Abass is a seasoned freelance writer and internet marketer. For a marriage to be valid under Nigerian law, it must be conducted in accordance with the due process of law. The proper place for the celebration of marriage is a Registry or a Licensed place of Worship. In "Nigeria Nigeria-ing" news, the Lagos high court ruled yesterday that marriages conducted by the Federal Registry, Ikoyi are not legally binding. This is a composed legally approved declaration of the marriage. The Registry provides the vows and the ceremony takes around 15 to 20 minutes. The Marriage Act also stipulates that the marriageable age of any person is 21 as it provides that where either of the party to be married is less than twenty-one years of age, then consent must be given by the father or mother or guardian of such person. That neither of the parties to the intended marriage is married by customary law to any person other than the person with whom such marriage is proposed to be contracted. To get it the couple has to go through the a few bureaucratic red tapes. Once all the steps are followed, it is a valid marriage under the Act. Apart from these Federal registries, there are also registries at the State and Local Government levels. It is also called matrimony or wedlock and this union establishes rights and obligations between the two people who are married and just like every other contract entered into by parties, it is guided by certain laws. Many people often ask the question of whether there is any difference between court marriage and registry marriage in Nigeria. One notable difference between customary marriages and registry marriages: men who marry at a marriage registry are legally permitted to have only one wife. on Is there a Difference Between Court Marriage and Registry Marriage in Nigeria? Generally, every certificate of marriage should be filed in the Registrar’s office according to the FORM F. And that’s it, you’re married, a court wedding in Nigeria is quite straight forward, you just need to follow the right steps. The court marriage is protected under the Marriage Act, according to the Nigerian law. At this point, it is necessary to point out that a statutory marriage is different from a church marriage. Otherwise, when the 21 days expire the couple may come to the Registry Office to continue the procedure. Step #2. It takes 21 days overall. How long does it take? And in the course of this article, you’ll find out the necessary details. How do I get a marriage certificate? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It provides that a marriage between parties one of whom is a citizen of Nigeria if it is contracted in a country outside Nigeria before a marriage officer in his office shall be as valid in law as if it had been contracted in Nigeria before a registrar in the registrar’s office. The witnesses do the same. The next phase of the procedure is to wait 21 days. Though these fees may not be much, but it’s significant when cumulated to sum it up. This is because, most Nigerian men have the tendency to be very polygamous in nature. After that, the spouses take one of the copies of the marriage certificate. This is the wedding day. There are also many other things why a lot of people prefer court weddings.

Aside from the odd effects of court marriage, there are also good side about court marriage in the country. Court marriage can be performed between an Indian male and a female irrespective of their caste, religion or creed. In Nigeria, there are only two federal registries. One of the parties is resident within the district in which the marriage is intended to be celebrated. Visit the registry of your choice to signify your marriage intention. To get it the couple has to go through the a few bureaucratic red tapes. The celebration of marriage […] Where do I submit Irequest? Once the 21 days elapse, you will be required to pay a fee after you had met the marriage criteria. A serious more complicated issue where the individual doesn’t give exact data, they can be imprisoned for as long as five years. The recommended charge varies as per areas or the registry, yet the expense is typically not more than N25,000. Step #1. Each of the parties to the intended marriage (not being a widower or widow) is twenty-one years old, and if under that age, the consent hereinafter made requisite has been obtained in writing and is annexed to such affidavit (meaning you have to get written permission/consent from the bride-to-be’s parent or legal guardian). Most places usually have a registry department for this, but the court thing has spilled over into common usage.

So, this reading material will come in handy if you are ready to put that ring on your finger. Maybe, you have waited a long time to be proposed to and are sure all that's left is to find that perfect wedding dress?

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