thanks. I have to say, I’d be a little surprised if the compressor were still that much more efficient under these circumstances. If he keeps his bedroom door closed then he would need a dehumidifier in his own room. What is the best option for a Meako dehumidifier? Place it in the hallway and get used to leaving the internal doorways open as much as possible so that the air can move about. A dehumidifier is supposed to make the inside of your home a more comfortable space. I want to buy a desiccant dd8l for my conservatory but have limited space It will only stand against a wall but have been told I cant do this. If not, I wouldn’t have been offered a new one (and, in the interim, mould had been given the opportunity to grow inside the unit). The smell is create when there are VOCs in the room (chemicals in the air) and these are pulled by the fan through the machine as part of the dehumidification process. Dehumidifiers producing warm air is normal, but the difference should be marginal. We are storing some furniture in that location and it is getting a musty smell.. When you have time please could you answer a couple more questions:-

An A/C unit releases that energy (heat) outside by placing the condenser and compressor outside of the structure and a dehumidifier releases that energy (heat) back into the allotted space in … If your dehumidifier is no longer pulling water from the air and you have verified that the ambient room temperature is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, then the unit’s compressor may not be running. . help you have the best experience while on the site. Thanks! And a small amount of mould has just started growing. However, proper care and cleaning must be done in order to prolong its life.If you are experiencing issues with your dehumidifiers, it could be due to a lot of underlying causes. Let’s start with the easy applications. We live in a 3 bed house, central heating but am drying clothes inside (no tumble drier), kitchen has no heating and no extractor (and black mould patches behind cupboards) , we have 1 indoor cat and some fur/dust allergies. Generally the house is cold due to the windows needing to be replaced. Would it not make sense for manufacturers to construct a unit that could be (safely) cleaned internally too? However, if the run time on the dehumidifier does increase the temperature a few degrees, the A/C unit will then kick ON and assist in removing additional moisture on top of cooling the home back down. If it gets cool outdoors and you keep the dehumidifier in the basement, the coils will freeze up if the dehumidifier is switched on. In addition, I vacuumed the antibacterial filter, again as recommended, every week without fail.

There is no heating most of the time, so presumably a desiccant dehumidifier would be best, but I’ve no idea whether this situation equates to a 3, 4, 5 or more bedroom house. I’m pleased to have found your review in my search for the right dehumidifier. With regards to the sterlising ioniser we have never yet had a case of one of those failing so I would doubt that it has failed and again smell alone is not the best way to analyse something like this. Which dehumidifier would you recommend. The mould is mainly on the brick walls, but grows on some of my items stored too. At 355 watts our Meaco 20 litre is very energy efficient and the unique Meaco control logic helps to save even more electricity usage which is very important. Please remember that not all compressor dehumidifiers are the same and this is why we launched the Platinum Range to draw people’s attention to our low energy compressor models that use a lot less energy than normal compressor dehumidifiers. If we use 15°C and 60%rh as a guide you would need a 20L compressor dehumidifier to get 4.8 litres per day in return for 199 watts.

The Zambezi cost a lot of money (it was your top model at the time) and lasted a little over a year and a half. So, will a desiccant reach a target relative humidity quickly enough to offset the higher power usage? So as long as you keep the door closed it will be a relatively small load for the dehumidifier to deal with. This is typical during the shoulder seasons (spring & fall) and the morning and night when there is no sensible load on the home. Last winter there was significant condensation being formed in the garage. Only two compressor dehumidifiers are suitable for use at these cold temperatures. Setting the RH% too low (ex: 35%RH) will result in further run time on the unit and additional heat output. Hi Chris. Compressor Grill is Filled with Dust Solution: To troubleshot a capacitor since this is a very cheap repair one should first open up the dehumidifier and locate the capacitor for the compressor then test it with the multimeter and replace it for which you may need a soldering iron. I store items not needed immediately in cardboard and plastic containers. Any advice you can offer, along with a suitable unit for our situation would be a great help. If I use a dessicant dehumidifier I am afraid the temperature in the cellar might get too high? My husband and I have retired to a 3 bedroom bungalow.

Hello, I have GE free-standing room dehumidifier (about 30" tall x18"x18"). I am in an apartment with a small interior bathroom that has an exhaust vent but I am still recently having problems with toilet tank sweating issues which drips on the wood floor. but that's not where the heat is coming from. The air generally seems quite muggy throughout the day in all rooms. I want to buy a dehumidifier for a 4 bedroom house, where two bedrooms, kitchen, utility room and bathroom are on the ground floor. Design, CMS, Hosting & Web Development :: ePublishing, This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience.

If you decide to move forward then one of the DD8L models would be best for you. Here’s how to replace it: Take the humidistat to an appliance parts store along with the numbers off the data plate to find the right replacement. in the middle and top fan speeds the desiccant are the same noise level as compressor machines. I live in Kentucky USA and need a basement dehumidifier to reduce humidity in the summer months.

HAVE QUESTIONS? You have several sources of moisture and probably a lot of your problem will be generated by the bathroom, kitchen and laundry drying.

I use the residual heat from the dryer to dry clothes unsuitable to be tumbled, but would like a dehumidifier to assist with this, as well as to help dry clothes when the tumble dryer is not on. Thank you. This is why the advice is to air the room and to tremove the dehumidifier from the space to try and clear the room of the smell and to remove the chemicals from the dehumidifier. The main problem is the small bathroom as it has no window and with showers it steams up alot and high humidity etc, paint peels, mould and walls stay damp. We try to keep the house warm but I am.not entirely sure on the exact temp. Hi Chris, We noted earlier that refrigerant is used to cool down the air sucked in by the dehumidifier. A comfortable moisture level during the summer is 35 to 40 percent. Thank you for your message, you will find our American range on I have 3 bedroom house. And (or) how about an internal UV light steriliser that kills bacteria as moisture is drawn into the unit? If you can hear the compressor motor running from time to time as well as the fan, I would imagine the dehumidifier is low on refrigerant gas or a temperature sensor inside the machine.....the cooling elements are made ice cold, then moist air condenses on them producing ice. The temperature never drops below 16C. The dehumidifier is not supposed to act like some kind of furnace that warms up your home on winter days. Thank you for your message. This is because the inside of the compressor dehumidifier needs to be colder than the air within the room and the colder the room is the harder the dehumidifier has to work to create that cold surface.

It depends what your aim is here, are you looking just to prevent rust on the lathe or are you looking to prevent mould growth on the timber or are you looking at preventing the timber from expanding? below). But the damp and mould in the cellar is pretty bad. We have the capability to drain a hose. Which desiccant dehumidifier would you suggest? I would use the DD8L Zambezi because it will not take up much space, it is easy to move around and it can direct the air through a wide arc to help dry laundry and that wall out. If you leave the bathroom door open when you have finished in the shower then the dehumidifier will be able to solve the problem. Would like to sort my son’s room especially, a bit of help with the rest of the house would be an added bonus but I guess I could get 2 dehumidifiers in time. Below 10C use the DD8L Zambezi because it too has a variable humidistat for more accurate control. This is why below around 15°C the compressor dehumidifiers are programmed to spend up to two thirds of their time defrosting themselves rather than dehumidifying. Given that most people buy dehumidifiers to combat high humidity levels, for the purpose of preventing mould, it seems unlikely that mould wouldn’t not build up inside the unit, over time. If the continuous drainage option relies on gravity, I would need a unit that mounts in the ceiling – does that option exist? For you Dawn the best dehumidfiier to buy will be the MeacoDry ABC 12L. Finally, when it comes to laundry, what is the most efficient way to use the unit, and do you have any tips to improve effectiveness? How many amps do each draw?

Selecting the right dehumidifier is a minefield for many people as brands send out conflicting information trying to persuade consumers to buy into the technology that they prefer.

We have a church schoolroom that is approx 50ft x 30ft x 12ft that is set into a hillside.

Both types of dehumidifier will warm the air up slightly, that is not to say that they are heaters just that they warm the air up as it passes through the dehumidifier. The soap gets stuck in the holder of my kenmore dishwasher.

You will get less moisture than you would do at 20°C but you will achieve the desired humidity. The DD8L will be fine for your application. In general terms you should leave the dehumidifier in the one spot and as long as the internal doors are open the moisture in the house will migrate towards the dehumidifier until it is close enough for the dehumidifier fan to pull it in. The washing dries fastest outside on a dry, warm, windy day, the washing inside will dry faster if the warm, dry air from the dehumidifier hits the clothes. How do I troubleshoot stovetop element getting too hot? So in single fan speed you will get 3.5 litres in a day and in full fan speed you will get 7.5 litres in a day. It would be for a 60sq meter 2 bed flat in the UK, north facing. Damp air in the house will migrate towards the dehumidifier as long as you leave the internal doors open and all will be fine. Ultra violet is a way to sterlise things but struggles when it comes to airborne bacteria and viruses because of the contact time.

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