I'd either wipe on Arm-R-Seal or Minwax Wipe-on, or I'd spray something water based. Laat dit drogen. Alleen voor eventuele feedback. While applying, if it starts to become tacky just put more oil on the sand paper. Test de olie eerst op een proefstuk voor gebruik op het daadwerkelijke oppervlak. On my maple top I sanded it with an ROS to 80 grit & then applied 2 coats of Watco Tung Oil (which seems to be an oil/varnish blend). Would not use Danish oil at all (garbage finish). Op dit moment hebben veel van onze leveranciers een lagere bezetting en productie.

Subscribe here. Pour each ingredient into a glass jar and stir it well. Should I just be dry dusting it or is there a safe cleaner for it?

If you want to use Danish oil or the like, that will be another reason not use Minwax.

Then it’s ready for use. It's functional enough, glue doesn't stick well...and it's not furniture quality, but it wasn't going to be anyway. - vul uw BTW nummer in tijdens het bestellen; - betaling via de beveiligde website van Ogone met MisterCash, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard. I am almost finished with my larger workstation / out-feed table and would like to finish it with Danish Oil - Black Walnut. A really helpful instructive article on using Watco Danish Oil finish.

This adds more moisture protection, as well as some wear and chemical protection. Het hout krijgt een neutrale lichte glans en is geschikt voor elke houtsoort. Of course, I sanded it down to 220 grit, and then used Tack Cloth to remove dust. It comes in two shades, medium and dark, but on birch I don’t think you will notice much difference if you follow the instructions. Danish Oil is een houtolie gemaakt van meerdere speciale ingrediënten, waaronder tung olie. You have to touch EVERYWHERE to wipe off the excess (and generally more than once) anyway. Use a dye if you must color the table, then a wiping varnish like General Finishes Arm-r-Seal . And then it would turn into a fog that would hang in the air. I wanted to use it up and didn't care what color the bench took. @Derek_PNW listen to Eric and  Steve great advice. To avoid changing the color of the wood, you want to avoid oil-based finishes altogether. Just stained butcher block with Danish oil for a laundry room countertop.

Do not use regular linseed oil, it won’t dry well and makes the finish more difficult.

Danish Oil is geschikt voor alle houtsoorten.

Vlamoven 326826 TN Arnhemverkoop@baptist.nlTel. The binder in Minwax is an oil type and when it evaporates and dries, it's stuck on the wood pretty good. Other types of oil, varnish, and thinner may be used with comercially produced Danish oil, but the ingredients I listed above are what I’ve found to be the most common, while researching many different methods of creating your own Danish oil. What you’re doing is creating a slurry of sanding dust and Danish oil. Display as a link instead, × Thanks. – The Why And The How To Apply A Wax Finish, How To Stain Wood – Easy Process That Works Great. . The workstation is made out of 3/4" birch ply. This should cause no color change, and it doesn’t yellow over time, like regular lacquer does. If you don’t need quite the protection, use 1/2 oil, 1/4 thinner, and 1/4 poly. His method was to use the slurry method over a week and wiping off the excess as it dried between coats. If you make your own Danish oil, make sure the main ingredients have dryers in them, like boiled linseed or tung oil. I would apply it by hand.

Any old cheap brush will work. Once the entire surface is coated, look over the surfaces at an angle into the light, and find any areas that have soaked up all the oil and appear to be drying.

Met een zachte doek of kwast brengt u daarna een dunne laag Danish Oil aan. Tip! It’s easy to apply, it’s very forgiving, and you don’t have to worry about dust nibs (all benefits of an oil finish). I think what may be best for your project is called an acrylic lacquer. or Try Generals Endurovar water bourne finish if you want to spray . This makes me believe that this is NOT a good idea. Basically you’re buffing the finish while removing excess, and you’re left only with oil that has fully penetrated the wood. I will use one of the alternatives mentioned. Schudden voor gebruik!

Various shop jigs, table saw sleds, and tricks of the trade have served him well. Start HereA Fast Alternative – Shellac Quick Finish.

It looks Beautiful. The varnish component can be an exterior varnish, or polyurethane. Just a little dawn soap and a damp rag will do the trick. Related: Basic Overview Of Finishing Types. Note: Watco Danish oil, a popular brand, contains RAW LINSEED OIL not boiled linseed oil. Upload or insert images from URL. Film finishes like varnish, lacquer, and poly provide exceptional protection, but much less in the way of color and grain enhancement. I’m Adam, and I’m a small-shop woodworker. Maak eerst het houten oppervlak goed schoon en glad. Eventually I'll do the base too, just because I don't know what else to use the stuff for. Danish oil, however, provides the best of both worlds. But for the first half hour of drying, keep an eye on it to make sure no oil is seeping back out and pooling on the surface. Don't get me wrong,I've used Danish oil close to 40 years. Danish Oil especially the colored varieties don't look that good on birch ply or poplar. Eric, you've got to stop holding your feelings in and tell @Derek_PNW what you really think ! Adam. Be sure to lay out the rags flat until they can dry, then throw them away.. You should not apply this finish over wood that is sealed, because it works by soaking into the wood, and sealed wood won’t absorb the oil. Hi!

I was just looking for advice/suggestions on what to finish baltic birch shop cabinets and tool stands in. My last steps are to finish the carcass and top of the workstation, trim with a white hardwood (poplar most likely) and build some drawers. A Fast Alternative – Shellac Quick Finish, How To Get The Look You Want From A Polyurethane Finish, Shellac Wood Finish – What It Is and How To Apply It, Wood Finishes – Choose The Right One For Your Project, Food Safe Wood Finish – 9 Best Finishes for Cutting Boards, Toys, & More, Should You Wax That? Very bad idea ! January 10, 2017 in Finishing.

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