Look past the controversial IGN and Gamespot score and you'll find a community of zombie game veterans praising Days Gone for being a fresh take on an aging formula and sub-genre.

You essentially control and determine the survival of horror film protagonist stereotypes in this game by choosing their next course of action. Survival with a purpose or a narrative incentive is always more compelling than just survival for the sake of it.

That normality is absolutely shattered when you visit the depths, though. The caverns underneath the map turn The Forest into a straight horror game, as well as the co-op offering a great bonding exercise for you and your friends as you build chairs out of teeth and bones.

One doesn't need to look far into fiction in order to find survival game inspirations. Released in late 2015, one of the newest installments in the Fallout series added a new building and crafting mechanic to an already amazingly in-depth game. Publisher: Klei Entertainment When you find yourself alone on a hostile island, you have to scrape your way through the day and then hope that you have enough fire to last you through the night.

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It’s not a hardcore survival experience by any means, but there’s a reason why it’s been so popular for so long. There’s even a story about saving your kid called Timmy from cannibals, but we’re sure he’ll be fine without us. In short, its a more depressing version of The Sims where instead of made-up problems, the civilians in This War of Mine might actually die of real-life ordeals and aftermaths of war.

Bethesda’s best open-world RPG to date has a surprisingly extensive suite of base-building tools.

It gives the game a goofy and comical look, but make no mistake — this game is difficult.

It simply ticks plenty of checkboxes for this list. Base building is present and is widely regarded as some of the best of its kind, as is the customary jank for most survival experiences on console.

Publisher: Studio Wildcard

Publisher: Funcom Sign us up.

Base building is present and is widely regarded as some of the best of its kind, as is the customary jank for most survival experiences on console. Some of the coverage you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small commissions based on purchases made from visiting our site.

The first aspect you'll notice in Don't Starve is the cartoonish art style and graphics. At first glance, ARK: Survival Evolved appears to be a mad scientist's wet dream in terms of concept. Thrilling plot and story? – Best Cheap PS4 Games You Should Play. To shorten your scouring time for such games, we have here a list of 10 the best of them, here you go Sony loyalists.

It’s punishing thanks to its permadeath nature, but if you need some help, the co-op spin-off Don’t Starve Together is just as great. Join Cultured Vultures as we bring you some of the biggest news from the world of wrestling. That’s the pitch that’s often applied to Terraria, and while there are nuggets of truth in the statement it’s not entirely fair.

Single-player/Multiplayer: Multiplayer. The original and (to some) still the best survival base-building game, Minecraft is still going very strong indeed on PS4. It feels unlike anything else in its (rather crowded) genre with its own identity shining through. There are some who say that, other than space, the final frontier left for human exploration is beneath the ocean.

An irreverent narrative and a cast of characters charm enough to keep you invested, as well as the basics of staying hydrated and fed enough to intrigue most survival fanatics. Publisher: Endnight Games “Despite some quibbles, Subnautica was one survival game that I didn’t just want to survive in — I flourished and revelled in creating my own life under the sea.

Das Crafting ist nicht ganz so umfangreich wie bei Minecraft, dafür gibt es Nahrung und Wasser in verschiedenen Qualitätsstufen.

To shorten your scouring time for such games, we have here a list of 10 the best of them, here you go Sony loyalists! You must then manage their food, health, mental well-being, and resources so they can outlast the raging war. For those who can’t access the simple joys of interior decor and customising your home, there are plenty of video games that instil the same feeling of joy. Base building is available, and while it’s tempting to drop this out of the list altogether for its horrendous UI that looks like it was made on Microsoft Paint, the simple pleasures available in ARK cannot be denied. The amount of character drama, narrative twists, and feels here are simply unmatched by even the biggest survival titles or even other AAA games.

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The Last of Us follows the story of Joel and Ellie as they trudge through a post-apocalyptic United States after a mutant fungus outbreak turns everyone into a zombie.

Alien: Isolation is all about Amanda Ripley's journey to find her missing mother, Ellen Ripley (the protagonist of the first Alien movie). You lead a community of survivors as they try to scavenge, rebuild, and sacrifice their way into preservation. You play as an undercover agent in a shady organization committed to fixing the zombie infestation in the city of Harran. Whether it’s WWE news or something from across the sea, let’s talk shop.

A top down survival game, How To Survive opens with you crashing on an island swarming with zombies. Who Should Be The Cover Star Of AEW’s Video Game?

In a sense, it still is a survival game, though its survival elements might pale in comparison to some of the more hardcore titles in this list. The Alien franchise has been getting disaster after disaster of video games with the most notorious title being Aliens: Colonial Marines. Single-player/Multiplayer: Multiplayer. Let's see if they can do the same with the sequel, The Last of Us II. If Conan Exiles seems a little too barbarous for you, then Subnautica might be able to show you that even survival games can be therapeutic. It's essentially Far Cry but without the guns or action movie nonsense. Come back! You can even build yourself a little base under the water, painfully claiming back pieces of normality as you uncover the mysteries of this planet.

The Last of Us, to this day, is one of the most phenomenal games ever and it's also one of the flagship exclusive titles of PlayStation back then. Finally, city building comes to consoles! NEXT: The 10 Best Zombie Survival Games Ever.

Zombie base building set in a post-apocalyptic world? Zeen is a next generation WordPress theme. While it's more scripted horror than survival, Until Dawn is still about who outlasts the mysterious and bloodthirsty killer in the random cabin in the woods. That's why The Forest is truly a special game in that regard. PS4/PS3 exclusive?

Survival elements (albeit casual ones)? It does this by taking plenty of elements from horror movie classics such as the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even The Blair Witch Project. Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment Gamezeen is a Zeen theme demo site. If you love base building games, you should have played Minecraft yesterday.

Each day some new challenge is thrown at you, making each day of progress feel like a miracle. Oh, and once you're rich enough, you can perform ritual sacrifices to summon a god of your religion of choice; pretty much how our ancestors rolled.

Could Real Integrated Casinos Become a Part of Gaming? Red Dead Redemption 2 to PS5? Sure, there was a period where basically everyone wanted to be the next DayZ, but if you look a little closer on this list of the best PS4 survival games, you’ll notice that each game is different to the next. Required fields are marked *.

Moreover, ARK's fascinating creature feature doesn't stop with dinosaurs; they also have plenty of other more alien-looking beings and even bosses that can be crucial to gameplay.

Days Gone follows the story of Deacon St. John who tries to survive the wilderness of fictional Oregon amidst a zombie apocalypse with the zombies being called "Freakers" while searching for his wife with whom he got separated a couple of years ago.

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