Currently only a very small percentage of the princess-cuts are sent to the AGS and these tend to be the diamonds with exceptional cut. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Which is kind of strange considering they graded the symmetry as only good. Closely related to weight ratio and durability, the girdle is analyzed for appropriate thickness and consistency. A diamond may receive a deduction for Polish if the cutter did not take enough care with one or more facets, of if graining or other characteristics of the diamond made it impossible to achieve a mirror finish. Because Cut is critical to a diamond’s beauty, it’s necessary to review Cut quality and ask for an expert’s opinion. Because there was historically no cut grade for princess-cut shapes, diamond cutters traditionally focused on maximum weight retention that increased their profits. Can I Buy Your Mounting But Not Your Diamond? Brilliance is defined as brightness with positive contrast. There’s also a plot showing any inclusions on the diamond. These reports include the Platinum Diamond Quality Document (sample image below), the Diamond Quality Analysis, and the Diamond Consultation. The color grade given by AGS helps identify the quality of the diamond’s Color, yet it’s still important to determine if the diamond appears colorless to your own eye without magnification. }); 3420 Pump Rd Suite 106 , Richmond, Virginia 23233, © 2000 - 2020 Diamond Source of Virginia, Inc. | All Rights Reserved. Find the perfect Designer Ring for your special diamond by clicking the links below, and let us build the ultimate ring for the love of your life! It uses light performance factors including software like DiamCalc, and the ASET scope, which is like a multi colored Ideal-Scope. The AGS has seen AGS 0’s with little optical symmetry. With its high refractive index diamond is capable of producing exceptional fire in lighting conditions conducive to seeing this prismatic effect. As a non-profit independent grading entity, the AGS has no stake in the sale of a diamond. He has been recognized as a diamond industry expert by. When reviewing an AGS diamond grading report, look at each aspect to verify what you’re buying. To calculate the diamond table %, the width of the table (top surface area) is divided by its width (diameter).

We are forced to assume that the angles and widths are consistent in 360 degrees around the diamond, but this is often not the case. grecaptcha.ready(function() { ASET creates a color coded light map based on the angular position of the source of light being returned to the eye. Contrast is differential brightness between adjoining facets which contributes to the perception of brilliance, fire and scintillation. In the third quarter of 2006, the AGS Laboratories began issuing Diamond Quality Documents that include cut grades for emerald-cut diamonds, including square emeralds (Asscher cuts), rectangular emeralds and octagon step cuts. A diamond’s 4 C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) represent the four main components of its structure and beauty.

Our cut quality grading system recognizes this fact and is incredibly robust at handling it. Period.

Our cut score is only available for round diamonds. Adjusted scores do not penalize children for unanswered items.

You can also see important measurements of the diamond’s table, pavilion, and other components. GIA & AGS CUT GRADING: In 2006 GIA introduced a new diamond cut grading system. Therefore, AGS is not incentivized to issue grading that helps the seller. For example, we recommend only considering diamonds graded as 0 or 1 on the AGS scale and or Excellent on the GIA scale. Their color grades are different than those of traditional “white” diamonds. gives you grading and description of the diamond you’re buying.

It is estimated that only the top 20% would get an AGS cut grade of 2 or better and only about 3% would be awarded the 0-cut grade.

The only difference between AGS and GIA is the parameters for measuring Cut quality. Developed and patented by Garry Holloway in 2001, the HCA tool has been used by thousands of diamond shoppers to sift through vast numbers of diamond listings in order to identify candidates worth considering for purchase.

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