers issues like American slavery, labor history, the rise of big business, the Great Depression, the industrial revolution, monetary history, demographic history and the history of technological change. Course Homepage: 86891 Sort by. The current course will explore the beginnings of the subject using simple illustrative examples, including bargaining, auctions and duopolistic competition. More posts … 605 and 607. Prerequisites: Econ 600. Prerequisites: Econ. Join our e-mail group. Finally, it contrasts the foundations and recent work on value and demand for information, and how to rank informative signals. 674, 674, and 631; and Graduate standing. Course Homepage:

To learn the instructor’s policy, check first our group e-mail (join the email group), then the course guide, and finally the instructor’s personal website.

You will do much better getting a great job out of stern. ECON 401. Course Homepage: Game theory has become an important technique for studying competitive and cooperative phenomena in economics and the social sciences. University of Michigan, OneCampus Portal, Powered by. Ny students have a lot of fun and there is a strong sense of community. We also cover incentives and conflict-of-interest inside a corporation. If you are committed to finance and nothing else, I would go with NYU. Rigorous analysis is used to understand the forces that determine these economic variables, and how they are affected by public policies.

Each week an original research study is presented by a graduate students, a Michigan faculty member, or a faculty member visiting from another university. Covers advanced methods in optimal control, dynamic programming, monotone comparative statics and von Neumann-Morgenstern decision theory, preservations of properties under expectations and maximization, Boyd's symmetry theorem, and convex cone methods. Econ 671 and 672 form the basic required sequence in econometrics for all doctoral students. The Handbook will be placed on reserve in Foster Library. This course describes and analyzes the efforts of governments to control the market power of business enterprises. A staff member will then need to create the section in ECON 499 and then issue the override for that particular section. The case for UMich: - Well known and respected university - Great sense of community and school spirit, sports are amazing (I'm a huge sports fan) - Econ+CS opens a lot of doors (If I end up deciding to pursue the tech side, I'll be in a good position as well) - $15K cheaper than NYU - … There may also be some helpful information here on their site about using IB credits.

Sci. Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics, Transfer Students, Credits, & Study Abroad, Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP), 2020 Regents of the University of Michigan.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing and permission of instructor.(3). (3). Waitlist? Graduate standing. Course Homepage: Prerequisites: Econ. The courses presumes familiarity with elementary probability, calculus, and static microtheory at the level of Economics 401 or equivalent. We start with capital budgeting and devote a fair amount of time to understanding the NPV criterion under various alternative scenarios. Each class is listed with a specific number of available spaces. LSA awards 2 credits in economics (ECON 101X AP Department) to a student who receives a 4 or  5 on the AP Microeconomics exam and 2 credits in economics (ECON 102X AP Department) to a student who receives a 4 or 5 on the AP Macroeconomics exam. Economic Theory and Statistics Section 001. From the students’ perspective, however, there is one important fact to know about how waitlists work. It is strongly recommended that students take Economics 401 before 402.

A new forum experience awaits you this November! endobj If you would like to switch sections, please switch into an open section that works for your schedule, or continue to check enrollment for your preferred section(s), perhaps a seat will open up. Insights and guidance from experts that will smooth the path during your college admissions journey. OP: Since your decision deadline was 3 weeks ago, which school did you select to attend ? Most of the course focuses on multiple regression analysis, beginning with ordinary least squares estimation, and then considers the implications and treatment of serial correlation, heteroskedasticity, specification error, and measurement error. Unfortunately our program is not a STEM program.

(3). Waitlists may be administered through Wolverine Access, by departments, or by the individual instructors. 405 or Stats. Ann Arbor campus requirement: Any courses to be taken for the minor outside the Ann Arbor campus of the University should be approved in advance by an economics department advisor. Lecture and discussion sections will both meet twice a week.

Faculty research currently in progress under the auspices of the Research Seminar includes such topics as: the future of the multilateral trading system; preferential trading arrangements; econometric analysis of trade and trade policies; international taxation, international finance, and international corporate behavior; economic reform and transition; international economic law and policy; and international political economy.

We will use these theoretical insights to explain observed features of particular markets and industries. Graduate standing. Likely topics include labor unions, minimum wage laws, compensation policies and productivity, wage indexation, and discrimination and equal-opportunity laws. May be repeated for credit. Each week an original research study is presented by a graduate students, a Michigan faculty member, or a faculty member visiting from another university. If you decide to replicate a paper using a numerical method and the website already provides the code that replicates the results of a particular journal article, obviously you WILL NOT receive credit for a replicating those results. Students interested in modern financial theory are encouraged to take both classes. N.B. Our students are generally taken off the waitlist in chronological order, unless the faculty teaching the course decides that they will take senior-level students ahead of the chronologically listed students. I would pick ny stern hands down. Rackham credit requires additional work. No credit granted to those who have completed or are enrolled in Econ. Approximately one-third of the course is spent reviewing and elaborating on standard macro theory of the sort covered in an advanced undergraduate course. 402. (3). Traditional economics emphasizes the two extremes of economic decision-making: perfect competition, in which no firm can affect market prices, and pure monopoly, in which one firm has complete price-setting power. endobj Advanced topics in development economics, including theoretical models of agricultural household labor supply, consumption, and production; policies regarding taxation, public expenditure, migration, population, and trade; theoretical and empirical analysis of income distribution.

Please visit our Transfer Credits page for more information about transferring classes. Course Homepage:

At least 11 credits in the minor plan, including ECON 401, ECON 402, and the 3 credits in upper-level economics elective with the ECON 401 or ECON 402 prerequisite, must be taken at the Ann Arbor campus. Graduate standing. Graduate standing.

(1.5). (4).

Students with credit for Econ. Course Homepage:

Students should contact either the instructor or the department involved for information on obtaining an override. If the two person waitlist class is a lab you will not get in. (3). Begins with an overview of aggregate income determination.

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