unwise. And, as a daily oil user, I am honored to earn an income that sustains my family while educating others and there is no price tag that you can put on the time I get to spend with my kids at home and the blessings of watching so many people heal around me. Even then, some essential oils themselves cause chemical burns if not diluted in a carrier oil. One reply on their webpage said something to the effect of “good to know about the oils in case, God forbid something like that happens to us.” THAT is the problem with their fairy tale. ( Log Out /  Maybe he is burned but not as bad as described? You get third degree burns regularly? get educated. you don’t know what you are talking about. What they advocate can kill children. I’m wondering if this incident really happened. WTF? Essential oils have chemical constituents known to be beneficial. They probably analyzed the products to make sure that they were safe to use first too. The posts on the site go on to document the ways that doTERRA products have aided in Max’s recovery. Abortionist Drowned a 34-Week-Old Baby Who Survived Abortion in a Bucket of Water. When you spread misinformation and disguise it as medicine, you’re playing with people’s lives. This is my uncle doing what he loves I thought he was pretty awesome when i was 4 years old.

What evidence do you have But oils aren’t a panacea. Is he really even in the hospital? [6][4], In April 2016, doTerra sent letters to distributors advising them that a breach in a system where personal information was stored had occurred in March 2016. No, I wouldn’t. And as several other people mentioned there is real danger in letting people believe these oils “saved him” in a life and death situation when indeed they probably worsened the burns. This is why most medical professionals have to go to school for nearly a decade. Why wouldn’t they throw it all away in order to be complicit with experimenting on severely burned children? Notice I said reputable so no bs from Wikipedia. Are there any medicines who’s origins were derived from plants? [13], In 2015, the number of "Wellness Advocates" joining the company grew by more than 120 percent. If the product isn’t sterile it’s not safe to apply. If, God forbid, I am ever dealing with 3rd degree burns, I think I will call 911 like a normal person. She’s not on your side, idiot. You do understand that everything is chemicals right? My dad’s trained as a firefighter, both in the civilian and Army worlds. Stop Abortions Up to Birth! i’m beyond disgusted that you have no idea what you are talking about. I’m impressed.

I do not think their actions in the beginning were “oh, lets sell some oils!” But for the life of me I cannot fathom how in a house of adults when he walked in the house ON FIRE no one called 911. This story has been shared 220,939 times. Naming another kid TALMAGE? Pouring random unsterile crap on a third degree burn is not acting with a clear head. Tossing him into a bath can put him into shock. I’m so grateful for this country that incentivizes improvements in technology and care. There were a few tricks I did that over time caused quite a few very small, but intense burns. How is natural healing malpractice? It was a combination of modern technologies and essential oils that saved their son! Sorry, no. They are excellent parents and their children are certainly blessed and lucky to have them. If you disagree with the way the Goddard family’s responded to this emergency, then The products have become so engrained into their lives that they will use those products for just about anything. Want to notified when we publish a new blog post? They probably decided to put him in the bath because they maybe didn’t know how bad the burns were yet and were on adrenaline. But even then, most doctors hold out hope for kids and they wouldn’t want to risk their license and a child’s life with this nonsense. Do you want one on a specific oil or condition? Frankincense, that he was God (an incense used in prayer), and Myrrh because he was a Man (used as a burial spice as it is ridiculously fragrant)….but that’s from the non-snarky in me, who is less fun. I do find fault with the situation. I do not believe they are being allowed to irrigate his wounds with oils. Terms of Use Lavender might not, but coconut oil sure does, and in the unedited post, they doused him in that first (possibly as a carrier oil, but who knows with those people).

While it is true that most pharmaceuticals are derived from plants.

I will bet this doctor speaks out soon to save his professional reputation. The problem I have with Andy Goddard’s posting is the tone, which is clearly received by readers in the same way I received it: that of a testimonial in process. I think they are fabricating many things here to increase business. At best, these parents showed extremely poor judgment. you are an idiot for calling CPS. I do care about the situation. If you’re arguing that something is scientific, then you are the one who needs to be able to provide unbiased (as in, not used for direct profit) scientific proof. Any oil is bad to put on a burn-the only thing you should put on a burn is water. The Goddards actions could have killed Max. You are not supposed to immerse them in water. Some help specific conditions when used topically or internally, and some are quite carcinogenic. Lewin told the court the baby died while she was not being overseen. U of U is a university of 30,000 students one of the biggest in the U.S. And is on of te biggest for cancer research as well and uses them constantly due to their purity. Third degree burns means doctor time, not MLM product testing time. I don’t want the kids taken away. While he was in the tub, Markus and I gave him a priesthood blessing.

An abortionist in South Korea has been convicted of drowning a 34-week-old baby who survived a botched abortion. What the hell does “run their suck” even mean?? Seriously I can read those without flinching or being grossed out in fact often eating while reading but cutting skill off your son just horribly burned instead of taking to to a hospital or paramedics. Most of the biggest names in network marketing make a lot of their money from all their sales material. The Goddards are very humble faithful people and never in the 4 years I have known them have put on airs or put business before serving God or other people. Many people have screenshots of the original story.

If it can’t be liberally rubbed down with disinfectant, it’s not permitted. She did specify third degree burns. The Goddards are some of the most loving, serving, wise, careful, intelligent people that there are in the world. Because we’re supposed to take it for granted that pouring unsterile crap on your kid then allowing them to cut off their own skin is good parenting? 82,473, This story has been shared 81,378 times. Also, after scrolling through the posts I would encourage you to let go of judgment for what they did or didn’t do. I can only hope they really didn’t to that to him and are just sick and greedy but not actually abusive. I’m guessing she’s talking about, “Shit, that pan was hot!” kind of burns us clumsy people get fairly regularly. that they could not be an effective component of treatment in this Also, unless they don’t profit from their business, I don’t believe that they do it simply out of the goodness of their heart. It can be too little in one leaf and too much in another on the same plant. The skin can continue to burn after the flames are out. Whether or not they feel kicked while “their” down doesn’t matter. I didn’t see a single paper that supports your assertions.

Andy Goddard is a “Presidential Diamond” seller, and US Founder, of doTERRA oils. Facebook message him. They could work from their stable and make $10,000 a month selling essential oils.

They did everything you are not supposed to do, and likely made any injuries he has way worse. I worked in a NICU. The Seoul Central District Court on Friday convicted the abortionist, identified only by his surname Yun, … I cannot imagine being in a situation like this and not getting my son immediate medical help, because selling oils and reading a lot of articles on the Internet doesn’t mean I have all the knowledge I’d need to save my son’s life. Max could still die. They have sirens and fast, well trained drivers for a reason. I wonder if this whole incident is a hoax.

and then have an asshole adding more stress to your lives. Also with them apparently being experts in this essential oil stuff, they should know that pouring a whole bottle of one over someone with burns is a bad idea, they are very strong and can cause chemical burns if undiluted, especially in large qualities like a whole bottle, especially on such sensitive skin (or flesh that used to have skin on it) as a fresh burn.

To be hugely successful at these types of companies, the bottom line has to supersede personal relationships. And no, I don’t think I will try your random crap on 3rd degree burns. Has been for centuries. doTerra was founded in 2008 by former executives of Young Living and others. You don’t have to believe it but if it helps them to, let them be. And I agree that something is WAY off on this story. The hospital was the University of Utah. My husband’s cousin and his wife sell Zija and if they didn’t have a kid my kid’s age they would have been hidden long ago. You don’t keep going then hop in the car once you’ve screwed with your kid beyond imagination. They may love their son, but they weren’t wise, careful, or intelligent, by delaying medical care. Probably more than they mentioned in their posts. Medicine is scientifically proven to work. Proof of what?

Maybe there’s some doTerra apocryphal gospel where the frankincense and myrrh are free samples to get Mary and Joseph to sign on for a fantastic new multilevel marketing opportunity. I believe in God, I believe in miracles, like the miracle that his parents poor choices did not kill him and that he has survived in spite of it. I have already come across other websites of people who sell doTERRA saying “look at the miracles that are currently happening because of this! Not everything’s going to be bottled up for a pharmacy. I will chalk up what they did at home to ignorance, but everything they claim to be doing in the hospital is either stupid or lies.

Yes, they are using oils that are known to be antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to aid their son’s healing process. Gary Young “Allegedly” Responsible For Drowning Baby. LA: So if it looked like it was like, breathing or something like that?

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