Ace (or Ace the Bat-Hound) is a character off of DC Comics and Batman created by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff. Batman was bitten by Ace on September 2nd of one year. Sheldon Moldoff

[2], Ace was sleeping next to Titus when Krypto reformed the Legion of Super-Pets. Ace was defiant towards his new master, but ended up leading an abused, violent life in Boxer's dog-fighting ring. Species:

Immediately after this, however, Ace responded to the command "Sit!". The worker at the animal pound referred to Ace by female pronouns, but the rest of the story portrayed him as male.

He was found by Batman and Robin after his master was kidnapped by a gang of counterfeiters. This article is about Bruce Wayne's dog.

DC Animated Universe is a FANDOM TV Community. For instance, his species' acute sense of hearing and smell and fighting experience were considerable assets.

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He is a German Shepherd/Great Dane Dog with gray fur.

Over the course of October and November, Alfred attempted to retrain Ace with difficulty, wearing a padded jacket due to the frequent attempts made by the dog to bite him.

He wears a mask to conceal his secret identity as Bruce Wayne's dog Ace.

Batman This version is Bruce Wayne's pet and guard dog that is a Great Dane mix. Ace was the dog of Bruce Wayne in his later years.

Bruce saved him and brought the dog to his home. [2], Although Ace typically did not accompany his guardians into the field, the dog was often an asset when he did.

Boxer recognized a certain potential in the pup, and planned to train him to grow up "mean"—a fighter.

Ace was one of several dogs outfitted with playing card masks by the Joker and trained as attack dogs.

She was the youngest of the group, and exhibited childlike manners.

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The dogs were then abandoned in a pit for reasons unknown.

Bruce is shown to be quite protective over Ace, as when he became lost among the streets of Gotham and vowed to never let anyone else hurt Ace again, after discovering his past abuse.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ace or Ace the Bat-hound is a dog featured in the series DC Super Hero Girls. Unlike Titus, he did not respond to Bat-Cow's summons and remained sleeping by the fire.[3].


Furthermore, he was extremely strong for his species, capable of throwing a man a considerable distance with his mouth even with poor leverage, able to bite through an electrified manacle with ease, and even managed to stand up (albeit barely) after being electrocuted by Joker's buzzer, which has been known to knock out grown men with a simple touch. Voiced by: Ace rarely spoke, and often stared into the void. Affiliations:

Disoriented but determined to rescue his master, the brave canine dove into the ri…

Ace put up a savage attack but was beaten into unconsciousness by the thugs.

Alfred was taken aback that Bruce did not realise his gift was the dog. First Appearance

At first, Ace did not like Terry McGinnis, but after he and Terry were able to help each other on several missions, Terry earned Ace's affection and loyalty.

He wandered the streets of Gotham for a while, and soon encountered Bruce, a fellow tormented soul, who was making his yearly pilgrimage to the spot where his parents died.

[1], Ace and Bruce soon developed a close bond as Ace is shown to be Bruce's constant companion, as well as something of a guard dog.

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Gotham City A dog wearing a Batman cape first appears in the short The Late Batsby, but its character design does not match the design of Ace in the show.

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The dogs were then abandoned in a pit for reasons unknown.

At first, Ace was untrusting towards Terry, but as time went on both Ace and Terry developed a close bond of their own., Pages using DynamicPageList parser function.

On December 19th, when Batman entered the Batcave with a knife wound, Ace showed concern for him and stayed by his side. Ace was the most powerful member of the first and second incarnations of the Royal Flush Gang.

Ace (1985 - 2011)

He's a very good boy. That Christmas, Bruce gave Ace a mask, saying he could wear it at Halloween.

With his master unable to fight off the kidnappers, Wilker's dog jumped to his defense.

• Ace the Bat-Hound appears in Batman Beyond, with vocal effects done by Frank Welker.

Aside from Bruce, young Terry McGinnis, Bruce's assistant and protégé, seemed to be the only other person with whom Ace was ever able to connect with.


[1], When Alfred gathered the Bat-Family to announce Bruce's engagement to Selina Kyle, Ace seized hold of Jason's jacket and refused to release it. Current Ace the Bat-Hound was created by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff, first appearing in Batman #92.

Please remove this tag once every source has been cited. Ace was transported to Gotham Pound. Frank Welker. Ace was one of several dogs outfitted with playing card masks by the Joker and trained as attack dogs.

Two days later Alfred Pennyworth adopted the dog, despite the pound officer saying Ace's mistreatment had made him unfit to be a pet. When a member of the Jokerz gang tried to mug Bruce, Ace helped fight him off, but was injured in the process.

There have been several dogs named Ace, because dogs don't live very long and they probably die.

Hair: As a puppy, Ace lived in a pound, until he was sold by a corrupt attendant to Ronny Boxer, a man who trained and forced dogs to fight one another for the amusement of paying crowds. He is best known as Batman's pet dog. When the dogs were found by Commissioner Gordonand Batman on September 23rd, the dog in the Ace mask was the only survivor, the pack having attacked each other.

For other uses, see. Base: In the Prime Earth, another dog named Titus appeared as the second Bat-Hound before Ace was re-introduced.

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