Despite the addition of creature comforts, more powerful engines, automatic transmissions and plenty of passive and active safety features, most 4×4 utes don’t quite mask their commercial vehicle underpinnings. The mid-sized dual cabs also have value, but nothing has changed my mind about the them yet either, despite what some people in the media circles are managing to do with them.

Some hard lids can be fitted with accessories such as cross bars and other load-carrying solutions, allowing you to stow some items out of the weather (under the lid) and additional stuff up top, such as bicycles and other gear that can get wet and dirty. For my new canopy on Shadow, I trusted Kelvin a lot more, and we worked out a whole new system that makes travelling and working in the bush that much easier and worry-free.”, © Escapism Pty Ltd TAS 4WD Touring Australia A.B.N. While hard lids are more difficult to remove (and store when not in use), they certainly offer better weather protection than soft tonneaus. Our range of aftermarket products are sourced from a number of quality third party manufacturers.

Two insurance claims with Club 4×4; my review, Snowys; the best place in Australia to buy your camping and outdoor gear. It includes 1 full length drawer @ 300mm deep, removable side wings, a fridge slide with fridge box surround, a storage compartment behind the fridge box, switch panel and the unique lift off fridge surround and replacement fridge lid.

You can lock them.

The vehicle has done about 65,000 kilometres, which is much less than I’d anticipated mostly due to life getting in the way of the best laid travel plans, but that is the way it goes I guess.

Sets up so easy – even the kids could do it! He identified the problem as a badly corroded pressure switch. 37kg net weight unit has massive 180kg loading capacity.

I have a catch can and have been glad to have it after seeing some of the crap thats been caught in it.

It’s also super solid with welded full-length channel mounts. There isn’t any ability to move it sideways in the current arrangement, but there does appear to be room if I can somehow modify the seat base. At the end of the day, the light output and colour for the FYRLYT 9000 is great, but they’ve had a few niggling issues along the way. 100L stainless steel water tank included, fully plumbed with 12V pump to fitting in front wing for easy access to pouring water. Firstly, the orange hose itself is cheap and nasty stuff.

The quality of the products are great and to be a Australian product worth it.

So, after four years of use, I figured it was time for another update on my 79 Series dual cab build and to provide some more commentary on this vehicle as a platform for touring and camping. I raised it 50 millimetres so I could fit in four of our new Expedition134 heavy-duty plastic storage boxes, which stack slightly higher than the previous Nally bins.

Custom Canopy. Strong, versatile and easy to store in camper trailer, After a lot of searching I finally found the best Australian made and owned offroad storage solution.

We dove headfirst into the trove of aftermarket storage accessories while researching this story, and were duly impressed. Once again, I went with a custom-made job for multiple reasons that I explain in the blog and I’m super happy with the result. Toyota should be slapped for this, amongst other things. First off, let’s touch on some of the overall maintenance and issues that I’ve attended to with this 79 Series dual cab build.

Outdoor Supacentre Pty Ltd | 2 Stanley St Silverwater NSW, 2128 | PHONE: 1800 88 39 64 | ABN: 30 609 212 624. Ideal setups for weekend campers, outback tourers, caravanners and hardcore offroaders.

For both dual cab and single cab Utes, a canopy like the one above is. Many drawer systems are modular, which allows you to pick and choose components to tailor your cargo area to best suit your needs. Everything from simple side by side setups to complete storage systems with all the added extras are available.

Previous Part:  A year with the 79 Dual Cab Build (Part V). Saves you money since you fuel up at major centers and allows you to confidently go further into remote areas. Thirdly, the position of the driver’s seat seems to be about 25 millimetres too far to the left. This was easy to replace, but I don’t really know why it broke in the first place. Then you simply transfer some of the negative cabling over to the lug and you’re sorted. When tackling really remote offroad tracks you need extra fuel anyway. If you’re willing to compromise on some of your ute’s load carrying versatility, fitting a canopy will provide one of the best touring set-ups. If you want more information on setting a canopy up for camping, check out the Buying a 4WD Ute Canopy; the ultimate guide. 2019 12V FRIDGE AND ACCESSORY BUYERS' GUIDE. There are several soft tonneau types with various securing systems, but it must be said that none of them are completely waterproof and if you’re driving on dry dirt roads your tub will eventually fill with dust, covering your cargo. So I think the benefit is marginal but really I don’t know. No metal components on the hinges, so don’t have to worry about rust with all the salty gear that got thrown in the boxes. Many of these canopies are strong enough to hold a Roof Top tent, which is a great way to conserve space. The replacement Pyrex glass lenses I was sent have both leaked and were fogging up when driving in the rain.

74L of storage accessible from front and top.

Additional hidey-holes throughout make the most of available space and are great for organising bits and pieces. The example pictures shown above should give you a good idea on a setup that would suit your style of camping. Some of the problems that arise when 4×4 utes are tasked with recreational four-wheel drive touring include harsh ride quality, a lack of security when gear is loaded into the tub, excessive tailgate effort and insufficient dust and weatherproofing. But I’m fairly certain nearly every modern auto has lock up straight out of the factory? By that, I mean in comparison to where the pedals are. We are so excited to announce that our tub toppers are now available in Australia! How much do you really know about 4WD insurance? If they thought insufficient filtering was contributing to excessive failures then they’d put more filtering in.

Secure with locking points.

Patented Aussie design safely lowers fridges with powerful gas struts. All parts are removable for cleaning and maintenance. Low to the floor positioning over the rear axel retains stability when tank is full.

Can you take out the lens and try to push the glass away from the black mounting ring. TREAT YOURSELF TO A LAST MINUTE GIFT FROM GME! Single Cab- $16,850.00. Designed to tuck into the notoriously difficult to utilise space behind your vehicle’s rear seat to fill otherwise wasted space. The range of nifty storage gadgets like fridge slides and fold out kitchens on the market these days is truly remarkable. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Lastly, the compressor failed on me just before we took off on a big trip. The problem with the iPad is just how much real estate it takes up when mounted with a suction cup to the dash. Slide In Camper.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These are simply the best boxes on the market. Here's a new custom system for a Mazda BT50, which would definitely be suitable for any dual cab or wagon set up. Designed by Out of the Sandbox.

Two days later I was back in my 79 and driving what felt like a completely different vehicle.

Put simply, even the most luxurious and well-appointed 4×4 utes can’t match 4×4 wagons when it comes to refinement, but there are plenty of aftermarket accessories that allow owners to improve and tailor their utes to better suit their needs.

A brilliant Ute Camping Setup. These toppers are compatible with our Camp King Roof Top tent. Examining the old compressor revealed a lot of internal corrosion, which I was a little surprised about. Featuring key-lockable latches for ease of use and added security.

What I really want is some decent storage options that keep things easy to get at when you want them. For those who are willing to flick their ute’s tub altogether, the ultimate in rear canopy set-ups is a custom service body, made from either steel or aluminium. Cheers Russ.

This means you can fit and easily access an amazing amount of gear in a well-designed drawer system for a ute, as well as house additional items such as dual battery systems, air compressors and more. Great storage box and tie downs.

In addition to this, the integration of mobile phone apps and communication ability into the vehicle now should be seamless as the laws surrounding mobile phone use tighten up. Dual Cab- $15,850.00. ( Log Out /  Safety locking mechanism prevents sudden upwards or downwards movements. Although good in theory, it needs a bit more bracing for stabilisation.

These days most ute canopies are manufactured from plastic but some are made from fibreglass and others from sheet metal. Things to look for in a good drawer system include overall weight of the set-up, the quality and weight rating of the drawers and sliders, ease of use of the locking and latching mechanisms, the strength of the handles, and the availability of accessories such as drawer dividers, side panels and end panels. I think that this is the answer to the overheating fittings and the air hose popping off. CUSTOM TRAY AND CANOPY BUILD FOR F350 AMERICAN SHOWCASE PIECE. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Impressed with the quality, not much use yet but if it performs as good as it looks I be even more impressed. I also had one of the sway bar links break at the bolt for no apparent reason. Something with proper insulation, solid construction, and a remotely mounted compressor. And while aluminium will cost significantly more than steel, the weight saving will be well worth the investment. Based around classic Full Boar fridge slide + table combo plus single drawer storage system. *Freight/Higher Freight charges may apply to some areas.

Our half canopies are a great option! Secondly, I find that the hose fittings (where it connects to the compressor) get so hot that the hose itself becomes soft and pliable enough to pop off.

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