Also, turn off your radio when you’re near a location so you can hear the beeping sound. Check the picture in your phone's messages and then look for an identical person in the party. Either way, you can choose KARIM DENZ for the cars. There are two different types of missions you can be given. Now that you have Schwartzman recruited to your team for the heist, you may like to read our guide on how to start the GTA Casino Heist or how to do the GTA Casino Heist scope out mission. So make sure you are prepared to engage in combat and take them all out before finding the lasers at the specified site. Take the elevator to the upper floor, bring your phone out and find the hacking device using the signal strength bar, the same way you did when in N.O.O.S.E headquarters. Don’t forget our complete GTA 5 cheats lists either. Lucky for us, GTA players have already been putting together maps with pinpoints to help each other out. In addition, Level 2 cards allow you to enter through all the doors without the need to hack them.

The screenshots of running on the race track below are from The Big Con approach but it will be the same escape strategy here as well if you do not want to follow the getaway vehicle strategy. Getting the vault keycards from prison is the easiest prep mission. If you destroy all the signal jammers, you’ll also earn $150,000 and 50,000 RP in-game for your efforts, too. Just make sure the guard has left the room before you do so. There will only be one guard inside the security room. Or else just avoid it and head towards the security room keypad door. Just make sure when you are going in killing everyone, not to accidentally blow up the target car. You can check out our full video guide too. Where are the GTA signal jammers in the Casino Heist update? It is the best of the two loadouts offered by Karl Abolaji for this approach. Do not immediately cross the second set of double doors. You can use suppressed weapons to take out guards and security cameras provided that other guards don't see you doing so or find the body of a guard you take out.

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When you reach the area, wait for a guard to pass by and as soon as he does, go through the double doors and take out the camera to your right. You will need to go around it. It's debatable whether you need to do this mission and doing so is entirely up to you. This will really help you save a lot of time. Archived.

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