7/2/2010, I bought the two bladed version and have loved it. The first one I received had a sloppy mechanism/assembly, but the replacement is fine, showing the first one to be an aberration. 7/10/2020. Note: Items on a credit card order are only charged at the time of actual shipment. Very happy with this knife plus it might have been made by a distant relative. Having said all that I was expecting to pass this down to one of my grandkids.

The two-blade model omits the spike. A friend who was in the Navy called it a Boatswain's Knife, an essential tool on ship. Feels solid in your hand. Very nice tool. Very handy for a variety of tasks. My first time using a marlinspike. I purchased the two bladed version. It is also clear that, even though the knife is modestly priced, the workmanship is precise and the knife was finished by hand. I don't know yet what use I'll find for the marlinspike, but for now I'm having fun just opening and closing it.

I'm happy. Is there a way to loosen up this blade as it is pretty worthless due to the tight fit of the blade makes it impossible to open in a normal situation. This blade appears to be completely unsharpened, opens beer bottles well however. sales@silvermans.co.uk. The burnished stainless steel body goes well with the polished blades. Sheffield Knives J. Adams Ltd, 124 Scotland Street, Sheffield, S3 7DE, United Kingdom. The blade came razor sharp out of the box and the marlin spike will come in very handy at my work place. I have very strong fingers and hands but don't want to risk ripping off a thumbnail or have to use a screw driver to work the implements. Honest Arnie, It is larger than many other knives but I can't open it with out using pliers to grip it. Ordering was quick and painless. 1/31/2017, First quality! The laser marking method is clearer, faster and allows us to be flexible with stocking. For those so inclined, the body of the knife can be used to open bottles, too. This British knives have been a super great knives.

Ed Frantzen, My only gripe is the angle that the blade makes with the handle which is a DESIGN issue not the fault of the knife's. I am very proud of how it stands up to the test. This little unit qualifies. 12/4/2010. It will be a great addition to my camping bag. Good for cutting rope to opening packages.

Registered in England & Wales 00417393. Ian Cunningham, Just picked up three as presents for recently graduated relatives and friends. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The opener is difficult to raise into its use position. 7/22/2016. What the heck, before sending it back, I gave it a try. We try very hard to maintain stock on all our over 3,500 items at all times. Jeff Melbourne, Gary E. Hogan, I have to say this is one of the best knife purchases I have made.

Don't let the looks put you off, this knife will become a fast favorite and looks likely to last at least one lifetime. Designed for British soldiers and sailors, one of these will be your best pal when camping and hunting, in the shop, and on the job. It has replaced the lock-back that he carried for many years. Die-stamping has to take part early on in the manufacturing process which gave us less flexibility. Thank you Garrett Wade! Best of Sheffield craftsmanship on display. I do a lot of work around the water and the marlin spike was the main reason I got this knife. 2/25/2011. She carried it for years and used it heavily for her rope work on real Manilla rope. Sharpened OK after 20 mins on the stones. This knife makes a great gift for any Anglophile you may know, and will last a lifetime. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Beautiful Knife, everything I expected, I bought a 2 blade and 3 blade for my collection and to pass on to my kids later on. Traveling with this knife, you can be sure it is 100%, it never fails and will not fail you.

For the money they are a lot of knife. Unfortunately today the spring that holds the knife open broke which makes the knife less than safe to carry or to use. The blades operate smoothly and open with a satisfying thunk" sound. The only problem I have with the knife is the fact that the can opener/bottle opener blade will not open. There is no plastic, no little electric light, no tweezers, no gimmicks, just steel and craftsmanship. Great little pocket knife. finished makes this a great knife The knife comes with a... Only two more shopping days till lockdown! Very well worth the money!

I didn't buy it because it didn't have a shackle key; a very important accessory for anyone who has tried to open a tight headboard shackle on a mains'l halyard. I don't think you could go wrong buying this one for everyday use.and you can't beat the price for this quality... Nicely made, but came duller that a 6-foot third grader. To log in click here. This was just for my odd collection and will be used by my children & grandchildren when I am GONE !! It has the feel of a knife that will last a long, long time. Lawrence Hall, Regardless of whether you're a real sailor or a landlubber anglophile like me, you'll be happy with the quality and useful tools on this 3 'blade' knife. This knife is one of the most solid of the knives that i have in my collection. On the whole, this was a very good purchase. A great little outdoors light weight tool. Blueknight7777, There were times I've needed to undo stubborn knots and have searched for an ice pick, nail, anything to stick through and loosen the knot. £39.95, Only 5/19/2017, A distinctive looking knife, with every-day useful tools-sheeps foot blade, marlinspike and bottle-opener--I've had mine for 15 years. The large sheepsfoot blade is more convenient than the common US spearpoint style, the steel takes and holds an edge marvelously, the blades and marlinspike operate smoothly and hold securely in place. It is very well made and will be a new favorite.

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