© Valve Corporation. You can find your shuttle with its built-in beacon, so keep driving until you see the floating blue icon for it., This gets easier with each planet. Congrats on completing the hard stuff, now it is onto the actual planets. TrueAchievements.com and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. Desolo AwakenedSolve the Gateway Engine on Desolo.1 guide, Calidor AwakenedSolve the Gateway Engine on Calidor.1 guide, Glacio AwakenedSolve the Gateway Engine on Glacio.1 guide, Vesania AwakenedSolve the Gateway Engine on Vesania.1 guide, Novus AwakenedSolve the Gateway Engine on Novus.1 guide, Atrox AwakenedSolve the Gateway Engine on Atrox.1 guide. By doing all of this, you will most likely have these unlocked: Lab RatUse the Chemistry Lab to synthesize every single composite material.1 guide. These remaining achievements will be obtained by completing each Chamber and Engine on every planet, you can use this as a checklist for the order of planets, though these can be unlocked in any order that works for you. Condensers absorb ambient gasses in the atmosphere that we need for crafting late-game materials. Now we can fast travel to the surface and head over to the nearby shuttle, hop in, and set course for the Satellite. To craft the following: Hydrazine Thruster Chemistry Lab Trade Platform Medium Generator Winch Wolframite is another ore, the ore of Tungsten. Hydrazine is a composite resource in Astroneer. Now place those canisters in your backpack or on the ship and travel to Atrox. ED Pods that require power will need a larger amount of it on harder planets as well. In order to obtain Hydrazine, you will need to craft it in a chemistry lab. (a full list of all resources and where they can be found is on the Remaining Achievements Page). Since Desolo is a moon with only 2 Engines, you can just travel to the complete opposite side of the moon however you see fit. Land wherever and press the start button on the Condenser to collect Argon. I think they also changed control scheme for the shuttles, instead of holographic button you need to press E now. Remember the marker orientation of the current Chamber, we will need to fast travel back here later. Hydrazine Thruster | You can get by with standard thrusters but this is almost required. This is a reusable engine that is a lot more useful for zipping to a few different planets together supplies or drop items off without the risk of becoming stranded. After finding Hematite, we will need to take a detour and head to the Mysterious Satellite in space. They can be easily spotted by the beam of light coming from them. You can also find helpful power generation items such as Solar Panels and Wind Turbines to upgrade your base on many wrecks. Most of your time, to begin with, will be spent on the starting planet Sylva. Our first stop will be on Vesania. Now, when you would like to fuel a shuttle or thruster, use your terrain tool to gather ammonium crystals, and then catalyze them in this new module. Mods can be applied to the mining tool by opening your backpack then opening your tool with and moving the mods over to it. Now, check into the catalog and purchase the Soil Centrifuge for 750 Bytes. Small Battery (2,000) To complete every planet we will need 30x Small Batteries. After you build your Shuttle and three Thrusters place one Thruster on it and place your Oxygenator onto the T2 slot, we will use it to search other planets for materials. Now we should proceed to the next Chamber, but first, we need to find what direction it is, here is a quick guide as to how to read the Stone: You can use this and find what direction to go by hovering your cursor over your character, this will show a compass. Let it run until you have at least 3 full canisters of Argon. You will need at least 8 Aluminum to make our suggested early-game items. Now, use some of Resin and Compound to create the Smelting Furnace. And lastly, purchase the Large Shredder for 2,500. Use the Chemistry Lab to synthesize every single composite material. Grab at least three of them.

It is likely going to be one of the first resources you need to craft in a chemistry lab that will require you to use gas, in this case, Hydrogen. Barrier BusterUse a drill to deform a harder type of terrain.1 guide. That's a long ways off from the 16,400 lbf (73,000 N) Super Draco thruster. It only has one use and that is in the construction of other composite elements. But the moon and stars loom large over your landscape, and once you get past the initial game, you start dreaming about going out there. Unlock the Small Shuttle for 1,500 and the Solid Fuel Thruster for 500 - these allow us to travel to other planets so we can gather other materials. Check the Astroneer wiki for the detailed list. Note that the North and South poles of most planets have Chambers, so if you are completely lost you can find one of those. Power it up and move onto the next until you have powered every Chamber. Put them all into your backpack and grab as many Batteries and power items you can. Laterite is a resource that is pearlescent-colored with red and blue (it is multi-colored, ranging from red to blue to black depending on how you look at it) and is shaped like a stack of coins not lined up. Blast off again and select Glacio this time. Put them all onto the Tractor's Medium Storage. Note that some Chambers are on the North or South poles and your compass reacts accordingly; it can get quite funky when standing on an Engine on one of the poles and trying to read the compass properly. 10+ Packagers | The more you have then the more wiggle room we have for botch jobs. Most of your time, to begin with, will be spent on the starting planet Sylva. Large Shuttle (5,000) - With 1x T2 and 2x T3 slots this can transport all of our supplies easily. Gravity here will get a bit wacky, but it is alright as long as you take it slow. You can use the trading platform to trade scrap for any planet-specific resource like Lithium, Titanite, etc. Drill Mod 3 | (terrain tool) Only useful for the later planets but this is a must to dig through them. Then we can head back and prepare for the final portion of this shopping spree. Now that the Centrifuge is up and running, we can either mine resources actively or passively using soil Canisters and the Centrifuge. Next up for 1,000, is the Tractor-a small vehicle that will assist in transporting enough equipment to power the planet. The game also has a…. After powering up the second chamber proceed to the first chamber to stow your Rover back into the shuttle. Alright, now that we have a small base set up producing Bytes, we can start purchasing recipes that make the game much easier. On your journey you come across special artifacts that will provide you with science points, in order to unlock new technolohies. We will not cover every planet in minute detail as once this setup is complete then it is just a matter of duplicating the steps planet by planet. The conversion of Hydrazine from a crystalline deposit to fully refined resource in a container was never the intended final experience for gathering fuel. If you are on the outside, find one of the open areas and jump into it, this will pull you in and plant you on the ground. Medium Storage Silo (3,000) - A new addition with 24x T1 slots, making these into portable Battery storage silos. Next, place the platform and printer near the base, close enough to extend one of the power lines into the platform so that the printer can be used. Hydrazine is fairly useless in the crafting department when you compare it to other elements in the game. Wolframite refines into Tungsten when placed on the Smelting Furnace. Travel to the Mantle depth of any planet. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. If you are ever running low on O2 then activate your Oxygenator until you are full or run out of power, then activate the Generator to make up for the difference in power, there is a critical balance between the two so look around for Organic when you are running out for the Generator. If you already have an Atmospheric condenser, then this will be no problem for you. You can throw excess soil into the Centrifuge to create Compound, Resin, Organic, Clay, Quartz, Graphite, or Ammonium. I suggest setting up a research base mid-game on a planet of your preference, I chose Glacio because it was very flat next to a fast travel point, and the Research Items were good for around 700 a pop, so I could run around and spot them easily. Lastly, purchase the Packager for 1,000, this will allow us to re-package up any placed items so traveling will be easier between planets. You can now take the Packagers out and package the Tractor and storage. You can also find Research Items lying around or unlock an Exo Dynamics (ED) Pod by using power or by inserting its requested resource The symbol on the outside of the pod correlates to the resource it requires. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. : Camera control, also changes drilling angle. Place some Tungsten and Carbon (refined Organic) into the Chem Lab to make Tungsten Carbide. Each Engine rewards one suit, paint pallette, and a few of them give a new visor color, so you don’t have to unlock all of them, just the ones that give you the suits you want.

Scanning something with the Research Center will net us: Research an item in the Research Chamber.

Explore and exploit distant worlds in a game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration. Let's also nab the Small Oxygen Tank for 2,000, this acts as it sounds, it extends your suit's oxygen capacity to increase your range without tethers. Later on, you will find that harder planets reward more and more per Research Item, including the respawnable smaller ones. 1+ Small Battery | For the O2 and Generators to be useful we will need a decent power buffer. Alright, so we will now assume that resources are plentiful because we have both a Centrifuge and Trade Platform up and running. Each planet has different compositions and different collection rates for each gas. After building this we will need to gather some Laterite, which can be found in the cave systems on every planet. You need to make another one. Pressing X or Z while in orbit sends you to the system view. Land within eyeshot of one of the Chambers and begin to bust out the Rover and Drill. The Stone will show six markers in a circle with one in the center, this represents the six Chambers on Sylva and the Engine in the center.

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